Is it Possible to Obtain a Second VA loan?

The VA mortgage loan became available in 1944 to offer housing to veterans and their families. To be qualified for a VA loan, a veteran must have rendered active duty and should not have been given a dishonorable discharge. In most cases, no down payment will be needed because the Veterans Administration guarantees up to 25 percent of the mortgage loan. (more…)

Al Gore Confronted by We are Change Chicago on Climategate

Climategate is heating up and it looks like Al Gore is the head punching bag for global warming for social awareness groups like We Are Change.

In this video below, We Are Change Chicago confronts Al Gore at a Borders book signing on Climategate, carbon taxes, and the New World Order.

Veterans Protest More Troop Deployment to Afghanistan

While most US war veterans tend to be supportive of their country’s military operations abroad, some have been voicing their opposition to any escalation.

While the budget for Obama’s military plan would need final approval from the US congress, many veterans are hoping for an outcome that will cost fewer lives and mean fewer men going to war.

Should I Accept My Loan Modification?

The issue behind the question is whether there is still a possibility of a better offer than the loan modification that is being offered to you. However, there is no way to tell whether a particular offer is the best one unless some comparisons are made. To compare, you will have to ask around and check the kinds of interest rates and terms that are being offered to others. If you find that the offer is very close to what others are getting, then there is no reason not to accept the loan modification offer.  (more…)

Swine Flu Hotline Misdiagnosed Sick Patients

swine fluAccording to a recent UK study, 9 out of 10 sick people who have called the swine flu hotline have been misdiagnosed. In only 3 out of 30 cases has a swine flu diagnosis been confirmed (a mere 10 percent) while in 5 cases out of the 30, people were suffering from other dangerous illnesses (in one case Malaria, in another case a serious heart problem and in 3 cases Meningitis), illnesses which have not been diagnosed properly by the hotline staff. (more…)

£13.7 Million in Grants for the Climategate Professor

Phil Jones cilmategatePhil Jones, a professor at the University of East Anglia and the head of the Climate Research Unit (the unit which basically “tricked” people into believing in Global Warming) received £13.7 million in grants according to Frank Beckmann from Detroit News. Jones, Michael Mann of Penn State and a lot of other academic fraudsters have been outed as people who have deliberately misled the public.

Al Gore and his followers seem to be laughing all the way to the bank, it seems that more than a few people have made a lot of money by tricking the average citizen into thinking that man-made Global Warming is more of a threat than it actually is. (more…)

Man-Made Global Warming – Our Generation’s Worst Scientific Scandal

global warmingThe leaked University of East Anglia emails revealed a scandal which has been labeled as “climategate” (a word that, according to Google, appears online more than 9 million times) and which will probably be receiving more and more attention. There are a lot of scenarios worth analyzing but what most people tend to overlook is the power a select few scientists had when it comes to this scandal. (more…)

Home Grown Terrorists: Ex-Doctor Admittedly Manufactured Pipe Bombs

Mark Campano, formerly a Cleveland anesthesiologist, admitted that he did, in fact, manufacture pipe bombs. The pipe bombs were seized at his apartment according to federal agents. As far as the motive is concerned, there are no clues whatsoever at this point.

Campano did not provide any details and according to public records, the federal agents who are investigating this case have not managed to figure out why the ex-doctor would do something like this yet. The 56-year-old has been arrested on Monday night, after an explosion drew attention to his apartment complex. (more…)

Spam Godfather Sentenced

alan ralskyThe self-proclaimed “spam godfather”, Alan Ralsky has been found guilty of several crimes and sentenced by a Detroit federal judge to 51 months in prison. Even more so, he’s also looking at a $250,000 financial loss (seized by government officials back in 2007). Three other people (including Scott Bradley, the son-in-law of Alan Ralsky) have been sentenced by Marianne Battani (U.S. District Judge).

Conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, money laundering as well as the violation of the CAN-SPAM act: these are the charges they have been found guilty of. This sentence comes as a shock, especially to individuals from the US, and these actions make it perfectly clear that the authorities are not willing to tolerate anything which has to do with spam.

Will the “spam godfather” case represent the beginning of the end when it comes to email spam?

Pedophile Priests Protected By the Church As Well As the Authorities?

A harsh report of the Archdiocese of Dublin analyzed the activity of government officials, police officers as well as Catholic bishops in order to draw conclusions when it comes to the way children have been treated. The findings have shocked the Catholic community, especially given the fact that this report comes just after another one where the activity of industrial Church-run schools has been analyzed.

320 allegations have been investigated (events which have occurred between 1975 and 2004) and it turned out that several cardinals and bishops have been protecting priests which were involved in activities which could be labeled as child abuse. Since the authorities have considered the crimes “outside their remit”, their implication leaves much to be desired and all in all, a lot of people consider these incidents “a failure of civil Ireland”.

Source: Crooks and Liars

Invest in Rental Property for Income

The key to any investment is to get a steady return over time, and renting out property can be an effective strategy. While there is work required to ensure that you are able to provide for a rental community, you can earn a more stable return on your investment through development than you could through merely waiting for the underlying land or assets to accrue in value.

Before you consider property management, make sure to consider whether you are fully able to be vested in the venture. Whether you are buying an existing complex, redeveloping an older property or building up land into rental properties, there is quite a bit of time required to see the project to completion. (more…)

How to Finance Investment Property in Today’s Market

Today, the financing market can be quite tight, especially if you’re shopping for a loan for investment property.

While banks today may take a longer look at your credit history before issuing a loan, and you will certainly be required to put more money down than you would before. Banks are looking to get a quicker return with a lower risk profile than ever before, which makes the way you structure financing on your investment property even more important than ever before. (more…)

How to Find a Good Property Management Company

Once you’ve taken the dive into the real estate investment market, you’ll be faced with a number of questions regarding management of the property. Since the “quick flip” strategy has soured given the difficulties in property values and financing in recent years, you’ll most likely find yourself managing property, including tenant relations, to earn a solid profit on your investment.

A key to success in property holdings is to outsource everything that you can do profitably. One of the areas that can provide the biggest benefit to you as an investor is to select a good property management firm. when seeking out a firm, look for a company that has a track record of providing direct management services, with experience in the specific market segment that you are familiar with, whether it is commercial or residential buildings. (more…)