Are Mobile Homes Good Investments?

If you’re considering making an investment in a mobile home, either as a supplementary or primary residence, it’s important to consider the potential return and the disadvantages on your investment. (more…)

How to Qualify for a Manufactured Home Loan

Imagine yourself ten years from now: likely, you want to be in a comfortable position, enjoying life along with those whom you love. There are many options for finding a home to help you realize this goal in your new home. In addition to traditional home ownership options, you may want to consider manufactured home options. (more…)

Mobile Home Financing With Green Tree

WARNING to mobile and manufactured homeowners: Green tree does NOT offer refinance options for mobile home financing! They only service mortgages for this industry. So, please beware and warn your neighbors of  these phony websites and companies that claim to be Green Tree Financial or servicing on the internet. (more…)

I Need Help Paying My Mortgage

Let’s face it, times are tough right now. Many of us have seen our jobs either go away entirely or our hours cut back. Some have had the raise we hoped for disappear because our employer cannot afford it this year or they are on the brink of closing their own doors anyway. 

Many people have defaulted on their mortgage and lost their homes during the past few years. Is there aid for those who are crying out “I need help paying my mortgage?” Even the mortgage companies are in trouble and that trickles down to us, the struggling homeowner who owes on their mortgage.

A mortgage foreclosure can happen to anybody and there are record numbers of people currently in default to prove it. Fortunately there is help for many who are asking. For example, our forum at has been helping thousands of homeowners with FREE tips and advice. We have over 22,000 members that you can share your story with. (more…)

How to Refinance My Auto Loan When I Am Behind?

Under the economic stress nowadays, it can be hard to pay off loans and easy to get behind on payments. To pay off higher interest rates or to lower your current rate in some cases, it is a good idea to refinance your auto loan. Refinancing car loans used to be an impossible thing. However, due to the financial constraints brought about by the economic recession, most lenders are giving you an option to refinance.

So how do you refinance your auto loan? First of all, you need to know what your car is worth. If you do not have any idea, you can check online using an online source or guide. Some of the biggest suppliers of used cars have an information database where you can check out your car’s value.  (more…)

Calculate My Mortgage

Looking into refinancing your mortgage or to figure out what your new modified loan payment will be? Maybe you’re looking for that first home you can call your own and want to find out exactly how much the monthly mortgage payment will be. One of the first things any educated consumer needs to do when dealing with real estate and loan is to calculate the mortgage. There are several different ways to this:

  • A mortgage calculator
  • A real estate agent
  • A mortgage lender

A mortgage calculator is a tool used to find what to expect in total payments. It will determine the PITI (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance) that make up a mortgage payment. (more…)

Who Knows If My House Has a Mortgage or If I Own it Outright?

How many people actually own their home outright? Actually there are many who owe nothing on their home, have no mortgage, and pay no monthly mortgage payment to a bank or other lending institution. They will be required to pay taxes however, and most likely will have an insurance policy on their home, which needs to be paid yearly. But how can some people find out who knows if my house has a mortgage or if I own it outright? They will be able to tell by researching and asking their local county or city tax assessor or check in public records. (more…)

What are Unemployment Benefits?

For individuals that have recently become unemployed it is important to understand that you may be able to qualify for unemployment benefits. These are temporary funds that are provided to certain individuals that are no longer employed, but they must have been laid off at no fault of their own. (more…)

Predator Class Warfare

HomeLand Security Boy ScoutsIt is not just BIG government that I am deathly afraid of. It is also the masses of unmanned predator drones who now rule the earth in every which way. And I am not talking about planes folks.

From programed Global Warming fanatics shouting for population control in Copenhagen, to what seems like cute little UFC loving teenagers who beat people up for fun  to only laugh with their other psychopathic friends as they watch it on You Tube. This is what the good, ethical and moral people who believe in our constitution are up against. Most of these people do not even know what a constitution is or what really causes global warming, but they sure know Polar Bears can’t swim.

Just FYI ice huggers, they can swim. I saw them at SeaWorld and they swam really good as a matter a fact. Polar bears are strong swimmers; they swim across bays or wide leads without hesitation. They can swim for several hours at a time over long distances. They’ve been tracked swimming continuously for 100 km (62 mi.) (Stirling, 1988).

This is the ignorant people that we are up against folks. The same people who’s fearless leader invented the internet. Scary, isn’t it?

You can forget about drone planes flying in over Los Angeles and taking your patriotic butt out. Your local neighborhood unmanned drones that are called citizens by our government will gladly snuff you out for a paycheck and a badge. You better believe it folks and these times are unfolding right before our eyes. (more…)

Shadow foreclosures hiding in the market

Although foreclosure activity nationwide fell last month by 8 percent, November marked the ninth straight month in which more than 300,000 properties received foreclosure filings, according to RealtyTrac, which follows mortgage failures nationwide. Analysts have warned that as many as 4 million more foreclosures will hit the market nationwide over the next few years. (more…)

Climategate: Will Obama Bypass Congress?

President ObamaUK Telegraph – Who needs tanks on the lawn when you have the Environmental Protection Agency? Barack Obama’s use of the EPA to pressurise the Senate to pass his climate change Nuremberg Decrees shows his dictatorial mentality. He wants to override Congress, which is hostile to his climate gobbledegook because it is representative of the American electorate, and sideline the nation’s elected Senators by ruling by decree, courtesy of the EPA. This is a coup d’état. (more…)