On Thursday, a man in Arizona was charged with defrauding a creditor because he decided to take action when the bank was about to foreclose on his home. Daniel Clark, age 35, started to strip down his home right before it was to be auctioned off in March.

On this day, a local resident noticed his previous neighbor taking essential items from his foreclosed property and decided to notify the police. When a police officer responded to the call they found several workers moving various items from the property. No one could believe just how many things he decided to take out of his home.

Some of the items he removed from the home included bathroom sinks, multiple air conditioning units, cabinets, doors, garage door opener, and the water heater. This action made the financial crimes unit respond immediately to the call. Mr. Clark was immediately detained by police and faces several charges for his crime.

Who knows what was going through his head when he was doing this, but it really comes to no surprise as people are going to desperate measures just to get by. Just yesterday we reported on an elderly man who robbed three banks just to get enough money to pay his mortgage, and prevent from going to foreclosure.

Moe Bedard
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