Wilson Defends SC Voter ID, Attacks Dodd-Frank Law on Fox News

By | October 1, 2012

(Source: John Sweeney Florence Morning News, S.C. (MCT) — Attorney General Alan Wilson continued to keep South Carolina in the national spotlight with his most recent appearance on FOX News over the weekend to discuss the state’s ongoing battle over voter ID law and to voice his opposition to federal financial regulations.

Wilson appeared on America’s Election HQ with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt where the two answered questions from Shannon Bream over state voter ID, healthcare and finance law implemented under the Obama administration and overwhich the states’ are currently involved in legal action.

Wilson contended once more that the S.C. voter ID law would not keep minorities from casting their ballots.

“No one would be prevented from voting once this law were to go into effect,” Wilson told Bream. “We’ll have a ‘reasonable impediment’ provision that allows people to vote should they not have a photo ID and they can still use their voter registration card with a photo attached to it.”

The U.S. Justice Department declined to pre-clear the state’s voter ID law in December 2011 – required by the Voting Right’s Act of 1964 – which led South Carolina’s legal action.

Both sides delivered closing arguments last week and a three judge panel is expected to render judgment sometime in early October.

Wilson also discussed why South Carolina recently got involved in another lawsuit against the federal government, this time over the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that places new regulations on the country’s financial system.

Wilson contended the law doesn’t solve the problems it claims to address.

“This is not about insuring or protecting the financial industry from another 2008 crisis,” Wilson said. “Like in Obamacare, this is about centralizing power in the federal government.”

Wilson went on to say that the 2,300 page law fails to address many of the pressing issues that led to the financial crisis four years ago, including no new regulations imposed on mortgage giants Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac, two of the “primary culprits” Wilson said to that crisis.

The attorney general said the bill was less about protecting the American people and more a power grab from Washington, D.C.

“This is about ensuring that the federal government has control,” Wilson said. “And anytime the federal government takes control of anything the cost of that gets born by the consumers.”


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Source: John Sweeney Florence Morning News, S.C. (MCT)

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  1. Eleanor Hare

    In order to use the “reasonable impediment” when you don’t have a photo ID, the statement of your reasonable impediment to having the required photo ID must be notarized, but the notary must see your photo ID before notarizing the statement.

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