The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) raised loan limits for 2016 in 188 areas across the U.S. The maximum loan limit will vary by location, such as the county where the property is located, and by metropolitan (metro) or “micropolitan” statistical areas. The limits are set in metro areas using “the county with the highest median home price within the metropolitan statistical area.”

The current national loan limit minimum is $271,050, and the maximum is at $625,500. But in high cost areas such as cities in California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon and Washington, it is substantially higher.

For example, in San Diego, California, the limits have increased to $580,750 in 2016 from $562,350 in 2015 (approximately $20,000 increase), and in Denver Colorado it increased to $458,850 in 2016 from $424,350 in 2015 (approximately $34,000 increase).

These loans can be used for many different types of property, but it must be a primary residence. Prospective homebuyers can use FHA financing for single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, manufactured homes in addition to multi-unit properties (up to 4). For multi-unit properties, the borrower must plan to reside in one of the units. Condominiums as well as townhomes listed as “condominiums” will need to be FHA-approved.

Here is a list below of the 188 areas that saw increases in 2016. You can also download the PDF at this link.


Before considering a FHA loan, it’s wise to first check the FHA loan limit in your area to ensure this type of financing fits your needs.

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