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  • Just received a "14 Day Notice of Entry of Final Judgment" letter. I were very surprised since we have never been probably served the summon with complaint of foreclosure.
    Do we still have time to fight the foreclosure? if yes, then how?
    I am so sorry for the so many posing, but as you know posting on member's profile is limited to 420 characters.
    Please forgive me and thank you very very much for your help and support.
    For refresher .. 60,000 under water. Last payment was in early 2013. First trail period ended on Sep/2013. Get another trial period on Feb this year where it should be ended today.
    Foreclosure has bee filed on April which is the last month of my trail period. Is that what it is called Dual Tracking?Can I use that in my answer?
    I posted status update last week in "Foreclosure TimeLine in NJ". But will copy&paste here :

    They left the "complaint" on my front door yesterday..I guess they came when no one were home!!
    How can we proof the actual date that we have been served? Is it the date they put it on our door way, hand it to us or mail it to us?
    Hi Acesfull
    I am desperately in need for help through the process of writing my answer.
    Since they did not answer all the questions from the discovery letter I sent them after I received the NOI letter last year. Also their attorney did not reply to my discovery letter from last year. Should I file motion for dismissal? or should I just write an answer to the complaint.
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