One problem many borrowers seem to have is keeping their original loan documents in a safe place. Although you may feel that the paperwork is no longer needed who knows what will happen in the future. But if you cannot find them be aware that is is possible to obtain copies of the documents.

You can typically obtain your note from the local title company or your current mortgage holder should have a copy on file. Contact your lender or title company and request that they send you a copy of the note along with any additional riders that come along with it. Sometimes you will find that your lender does not want to provide you with this information.

If this happens you may be required to send then a Qualified Written Request (QWR). A QWR is a request from you to your lender requesting all of the original loan documents you obtained at closing. This letter will give your lender 20 days to respond to any requests and you should be receiving a call or the actual docs shortly.

Once you receive all of your loan documents it would be wise of you to keep them in a folder in a very safe place. These documents contain very personal information so make you do not just throw unneeded copies in the thrash. If you do not need some of the paperwork make sure to rip it up in little pieces or put throw a paper shredder.

Moe Bedard
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