Borrowers across the nation have been affected by this economic crisis and many of these people are struggling to pay all of their monthly  expenses. They are now starting to fall behind on many of their debts including credit card payments, car loans, monthly mortgage, etc.

Most of these borrowers are being hassled by their creditors with daily calls trying to collect their missed payments. But the harsh reality is that most borrowers are not financially fit at this point in time to continue paying all their monthly expenses.

It has got to the point were these people must make a choice as to what they are going to spend their money on. Are you going to continue paying your monthly credit card payments or are you going to spend that money on food for you and your family?

If yourself, like many others have decided to discontinue payments on these monthly debts, expect to get many phone calls from creditors trying to collect the payments.

At this time, the collection agency will begin calling all numbers you had originally listed as references, in order to get a hold of the borrower. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act  (FDCPA) the collection agency is allowed to call anytime of the day between 8AM and 9PM.

One of the biggest issues borrowers have with their creditors is that they will call the borrower at their work  place in order to collect the debt. If you had listed your work number as a call reference, be aware they will call you at work in order to get a hold of you.People feel embarrassed and harassed by these phone calls, and hate the fact that their fellow employees now know their personal business. But be aware that you can stop these calls from coming.

According to FDCPA, if the borrower requests (either in writing or verbal) from the agency to stop the phone calls to their work, the borrowers command must be obeyed. If not, the collection agency is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is wise to keep notes of the person you spoke with, time, date, etc. You can also get rid of the phone calls altogether by simply sending a certified letter to the creditor stating, that you would like all communication to be ceased including phone calls, mail, etc.

With that said, the creditor is legally allowed to call you while at work, unless they are instructed not to do so. But keep in mind that even if all communication has stopped, the debt remains and you will still owe the money lent.

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