Realtors and Loan Originators Need an Image Makeover

Concerns over a lack of professionalism and fraudulent activity that has plagued the industry in the past and is a concern still today.

( – There are few times in our lives when we are granted an opportunity to lead in any meaningful way.  Far too often we are able to go through our lives never truly impacting the World around us in a lasting manner.

For many, they view today’s financial crisis as an excuse to accept mediocrity in their lives.  However, there are a few who see today as their moment in time.  A moment that will allow them to make a change that will have a lasting impact.  A moment in time that warrants a paradigm shift in thought and behavior like no other time in our collective lives.

The shift must be from self, to serving.

The public has never needed professional Realtors more than they do today.  Real Estate is a community and neighborhood based business.  We shop at the same stores, attend the same Church’s, play on the same sports fields and attend the same “back to school nights” with our past, current and future clients.

We can and must do better. (more…)

Loan Modification Counseling is a Racket

Loan Modification Counseling is a Racket

( – While I realize there is intense pressure to find anything remotely positive about the modification numbers and then report the heck out of it, I have lamented for three years now that if we would just be honest with people and tell them that they don’t qualify and that what they’re asking for isn’t even in their best interest, or the banks for that matter, then many of these poor folks that were offered false hope only to lose their home a year later, would be healing by now. (more…)