The answer to this is a big, definite, undeniable yes! If you have a credit card, then the credit card company can report your activity to any or all of the credit bureaus. And this can also have a compounding effect. 

So, take this situation for example. Say that you have a debt that you owe to a credit card company, and you stop paying on it. That credit card company can try to collect, but if they cannot, then they will report you to the credit bureaus, write off your debt, and sell it to another creditor. This creditor will then attempt to collect. If they happen to fail to collect the debt owed, they will then sell your debt to yet another creditor or to a collection agency. This cycle can continue, making your credit worse and worse until you actually settle the debt. For this reason, you must be prepared for trouble with the credit card company to lead to trouble with the credit bureaus as well. 

There is really no way to have a relationship with your credit card company go bad and still retain your good credit, because credit companies will, and always do, report your activity to all the credit bureaus. This information is then visible to anyone who might be in charge of getting you a loan or a credit card. If they see your bad credit, then they can deny you, which could add to your credit problems.

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