Midland Mortgage Co. is based in Okalahoma City,OK and has been serving hundreds of thousands of customers around the United States since 1950. Ever since our economic downturn in the beginning of 2007 more borrowers than we could have imagined our delinquent on their mortgage payments. Most of these homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgage are in serious danger of losing their homes. If you are a homeowner in need os assistance modifying your current mortgage its time to pick up the phone and contact Midland right away.

No matter what type of loan you have, if you are struggling with your monthly payments and are in need of assistance it is crucial you pick up the phone and call your lender right away. Midland Mortgage has loan modification programs for pretty much any type of loan including FHA, VA and RHS loans. The first thing you might wanna do is find out who owns your mortgage. Loans owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae can possibly qualify for their Making Homes Affordable Modification Programs. If you find that it is owned by one of these two investors than you should apply for this program when you contact your lender, if not than you are going to request a traditional modification from Midland.

To determine if your loan is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you can visit these two sites:


Now that you have figured out which program you are applying for it is important to examine and fully understand your financial situation. You need to figure out if you can really afford the home with a little help on your mortgage payments, or not. Midland is not only going analyze your entire financial situation and decide if a modification will be beneficial both to themselves and the homeowner. After sitting down and analyzing your situation if you find that there is no way that you will be able to afford the home in the future even with a lower payment, than you may want to pursue other types of assistance such as a short sale or deed in lieu.

So now that you have decided that a loan modification is right for you it is now time to pick up the phone and give your lender’s loss mitigation department a call. The representatives in this dept will tell you everything you need in order to apply for a modification.

Midland Loss Mitigation: (800) 552-3000

If you are trying to send a QWR or have credit disputes send use this address:

Qualified Written Requests and Credit Disputes
Midland Mortgage Co.
P.O. Box 268959
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8959

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