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The Copenhagen climate summit will change the way the world views climate change all while dumping 41,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent into the air. What will  the world’s elite think of next to make money, Credit Default Swaps? Oops, check that off of the elite’s to do list because that was so last year.

Yes, the climate summit has come to Copenhagen, Denmark and a lot of people are getting excited. The only problem is, nobody seems to be excited about climate change. 

Details that drift in about arrangements for the event have not quite added up to the green way of enlightenment, and a lot of people are up in arms about it. And, to be honest, can you really blame them? 

Majken Friss Jorgensen, who heads Copenhagen’s largest limo company as managing director, says that on a normal day in Copenhagen, there will be 12 limos on the road. However, during the entire climate summit, there will be 200 hundred out on the road, and that is just from her company! She admitted that she was not planning on having to provide many cars, since it was a summit to save the planet and all but she must have been mistaken.

Estimates for how many rented limos will be on the road during the summit in Copenhagen have reached 1,200. There are actually not enough in the country, so they are being driven in from Sweden and Germany at the last minute. 

But what is the most fascinating and infuriating about it all, is that the total number of electric or hybrid cars will equal five yes, 5 cars! They say that since the taxes on hybrids are so expensive in Denmark, nobody owns them. 

And to top it all off, the airport says that it is expecting to receive about 140 private jets during the peak period alone, and that is on top of the normal. All in all, the summit will be responsible for an amount of emissions that would be produced in the same period by a city the size of Middlesbrough,  England!

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