Enforcement of Judgment and Deed of Trust

A final judgment takes place when the court has made up it’s mind on a particular lawsuit. This will resolve the mishaps that caused the lawsuit to be filed, and will determine the rights and/or penalties of each party involved in the suit. (more…)

How to Find a Property Deed in County Records

When someone purchases a house, the property deed will typically be recorded at the county courthouse. At this time a fee will be paid to the county clerk/register for recording the deed. During business hours public records are usually free for the general public to look into. (more…)

Difference Between Short Sale and Foreclosure

If you are currently having issues making your monthly payments you may have thought about just letting your property go into foreclosure. Before you even think about this it is important to realize that there are other solutions to avoid the devastating affects of this event such as a short sale. A short sale has become all to common in today’s society due to the collapse of the housing market. Because homes are not worth nearly as much as they were just a few years ago, many homeowners are left with no choice but to try and sell their property for less than what is owed on the mortgage. (more…)

Pain Pills, Loan Mods and Hurt Homeowners

(LoanSafe.org) – No pain, no gain is one of my life motto’s. I simply believe that we all must go through our pain and suffering to learn from our mistakes. These are the Karmic laws of life and no one can escape these laws.

Whether you make a bad decision that causes you much pain such as hiring a company to perform your loan modification that later rips you off, or you are a criminal that preys on struggling homeowners who are desperate with your loan mod cons.

Sooner or later, we all will suffer the consequences of our actions.

Whether they are good or bad. You can call it what comes around goes around, Karma or paying for your sins. Let’s just say that this is how our world operates and the Rule of Law helps keep a modern civilized society in check. (more…)

Mortgage Order Out of Chaos

Order From Chaos
Image by Michael Calkins via Flickr

Moe Commentary (LoanSafe.org) – It was the best of mortgage times, it was the worst of foreclosure times; it was the age of unwise underwriting wisdom, it was the age of CEO foolishness; it was the season of non-illuminated light, it was the season of  economic darkness; it was the spring of business hope, it was the the winter of reality despair; we had everything on a silver platter before us, because of our greed we have nothing before us; we were all going to our real estate heavens, now we are all going the foreclosure way.

The roaring real estate days have officially ended. Easy mortgages with even easier underwriters drunk on toxic guidelines are a thing of the drunken lender past. It is mortgage mayhem out there right now. Things have went from bad to worse and there seems to be no end in sight. (more…)