Who Does Main Street Blame For This Mortgage Mess?

who is to blame for the mortgage crisisJust how bad is it? Through November, an embarrassing 4% of trial modifications — a multimonth let’s-see-if-you’re-really-worthy test — were made permanent. That’s pitiful.

More frustrating, the biggest banks are moving at a pace that’s comically close to zero:

Bank  Percentage of Trial Modifications Made Permanent (more…)

Are There Car Loans Specialized For Students?

If you are currently a student in school and looking for a car but do not have all the need funds, it is important to realize that there are actually student car loans available for this situation. Today, there are more and more lending companies out there that are willing to offer loans to students, and many of these lenders can be found right here online. These companies work with students that have a poor credit ratings or possibly no credit at all. This type of loan is a perfect option for these students if they can indeed afford to pay a regular monthly payment on the vehicle. (more…)

Why Purchase Title Insurance on Your Home?

Many times people will find that the process of purchasing a new home is one of the most complicated and stressful events that one will ever come across. Especially in today’s economy as it will be harder than ever to get the home of your dreams. With this complicated process many times people will overlook the purchase of title insurance. By purchasing title insurance you may end up saving a significant amount of money and also help prevent potential problems that may occur in the future. (more…)

Canadian Newspaper Calls for One Child Policy

businessOne of Canada’s most popular newspapers, the Financial Post, is calling out for a one child policy and it is stirring up controversy everywhere. The editorial by Diane Francis is promoting China’s one child and the drastic as well as deadly, forced abortion policy. China’s population control program enforces it so couples cannot have two or more children. This strict child policy has been enforced with vast human rights and extreme abuses of state power nationwide. (more…)

More People Stuffing Money Under the Matress

RUN ON THE BANKSDemand for £50 notes has risen sharply during the recession because the public has lost faith in the banks, the Bank of England’s chief cashier Andrew Bailey has suggested.

“Two features of the current situation strike me as most relevant in explaining this development: first, lower levels of public confidence in the banking system and second, low interest rates,” he said. (more…)

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

People often hear the term “greenhouse effect” used negatively in discussions that have to do with global warming. But this is not a negative event in itself, it is actually a major part of Earth’s energy balance. This is what causes the Earth to be warm enough for the planet to remain habitable for humans, plants, and animals alike. Without it, nothing would be able to survive and the Earth would feel a lot more like the Mars. (more…)

What Does a Loan Counselor Do?

A loan counselor is the person at the bank who helps borrowers who are either struggling to pay their mortgage payments or individuals that cannot meet the qualifications for a particular loan. These people try to make ends meet for both the borrower and the lending institution. They want to make sure they are doing everything they can to protect the lender they work for, but at the same time try to help people manage their financials to avoid future problems. (more…)

Bio-Warfare – How Close to Home Is It Really Hitting?

BiowarfareBack in September, it was reported that a researcher by the name of Malcolm Casadaban had died after exposure to bacteria. The official quote was that a weakened and ordinarily harmless strain of the bacteria that causes plague was at fault but a lot of people believe that there is more to the story. 

Dr. Casadaban had apparently been working with the bacteria with the hopes of developing a better vaccine for plague, mostly because there is a lot of concern about bio-terrorism, and that the bacteria could be used against the United States in an attack. However, the New York Times stated that infectious disease experts said researchers rarely die from being infected with an ordinarily harmless strain of the bacteria or viruses they are studying.  (more…)

Copenhagen: World’s Elite Take Limos & Private Jets to Fight Global Warming

CopenhagenThe Copenhagen climate summit will change the way the world views climate change all while dumping 41,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalent into the air. What will  the world’s elite think of next to make money, Credit Default Swaps? Oops, check that off of the elite’s to do list because that was so last year.

Yes, the climate summit has come to Copenhagen, Denmark and a lot of people are getting excited. The only problem is, nobody seems to be excited about climate change. (more…)

Forensic Loan Audit: Beware of the New Mortgage Scam

Back in early 2007, I was one of the first people in the world to discover the forensic mortgage audit as a legal “tool” for lawyers to help defrauded and struggling homeowners get relief on their home loans. When used properly by a competent and licensed attorney, the mortgage audit can be very effective  in obtaining a loan modification or short sale.

What is a forensic mortgage loan audit?

The goal of the mortgage audit is to identify if the consumers legal rights have been violated via the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act (RESPA) violations and or mortgage  fraud is found to mediate a favorable loan modification for the homeowners who’s legal rights were violated.

One of the first articles I wrote in early 2008 was widely read on the internet. Unfortunately, in my attempts to educate consumers, these articles were used by unsavory and unoriginal out of work mortgage brokers who used this information to dupe uneducated homeowners out of their last few hundred dollars.

In early 2009, the loan modification business was  virtually shut down by legal authorities across the nation. Some fraudulent loan mod chop shops were shut down and other scammers morphed into loan auditors who maybe also running debt consolidations scams. (more…)

How to Survive the Depression: 25 Survival Tips for the Coming Great Depression

How to survive the coming great depressionCome 2010, many experts believe that the United States as we know it is going to be a different fish, a literal plethora of hidden anarchy and possible destruction.  A landscape that was once filled with American dreams will be turned into a battlefield of  millions of living American Nightmares.

Once law abiding citizens will soon have to resort to a life of crime to put food on the table for their children. Previously ethical salesmen will morph into financial predators just to make a sale and thus a paycheck.

Things may get bad. Real bad folks. (more…)

What are Federal Perkins Loans?

A Federal Perkins Loans are specialized to help an individual fund their college education. This is a federal student loan that typically carries a lower interest rate (around 5%) and is provided to both undergraduate and graduate students with extraordinary financial needs. (more…)

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

People looking to purchase a piece of real estate should always make sure that a home inspection report is ordered before they make the deal. This report is done by a home inspector who is going to go over many different aspects of the building. The inspector is a qualified, well trained individual that is going to give a detailed report of any repairs that are needed in the property. On this report they will also give a list of estimated costs for the repairs to be done. (more…)

Debt Consolidation Scams: The Mortgage Brokers New Gig

Debt Consolidation ScamTheoretically, debt consolidation sounds ideal if your debts are way above your head. Why not? Imagine bundling all your loans and debts under one loan with a lower interest rate; for anyone who can no longer breathe because of debt, this idea is certainly enticing!

In a perfect world, we would all venture down to our local debt professional to handle all our credit woes. These so-called professionals would be doing their jobs, operating from the hearts, instead of their pocket books or evil plots. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world now folks and a trip to the local broker may end up turning into a non-violent robbery. But a robbery none the less. (more…)

How Does Purchasing A Home Compare To Renting A Home?

The main thing that renting a home and purchasing a home have in common is the fact that you are going to most likely reside in the property. So generally speaking their is not too many things you can compare these two by. But deciding whether to purchase a home or to rent one out can be a huge decision, and one that will play a big part in your life. Below we will discuss some facts about each: (more…)