Facing Foreclosure in Nevada? Know Your rights

Although many states are starting to recover from the foreclosure crisis, some states such as Nevada are struggling to catch up and thousands of homeowners are at risk of losing their home. In fact, Nevada still has the second highest foreclosure rate in the nation, only behind Florida. (more…)

Why was my home loan application denied?

Is it possible to have a mortgage application rejected? Sure it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply again or do some research to find out why it has been rejected. A well trained loan officer will take the time to explain exactly was your application was denied and will walk you through the necessary steps to get you on the road to homeownership. By law, you have the right to request why your loan application is not subject to approval. In many cases, it just takes some leg work to improve your credit or clear any discrepancies in the application. (more…)

8 Simple Steps to Homeownership

Attaining homeownership has always been the American Dream! What better investment than a place to call your own, while enjoying the many benefits that come along with it. We’ve created a simple step-by-step process for people looking to purchase a home and better understand the intimidating process. Always make sure to go with a reputable loan officer who will take the time thoroughly explain the programs that are available and which one best suits your needs and future goals. (more…)

Will I benefit from a refinance?

I have recently spoken with many borrowers, friends and family who have been questioning whether or not they should refinance. Most of the people I speak with state the reason they have not done anything yet is because they have been in the loan for longer than 5 years and are worried about starting over with another 30 year/fixed. The goal of this post is to help you understand whether or not you should refinance and provide you with the calculations necessary to make the best decision for you and your family. (more…)

Be Prepared When Buying Your First Home

Shopping for your first home can seem like an overwhelming task, between all the paperwork and different lenders offering the “best rates” – many people are left chasing their tail. This is the largest investment most individuals will make in their lifetime, but the process doesn’t have to be intimating if you take the proper steps and work with an experienced loan originator. (more…)