Like many other celebrities that were once multi-millionaires, Lenny Dykstra declared  bankruptcy in the summer of 2009 and also began to default on his glorious mansion in March of that year. The mansion that he obtained back in 2005 came from one of the most famous hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky. Lenny bought the home from Wayne at an astonishing price of $17 million.

Last summer Mr. Dykstra placed the property on the market for much more then he bought it for in 2005, wishing on a star, he had an asking price set at $25 million!

This home located at 1072 Newbern Court in Thousands Oaks, California has been destroyed by Lenny Dykstra over his frustrations and financial struggles. Once the former baseball star found out the home would not sell what what he was asking for, and that foreclosure may be in the near future, Lenny decided to take matters into his own hands by vandalizing the property, littering the home with dog feces, alcohol bottles, sewage, and also leaving his place of business (the toilet) torn right out of the ground.

After thousands of dollars in renovation by the mortgage holder JPMorgan Chase, the mansion has been fixed up and is back on the market for fifteen million dollars.

Moe Bedard
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