I would like to explain the situation re: Wachovia Mortgage Co. and Chase Mortgage Servicing.  Approximately one year ago I was approached by a real estate person that Wachovia had hired to see if they could help me with my mortgage.

She was from Century 21 Lompoc, CA.  She was very helpful and instructed me on what I needed to do to apply for the Loan Modification Program.  We went thru the interview (approximately 45 minutes).  They asked for several documents, 23 pages to be exact.  I submitted the documents they requested and they repeatedly called me and asked me to submit again some of the documents they claimed they hadn’t received (I faxed all the documents to them).  Fax.  1-800-313-0892.

I received numerous calls asking again for documents I had already faxed to them. I resent the documents.  Again, they called me numerous times asking for documents they claimed they didn’t receive.    After about 3 months, as they said it would take some time for review, I called, they said oh that expired. 

I was aghast.  They said I could start the process again.

This happened 3 times, due to them repeatedly asking for my husband’s wage statements when had they written info down that I gave to them he passed away in 2006.  They would say “oh I am sorry for your loss”.

In addition to that they would ask me for my wage statements. I repeatedly told them I was retired and that I was 67 years old.   After approx. one year, which was March of this year , I was told now that I wasn’t approved due to my house being rented out and didn’t qualify.  They knew all the time that this was the case as they would ask me (every call made to them or their numerous calls to me I would state my property address, mailing address, social security number, loan number, phone number and do they have the permission to do automatically-dialed calls to my phone number?  

 I said yes.  Needless to say I could repeat this verbatim.

Now at this point they said there is another program called the MAP Program (an in-house program).  They took the information, and three weeks ago I received notice that I was approved and that they would be sending me the new documents.
Well last Wednesday 3/31 I called to tell Wachovia (1888-565-1422) I hadn’t received them

Spoke with a Randy;  he told me that it was sent out UPS, and that if I didn’t receive it by Friday  April 2,  to call Wachovia (as it was due back on 4 April).  I called back on Friday and of course wasn’t able to talk to Randy but then got  another girl and she said oh it was sent out by regular mail;  we got cut off so called back and got yet another girl  Sasha who said it was sent out by UPS but didn’t have the tracking number.  However, when I received it should be by the next day, to send back at least the “documents” as it was due by 4 April.  I called the next day now Saturday and now got a person by the name of Christina Gonzalez who incidentally was rude, and condescending, and proceeded to tell me  it actually wasn’t UPS, or it wasn’t sent out by regular mail, but was in fact emailed.  She stated that the notes said I requested documents to be sent out email.  I told her I didn’t care what her notes said, .  I absolutely did not request it to be emailed, for I know when I receive paper work
I want to be able to sign for it as proof.  I asked her when was it emailed she said 24th or the 25th; I said which is it. She said the 25th.  I went to my email and didn’t see anything from Wachovia.  I don’t open any email that I don’t recognize the address.    She wouldn’t believe me. And said didn’t matter I needed to go to the bank at 1000 N. H Street (we don’t have a Wachovia here) and in addition to that that was the wrong information she gave me for there is no Wells Fargo on 1000 N. H Street.  This is just another indication of the repeated wrong information I had received all along.  She was so rude that I did not want to continue the conversation and graciously said thank you and closed off.

I then called back and got another girl who , who told me that she didn’t know the UPS #.  I called again on Saturday and was connected to a Ramon. Told me that it said it was emailed and that I should look under “Tech” something.  I went to my computer and looked back on the 25th and looked for the address “text”  on that day .  I did find it  and told him to hold on while I read it.  I also said to him that one of the persons I had talked to  said I qualified for an 18% reduction of my mortgage and that everything would be brought up-to-date. I told him I didn’t see anything like that in my paper work; all that was there was the letter stating what my payment would be another form for me to sign for “automatic withdrawal from my checking account and then one more page that had a list of interest rates.   There wasn’t any paper work to address the requirements or what the contract entailed.  Told him I couldn’t sign anything like that that was not a complete package.  .

Ramon went back and researched and said they in fact Wachovia had failed to send out page 1 of 2 that explained the agreement.  He told me that they were trying to get some information from a supervisor and someone that could email this out again; (I never have requested from anyone important documents like this by email, but Wachovia was giving me no choice now as they said it had to be returned by April 4.)  .  I was on hold for over 45 minutes back and forth.  He was very gracious and said he would send out new paperwork by email.  As he came back to the phone, and this happened about 4 times for me to hold on as he was trying to get a supervisor to find someone to send or email the paper work;   he apologized and said there  wasn’t anyone in that could  email paperwork as that department wasn’t there on Saturday.  He  would make a note for the department that is responsible for sending the documents by email to email  it out Monday morning.  Told me to watch for it and Federal Express back to Wachovia on Monday so they would receive it on Tuesday 6 April (today).  I expressed concern about the deadline of 4 April 2010.  He instructed me to send it back Fed. Express. 

Interesting since the bank takes all the time in the world and “mistake upon mistake, emails it out the “cheapest way they can” and then want me to pay the Federal Express One-Day Charge, but agreed I would do that.

Again, the package  didn’t come in my email, or any other way  on Monday morning or all day.  I finally called in the morning (as I had to drive my 90-year old Mother home 50 miles away) When I returned at three-o-clock,  I called and notified them I still didn’t have it.   Now I was connected to a man name Joe.  He said “oh that department has gone home and there wasn’t anyone available to email the paperwork and for me to call on on Tuesday, today.  I did that and now got Michelle Aquilar who incidentally was very helpful… Told her I had repeated this story so many times, could I possibly talk to a supervisor, she turns me over to a  Desiree Flowers.  She was less than helpful.  \

Ms. Flowers told me it didn’t matter If I  had opened my email when they sent it to me (even tho the email address was no t from Wachovia and no one explained to me that it would be sent out email for I never requested email in the first place) l I would have been able to return it to them by 4 April.  I explained to her above that I don’t open my email from addresses I don’t know who they are and that I, emphatically, did not request it to be sent by email.   I reiterated to her that from all the mistakes that were made on a continual basis, that obviously that was just another one.  She said I’m sorry I cannot do anything about this.  It has expired.  I said you people didn’t send out a whole package. You didn’t have Page 1 of 2 which “Ramon confirmed  She absolutely would not listen  to me and said it had expired and that they didn’t offer that program anymore.  I proceeded to tell her that I was less than satisfied and did not think she or Wachovia was being reasonable or fair in their process.  I said this whole process was earmarked “Incompetent from the start to finish”.  She said “I am not incompetent”.  But it screams “Incompetence” to me and to the many persons I have talked to about this whole scenario.   I cannot help but think Wachovia does this type of prolonging and making the continual mistakes intentionally.

I could see she didn’t  have any intention of helping me or assisting in any way, just kept repeating that it expired on 4 April.  I advised her that I was going to call the TV Station and fax  and/or write to my Congressman and Senator.

I also have seen websites where people have written in about their experience with Wachovia in the loan modification process and let me tell you it isn’t in the majority of positiveness.

This is very serious for me as it is a matter of losing my home   That may not mean a great deal to Wachovia, but it means a lot to me.   I am a widow and this home will sustain me for my retirement. I am 67 years old and am retired as of 2006,when my Manager laid be off 6 weeks before my husband passed away from  terminal lung cancer.

I would appreciate “higher management” looking into this and reinstating this offer.

Thank you for your t
Lompoc, California 93436

Moe Bedard
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