United Law Group: FBI Raids OC Law Firm

A notorious Orange County, California loan modification law firm was raided by the FBI, Irvine Police and several other government agencies this afternoon in Irvine. 

The law firm and lawyers are no strangers to trouble. The United Law Firm and its two attorneys, Robert Buscho, Bar No. 122556 and Sean Rutledge, Bar No. 255938 were under investigation by the California State Bar this past year. Rutledge later surrendered his law license under increasing pressure from the weight of the investigation.

California Bar Interim Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner said this in September, “The number of attorneys using their law licenses to essentially take money from unwary but trusting consumers is astounding,” Weiner added. “There are literally thousands of victims who have lost money they could not afford to lose. Under the circumstances, the need for public information and protection is paramount.” 

Photos were taken at 2525 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA, 60 minutes ago by Randall Marquis.

The United Law Group was located in Irvine, but had advertised loan modification legal services nation wide. On the law firms website (that is still active) only lawyer Robert Buscho is listed as an attorney but the same web-page claims, "With corporate offices in NY, CA and FL, United Law Group has attorneys in all 50 states supporting our bankruptcy and litigation clients nationwide."

It is unknown at this time if any arrests were made during the police raid.

California consumers having a problem with the attorney handling their loan modification may contact the State Bar at 1-800-843-9053 or visit the State Bar’s Web site at www.calbar.ca.gov to find a complaint form.

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  • Randall

    Here’s the 63 page Search Warrant… a ‘must’ read:

  • Fed Hinks

    It shows nothing.. they use all these multiple government agencies as a SCARE TACTIC!! ICE was there?? C’mon is this some Drug Cartel that they have to bring 10 different agencies into a “Business” in Irvine with there guns drawn?? I heard they where pointing there hand guns in the faces of female employees.. I mean C’mon! This is Ridiculous!

    How many people in jail are mad at there attorneys and want a refund?? Everyone has to remeber that ULG didnt sign your loan documents with the bank as a personal gurantee to get your home. WE DID! So we want to blame everyone as to whos problem it is and as a last attempt we hire a LAW FIRM for $1750 to try and get us out of the mess we put ourselves into. As well as not making payments on the home which we live in for over 10 months?? Everyone has to pay rent? What gives us the right not to pay ANYTHING for the home we live in then place ALL our blame on ONE LAW FIRM hat we tried to use to get us some more time in our house FOR FREE!! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE REAL PROBLEM and thats the banks!!!

  • LMAO

    Says the former broker now loan mod person. Shut up with this nonsense.

  • J. W

    Listen, there was nobody as angry as I was at United Law Group when I entered my complaints online a year ago or so. My complaints were similar to everyone else’s complaints I read here. But the truth is that I found out that United Law Group did exactly what they said they would do and that it is not United Law Group that is a scam, but these banks such as BOA and Countrywide ect. I imagine that United Law Group is just as frustrated as we all are that these banks are potentially breaking the law and not doing the loan modifications that they really said they would do. So what happened in my situation is that ULG submitted everything to the bank and the bank ignores it. So ULG ends up having to wait for the banks response that takes months for even the most simple thing such as an acknowledgment that the client is know represented by ULG. So United Law Groups hands are tied because they are at the mercy of waiting for the banks response. Then we call ULG and get mad because they can not tell us anything yet and we are confused. But ULG did the right thing and filed a class action law suit on behalf of their clients. What else could they do? But they did the right thing and they did everything they said they would do in my case, even when I thought they were not. I spent a year investigating just exactly what transpired between the dialog between ULG and the banks and was stunned that ULG was doing not only everything they said they would do, but even more. There was tons of dialog between ULG and the bank that I was able to verify. I thought that maybe ULG scammed me and took my money and was not doing anything. But that was not the case and even though I was furious and frustrated and just wanted someone to take it out on, I realized that it was not ULG that was the cause. The truth is that ULG is a law firm where an Attorney offers to do the loan modification process for you. But I have never had an Attorney that guarantees that I will win or get what I want. An Attorney just guarantees that they will represent you through it. Which in this case ULG did represent me and it did have more of an influence on the bank than if I did it on my own. Yes it was long suffering and frustrating, but at the end of the day the banks began to realize that there was a class action suit and started dealing with the ULG customers one by one so that they could probably go on the record in the class action. So really peoples chances with doing their loan modification through ULG are better because the banks see that they are under the gun now with the class action suit. It has been over a year and I was finally offered a Bac Home Loan modification opportunity because ULG got the bank to offer it to me. Of course BofA did there same old stalling and dropping the ball. The minute I told them that I was represented by ULG and that it would be to their benefit to not drop the ball, I got a call from the BofA Underwriter in Florida who apologized to me and said “we are going to take care of this right now!” Bam! I had my loan modification approved. There is no doubt in my mind that if I was not represented by ULG that the bank would have continued to delay and ultimately scam me with not approving the loan modification. So at the end of the day my hat goes off to ULG and it was the best decision that I have made while dealing with these heartless banks and my loan modification. United Law Group saved my life because I would have lost my house if it was not for them because ULG helped me turn it into Goliath vs Goliath instead of David vs. Goliath. I just feel bad for ULG because everyone is blaming them when it is not their fault. It is the banks! and ULG filed a class action suit which is more than they told us they would do. Attorneys just represent and do not guarantee. I would love it if I could get a refund for every time an Attorney lost a case for me. But that is not how it works. The end result is that the BofA only jumped when I had on the record that I was represented by ULG. So my advice is to stop calling ULG and start calling your bank and tell your bank that you are represented by an Attorney. They will look at your record and see that it is true and actually do more for you than they would have done if you were not represented by an Attorney. It works! It is also more powerful now to use ULG because the banks are scared of the Class Action suit that they filed! I tell all my friends and my family to use ULG and I certainly would not do that if they ended up being a scam. They were the best thing that happened to me. Which is saying alot because I am one of you and came out here and submitted very damaging online reviews. Actually worse than any of yours.

    I have the underwriters phone number for Bac Home loans. What I suggest is calling your underwriter directly and telling them that you are represented by ULG and watch how fast they will jump! The only reason I have the actual underwriters phone number is because BofA wanted to make sure they did not drop the ball. So not everyone has this number. You are represented by and Attorney and you should “USE IT AND NOT ABUSE IT.”

    Thank you ULG for saving my Home.

    John Wright
    San Jose California

  • mario

    hey jon how was your disney trip

  • brianna

    I used to work there and know for a fact nothing was done on alot of files. They deserve to be shut down and not take peoples money. And they paid for john and his family to spend a week at disneyland. who could could say no to that when you are broke and losing your home. too bad he now has to rent a home or apartment but at least he got to take his family to disneyland for free. when was the last time they helped someone outside of california to get a mod.??? Interesting. and they are still collecting up front fees to do a mod but call it a class action suite. do you really think you will win the suite before your home is taken or are you going to give them more money to modify your car loan or file a bk in which if you are not in southen california they can’t even do a bk for you.

  • john wright

    The current raid on law firms representing people in modifications, is a way to deflect the press from reporting what is really going on. Which is the abusive modification process that is taking place by BofA and other too big to fail banks. Let’s face it, the elephant in the room is not the American Dream concerning health care, but the American nightmare concerning the loan modification process. It is OUTRAGEOUS, considering that they have received a bail out from the American Tax Payer, who is also the average American Home Owner. After receiving a bail out in the billions from the American people, these banks have the audacity to harass, delay and humiliate us during the loan modification process called HAMP. How long do these banks think that the American people will tolerate this? One of the BofA representatives even went as far as telling me that the government can not tell them what to do. I found this strange, because I never brought the government up with the BofA representative. So, I can not help but feel that BofA is bitter and is taking it out on those of us seeking a loan modification. It is also readily apparent, that BofA feels that they only have to meet their obligation to the government by CONSIDERING a loan modification with zero accountability. It is time that we make BofA accountable!
    BofA knows very well that the average homeowner requesting a modification does not have the funds to represent themselves legally. So, the FBI raiding one of the largest and most reputable law firms, will only serve these banks potential agenda. An agenda that might be to scare any law firms from representing the people. This current action by the FBI is not the solution, but a symptom of the over all problem. It is also blurring the lines in regards to who the real bad guys are. It will also further delay the process of reputable law firms like United Law Group from filing legitimate law suits. In retrospect, United Law Group is not only helping me represent myself in this law suit, but every American who is going through the loan modification process.
    So please, help me and United Law Group send a message to BofA which states, that we will no longer tolerate their potentially irregular, fraudulent and abusive business practices. In the end, the American tax payer did not fail to deliver the BofA bail out in record time, but BofA failed to deliver the American Tax Payer’s bail out in the form of a loan modification. It reminds me of that song by John Lennon titled “Piggies” I invite you to listen to this song on youtube and see if it appropriately fits.
    (View recent link)
    God bless,
    John Wright
    Tax Payer and Home Owner

  • Orange County Girl

    I used to work there too and it was horrible! They are the BIGGEST SCAM artist of all time and the owner has the worst karma coming after him.

  • john Wright

    Actually we did go to Disneyland and it was very nice thank you. I was willing to come down there for free and I OFFERED TO GIVE THEM A TESTIMONIAL and they never asked me. Because they were so sorry about how frustrated I was and were so thankful that I wanted to give a testimonial they were nice enough to pay for my household to go with me and is actually not that out of the ordinary if you watch peoples testimonials on television. But for the record I offered to do it because I felt bad when I found that they were really representing me with Countrywide. But it does not sound like you know what you are completely talking about when it comes to the details because there was no deal that if I gave them a testimonial I would go to Disneyland and the last time I checked I am still in my house and I am not renting. In fact, ULG were able to help me with a loan modification and I have been approved. So you might want to check your facts first. This is nothing other than a potentially disgruntled employee talking here.

  • john Wright

    Also they paid for the DAY and not the week. See how people use a little bit of the truth to sell a lie!

  • john Wright

    One more thing Brianna. I hardly think I would accept a one day trip to Disneyland in liue of losing my home. I also paid for myself and my family the next day. I am not sure that it wise to tell such lies. Your statement that they did not do any files is not true either. They did mine because i have a letter right here from countrywide stating so which I will be happy to produce for anyone who would like me to send it to them.

  • john Wright

    I want to go on the record for saying that ULG has never offered me a Disneyland trip, money or anything for that matter for any of my comments and I have already sent them an email telling them that I will be willing to testify in court in their behalf that everything I have said here is true. I only do this because I went online bashing their name too until I found out I was wrong and was able to get the letter from Countrywide. Which I would not doubt if every single one of their customers has a file with their bank that ULG contacted them. Countrywide and BofA both lied to me and I am sure they might be lying to everyone else too. BofA finally admitted to me that ULG was representing me but that they refused to deal with Attorney’s and threatened that they would call me regardless of the law and regardless that I was represented. This is not fair. I am not saying that ULG did not have it’s problems. Their phone system broke down when I first started and much to my frustration. But I have a company and the same thing happened to me and my customers were mad too and it was not my fault because I did not know it was happening until it was too late and customers were mad. ULG since then fixed it. But they did to represent me in a modification even before my trip to Disneyland. Which for the record is common practice for any business to pay for hotel accommodations ect when a testimonial is given. My testimonial was from my heart and was not scripted at all. They did not tell me what to say and I would not have said anything that is a lie. What I said was the truth and what I am saying here today is the truth. I can not speak for everyone else and can only speak for myself. It just upsets me that you would even suggest to me or my family that I would accept a one day Disneyland trip in lieu of losing my home and that you would go on here and mislead people to think that I am renting somewhere or have lost my house. That is a lie and makes me suspicious of anything you have to say. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • john Wright

    This is how I feel about BofA and what the to big to fail banks did to us:

    Song “Little Piggies”
    By George Harrison and John Lennon

    In their sties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.

  • john Wright

    Have you seen the little piggies
    Crawling in the dirt
    And for all the little piggies
    Life is getting worse
    Always having dirt to play around in.

    Have you seen the bigger piggies
    In their starched white shirts
    You will find the bigger piggies
    Stirring up the dirt
    Always have clean shirts to play around in.

    In their sties with all their backing
    They don’t care what goes on around
    In their eyes there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking.

    Everywhere there’s lots of piggies
    Living piggy lives
    You can see them out for dinner
    With their piggy wives
    Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon.



  • bart

    Mr wright. Did you some out of illegal substance on your trip to Disneyland. You are not making any sense here sir. Alice in Wonderland is only a ride laid of the drugs.


    THE LINK IS PROVIDED HERE LOOK FOR YOURSELF AND YOU MAKE THE DECISION http://members.calbar.ca.gov/search/member_detail.aspx?x=122556

  • valerie

    every testimonial comes from the heart when you are paid the right money and offered a trip to Disneyland which was problem your child’s dream

  • john Wright

    Dear Dunno: I am sorry that you feel that way. However, I assure you that every word in my testimonial was the absolute truth. You have offered no evidence and your claims are simply unsubstantiated by the facts. Never the less, please allow me to address your question about how I was able to afford a trip to Southern California. First of all ULG paid for my flight as it is regular business practice for someone that is interested in a testimonial. Second of all my immediate family had to go because they were not sure if they wanted to use them in the testimonial or not to show the reality of my situation. Third of all, the day for a cheap hotel and one day tickets for my family, food ect did not equal the nearly $5,000.00 a month mortgage I have. Never the less, the facts will show that I paid my mortgage on time for nearly six years and that at the time I secured ULG I still was on time. Unlike alot of the other people who had not paid for 6 or 8 months. I was looking for a loan modification because I could see that my company was going to be suffered in the future. But to answer your question, I could at the time afford my mortgage and to go to Disneyland for a day at that time. You see Dunno, at the time I was paying my mortgage on time for almost five years and approached ULG because I was not sure that my company I work for was going to do as well in the FUTURE. So Dunno, I do not pretend to know your circumstances and I would hope that you would not pretend to know mine. Never the less, I could easily turn this around on you or some of the people in here by asking you the same question. How is it that all the ULG customers had thousands of dollars to pay ULG after being months late on your payments and yet were not able to pay during those months? I do not know what exactly you are trying to prove about them only doing modifications in California, but let me try to diffuse this rumor you are trying to start. You see, California had different laws than some of the other states. One of them being that they can not foreclose during a modification process. Anyone watching CNN today could verify that fact. However, I cannot speak about this topic for ULG, because I do not work for ULG . I already know that is not going to be good enough for you though and that you are still going to offer sensational and emotional and disgruntled statements. The answer to your question in regards to Robert’s Buscho Barr report: Yes I did read it and yes it did bother me. Until I met Mr. Buscho. He was kind man that seemed to show sincere empathy for all that was happening to us out there. One of the Attorneys said to me “John it is crime what these banks are doing to these people and we are facing the same run around from them and we are Attorney’s! You see, I took it upon myself to go to ULG and meet them in person. In which I am sure that you could have done the same thing. Anyway, ULG and Mr. Buscho have thus far never lied to me or did anything to me that was in that report. Now I answered your question, maybe you can answer mine? The people who secured United Law Group did so with access to the Barr association report at that time. So, I guess it did not bother any of them either. Never the less, I said that United Law Group was the largest and most reputable law firm because that is WHAT THE ONLINE PAPERS AND PRESS RELEASE SAID. So maybe you should purpose that question to them. But in defense of my statements, BofA is also considered one of the largest and most reputable banks in the world and yet I found this article: “BofA CEO Ken Lewis Hit With Fraud Charges” It is still one of the largest and most reputable banks in the world and that is how the papers report it.

    Dear Bart: I do not use illegal substances and maybe none of it makes sense to you because you do. I think you might have revealed something more about yourself than me. Remember I do not work for ULG and I have the right to speak back so put that in your pot pipe in smoke it. Just a little humor Bart and I hope you have a sense of humor too. Never the less, no Bart I do not do illegal substances and there is nothing in my past that would suggest that. But thank you for your response and God Bless You.

    Dear Valerie: Where did you hear that I was “paid the right money” and “offered a trip to Disneyland” for my testimonial? I already know you have no evidence of this because it is absolutely not true. I promise you that ULG never asked me to do the testimonial in lieu of money or a trip to Disneyland. As I said before, I offered them the testimonial because I felt bad that I went online bashing their name (some comments could not even be removed) and offered them the testimonial. They were always going to pay my flight down there, which is common business practice for when Testimonial is given. They offered the day at Disneyland at the last minute and is also regular business practice for a company to do that when someone is going to be on a testimonial. The reason being because they do not probably want gloomy faces on film from the kids or me after sitting in a hotel room going nowhere all day. I do not know what to tell you but I will say it again “I would never accept a Disneyland trip in lieu of losing my house.” Does that make any sense Valerie? I just do not know what to tell you Val. But thank you for the time it took you to leave these comments and God bless you.

    Listen, I knew when I gave this testimonial people would try to hold me responsible if their loan modifications did not go wrong. At that time, ULG had an A+ rating and had just started assisting Californian’s with home modifications. There were no complaints online and there is no way that I could have known that the banks would stonewall ULG and force ULG to delay the process. With that being said, I accept that it is my duty to all of you (Not ULG) to come on here and explain the facts as I know them. I understand why you would think that ULG is paying me or that they offered me a trip to Disneyland to allow them to lose my $859,000.00 house ( I hope you see that is ridiculous), but what I am telling you is the truth here guys. I am not mad at any of you for your statements. I completely understand that some of you lost your house or do not have your modifications as of yet. But I am just telling you what I found out from my investigation. Which is that ULG did contact my bank and my bank refused to work with them. Which was illegal on the banks part. “I” think that ULG could not have foretold that the banks were going to do this and this is why they have brought lawsuits against the banks. All I can do is tell you the facts which are:

    1. ULG does not has not asked me to make these statements on here. I am purely doing
    it on my own because I gave a testimonial and feel that I have an obligation to tell you
    what the circumstances were for me doing it.

    2. That ULG never threatened or offered me any money in lieu of a modification or

    3. My ULG testimony was unscripted and I told them ahead of time I needed to speak
    from my heart and would not allow them to tell me what to say. They responded with
    “That is exactly what we want.”

    4. ULG never asked me to lie or be a part of some inside scam.

    5. I have a document here where Countrywide stated that ULG contacted them and that
    they recognized that I was represented. This is important to mention that this was
    before I offered a testimonial and during a time that I myself was going online angry
    at ULG. This is why I felt bad and OFFERED the testimonial to turn a wrong right. I
    felt it was the right thing to do.

    6. I do not work for ULG and I do not represent ULG in any official capacity.
    Everything said here is simply my experience and my opinion. You guys are all
    speaking to me as if work for you ULG and owe you an answer. That is not the case
    here and contrary to what Val thinks. I am doing this on my own and I really do not
    owe you guys anything. But I want to try and answer your questions in a form of
    trying to help you with what my investigation brought up. It is my hopes that you all
    eventually stop all these personal insults and ask me for advise on what I did dealing
    with the banks with context specific questions. I am not enemy. I am here to try and
    answer some of your questions. But if you want me to keep answering these
    unsubstantiated claims, I will be happy to do that too.

    7. That I was successful in using ULG to get the bank to listen to me and forward my
    modification progress.

    8. When I retained ULG, they specifically told me to keep making my payments during
    this process and stated that they could not guarantee a successful modification. It just
    made sense that Attorney’s would probably be more successful than me and that is
    why I did it. I think you guys heard what you wanted to hear. I do not know what
    your experience was. But that was not my experience. They told me the truth and did
    everything they said they would.

    In conclusion, I know that you are suffering and that you are all angry. I know this because I am still in the situation even though I have been approved. I have many recorded tapes of the BofA reps telling me that I did everything right and that it is not my fault and that it is their fault to why I have not received it in the mail for months. All recordings were with their permission. I suggest you all do the same thing instead of directing your energy here. Just a suggestion. But I know your pain. I am in the same situation and trust me I am sad that you are hurting. It is hard for me to read lies about how “ULG paid me” and “Mr. Wright now is paying rent in an apartment or a house because he lost his house,” when I am actually still living in my house and have not lost it. Lets be fair here. Once again, I am not speaking for your experience with ULG. I am simply telling you that my experience was different. But I can only imagine what
    I understand that you guys are all frustrated and emotional and this is why there are all these hit and run statements. I am not mad at any of you and try not to take it personal. Even though I am not paid to take any of it from you. You have my greatest empathy. But with that being said, how can I possibly believe that you guys are being truthful with your experience with ULG when I myself have been a victim of you taking a little bit of the truth to tell a lie such as the statements:

    1. Mr. Wright lost his house and has to pay rent now. Not true
    2. Mr. Wright is paid a sum of money to give these comments. Not true
    3. Mr. Wright had not money for his mortgage and yet had it for Disneyland. Not true
    because I paid my Mortgage on time for nearly six years and nearly months even after
    retaining ULG. So at the time I could afford it.

    These are just some of the delusions I have read here. How can I take anything you guys say about your experience with ULG if you are telling these kind of lies about me. No disrespect meant, but comments here only substantiate that you all are prone to magical thinking and total distortions of the truth. I am not saying that you are making your experience up with ULG, I am just saying that it proof to me that when you guys are emotional you tend to get paranoid and have delusions. Never the less, I intend to answer any questions you guys might want to ask me. However, it seems that you need someone to take it out on and feel some kind of relief taking it out on me. So have at it. I will listen to you. I will answer all your questions and even false allegations. But I think it is misdirected anger. I mean you guys are talking to me as if I am a paid employee of ULG or something. But I am a nice person if it makes you feel better, I will tell you everything you want to know and that I can answer. They will always be truthful answers as well. Please let me know of anyway I can help.

    God Bless you All and thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will do my best to answer them.

    John Wright

  • Anonymous

    OMG!!!! I can’t believe what I’m reading. Is this for real or what????? I’m going through this ULG at the OC location and you telling me they have been raided. Wow…can someone please beside Mr. Wright is using ULG for loan modification? If yes, how long? Wow…this is not good.

    Who knows a legit lawyer that will help people.

  • john Wright

    I do not know. But I bet you that you do…..lol

  • valerie

    Mr wright i used to work there. i know for a fact you were paid for your so called testimonial. i feel bad for the other 1000 people who arent getting paid for that and are losing your home. fbi doesnt raid for audits its raid for bad business and scams!!!!!! you are just one of those stupid idiots who thinks they know everything about ulg. why dont you go there work one day in the place deal with angry clients and just transfer them to someone else knowning that they just lost their home. that is fucked up and a scam. stop trying to promote something you cant. and if ulg was soo good at helping people then why arent others coming forward on this?

  • john wright


  • John Wright

    See that is what I mean right there. Someone comes on here and posts a comment with my name that is not true. That is so childish and not very intelligent. I guess that is what one reduces themselves to when they have nothing else to say. The fact remains that I have never worked for and do not work for ULG. I would think that the commute would be a little harsh from San Jose to Southern California. But at any rate, it is apparent you have no evidence and have now reduced yourself to that. Really I wonder who you work for that you would care to even lie and say that you are me like that. Grow up!

  • John Wright

    Valerie you do not know for a fact because I was not paid for my testimonial and I offered to do it. It is readily apparent that you just assumed that I was paid Valerie and you either really never worked there or you were not in a very important position to know the facts. I will say it again I WAS NOT PAID TO GIVE MY TESTIMONIAL and I think the FBI would probably be investigating me if I were to make statements like that and it not be true. I do not think that my statements ever implied that I knew “everything” about ULG, but stated that I know everything about my situation with ULG. Which apparently Val you do not. Now I do not know if you are a disgruntled employee who was fired from ULG, but I do not really care Valerie. Because you are an absolutely liar to state that you know for a fact that I was paid. BECAUSE I WAS NEVER PAID OR OFFERED ANYTHING FOR MY TESTIMONIAL. Once again, I offered the testimonial and they took me up on the offer and offered to pay my flight down to Southern California. After I already agreed to go, they offered Disneyland for the day for my family. This once again was because they were not sure if they wanted to use my family in the testimonial or not and did not want long faces after sitting in a hotel room all day. Which is normal business practice. But I was already going to do the testimonial before they offered. So you can think I am idiot all you want and I really do not care, But it is better than being a liar Val, which you certainly are if you keep saying that ULG paid me. So you can say it as many times and as loud as you want because it is not going to make it true. Why didn’t the FBI or the FEDS shut them down for good Val? Basically because they apparently found no evidence other than maybe people like yourself that told them lies such as I was paid. Now I do not claim to know everything about ULG, but I apparently know more than you and I did not work there.

    Listen Val, it is apparent that there is nothing I can tell you that will make you believe me because you are hell bent on slandering ULG and my name at the same time. I do not pretend to know everything about ULG, but it is readily apparent that you pretend to know everything about me. So you believe what you need to believe Val. But the fact is that I was never at anytime offered anything in lieu of money or services if I gave a testimonial. Your just lying and that is that. I guess I would not be so bold to say so if what you were saying were true. I hope that the FBI has some other testimony other than yours because it is apparent that you are not creditable.

    Also Val, it was really childish and desperate for you to come on here and put an untrue posting in my name. I know it was you because it is obvious by the time stamp on it. You need grow up Valerie. But I am sure that is not the first time you have heard that.

  • John Wright

    Oh one more thing Val! For the record, if you were an employee Val for ULG, you were paid and not me…lol How long did you get paid Valerie before you felt bad? Until fired?

  • John Wright

    I wanted to say something else Val. On one hand you say I do not know what it is like there because I do not work for ULG. On the other hand you claim that I work for ULG. Which is it Val? You also asked the question why others are not coming forward on this. Well I really do not see many coming forward on here for your point either. ULG had thousands of customers and I do not see that represented on her either. Never the less, I am not here to speak for other people’s experience. I am simply here to speak of MY experience with United Law Group and support why I gave my testimonial. The truth is that I was a very angry customer with ULG and I went online and claimed that they were not really representing me. Because when I called my bank they told me that they never heard of ULG and that they were never contacted by ULG. Then I got a letter in the mail one day letter from Countrywide stating that they were contacted by ULG and that I was now represented by United Law Group. So my bank lied to me and I felt bad that I had just went online and made all these claims that United Law Group was not doing what they promised and now I had a letter sitting in front of me stating that they were doing what they promised. So I offered a testimonial because I felt bad about the whole thing. I was wrong. My testimonial was unscripted and they did not tell me what to say. I even mentioned in my testimonial that I was an angry customer at first. But I do not know why you think I am not tell you the truth about not being paid to give my testimonial. You say you know for a fact when there is no fact to know. You are just not being truthful or you were misinformed. Never the less, why would I go on the record about Disneyland and then lie about if I was paid or not? I was paid and I am not here to say what your experience was or was not with ULG. I do not now why you are attacking me or why you are cussing at me or entering blogs in my name that are not my comments. Actions like this do not reveal anything about me or my character, but reveal you and your character. Now I may not have experience working for ULG such as you, but I do now have experience with you in that you are not telling the truth in regards to having knowledge about me being paid and that you are the type of person who creates blogs in my name making untrue statements. Therefore I find everything you say about your experience with ULG to be suspect because of MY experience with YOU on here. I am sorry Val that you had such a horrible experience working for ULG, but it was not my fault and I do not know why you are taking it out on me. It is readily apparent by your statements that you were a disgruntled employee. It really is a double edge sword for you Val. Basically because if you say that you did not work for them for very long you could not have been there long enough to see if anyone got a loan modification. But the other side of the coin is that if you say that you were worked for them for a long time than you apparently were not as upset you and you claim and were collecting a check from ULG. The fact still remains that you were paid by ULG and I was not. You were an employee of ULG and I was not. Now I will say it again, I am not here to speak of your experience Val. I am here to speak of my experience and let people know that United Law Group was indeed speaking on my behalf with my bank. I have offered proof to anyone who wants it by offering to send you via email a copy of the letter from my bank that states that ULG was indeed representing me as they promised. I mentioned that my bank lied to me and it is my belief Val that the banks are probably lying to other ULG customers as well. Because that is my experience with my bank. It is my opinion that the banks are the ones that are not doing the modifications and not ULG. United Law Group can only move as fast as the bank moves. Therefore, it is the banks causing delay and drawing out the process and not ULG. People are more than welcome to come on here and speak about their experience if they want. But this was my experience Val and I am entitled to my opinion based on the facts that I found out about my bank lying to me. You make the claim that my experience can not be true because there is nobody else on here saying the same things as me. But Val, I also do not see the thousands of ULG customers on here representing your position either. I do see that one user here named “Fed Hinks” actually makes my point of ” TIME TO WAKE UP AND LOOK AT THE REAL PROBLEM and that’s the banks!!!” Other that than that I see two disgruntled employees. Where are the thousands of ULG customers that you speak of Val? Never the less, maybe there are thousands of upset customers, but I only know my experience and can only tell people what I went through. I will say it again “I have a letter here from my banker stating that ULG contacted them and were representing me” and I will gladly give a copy of it to anyone who requests to see it.

  • John Wright

    I wanted to clarify something. I run two companies and I work until midnight. I then come online to fight these false allegations in the early morning hours. By the time I wake up I am exhausted. I am usually so tired and warn out that I have not been proof reading my statements. So I apologize for any type errors (there are many) and statements like ” I was paid and I am not here to say what your experience was or was not with ULG.”…lol It is amazing how the whole thing changes if you miss one word…lol But what I meant to say is that “I was NOT paid and I am not here to say what your experience was or was not with ULG.” Let me be clear here and state that I was NEVER offered any money or paid by ULG. Neither would I have accepted it! In fact, they have not even asked me to come on here and comment. I am here to defend MY testimonial that stated that I was angry with ULG because Countrywide and BofA lied to me. Countrywide and BofA both told me that I was not represented and then I found out I was. I have the letter right here from Countrywide stipulating that fact. I would be happy to give a copy to anyone who wants it. I would be happy to give anyone a copy of my bank statement that states the day ULG charged my account and the date that Countrywide sent me the letter. It is MY experience that BofA and these too big to fail banks are lying to ULG customers. Or at least they lied to me.

    Val is a person who has taken out a posting in my name and pretended they are my statements. This would clearly display what kind of character Val is and show you that she is not creditable. She keeps saying that she “knows for a fact” that I was paid. Yet she has not proven anything here other than she is a dishonest person. The only thing she has proven is that she uses curse words and unethical means to mislead people. She is also trying to mislead you by saying I was paid for my testimonial. She has ruined the integrity of this page. Now we will never know if the statements on here are from real people or from Val. She is just not creditable and I think everyone here can see that.

    It is my hopes that we can eventually start talking about what the real problem is with these modifications. Which is these too big to fail banks like BofA.

    Thank you and God bless,
    John Wright

  • Josie

    I am loosing my home, i will have to get rid of my 2 dogs, my husband and I will live in a trailer while my kids live inside at my fathers house, thanks to ULG .They told us to stop paying our mortgage, as it is better to get a modification that way. Then we were hit with a forclosure notice so I called ULG and they said sorry we tried and that was it, they took 3500.00 from us and have never returned my phone calls or emails, I have contact the BBB, but whats that going to do, get my money back, my house back, my life back, no, I hope they feel good at night. My life will never be the same.

  • Josie

    Oh, and I had two gentleman call (in which i have everything written down that they said), their names were Rene and Gilbert who was supervisor and when i called back to talk to them some weeks later they were never available, I still have everything that was sent to us, and all the documentation and correspondence, thats states ULG will help, so i just think it’s funny (well not really) that here we sit almost homeless thanks again ULG, maybe you will now send me to Disneyland!!

  • Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson said in 1802
    ‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..’

  • JW

    Listen Josie, my heart really goes out to you. There was a lump in my throat when I read how you lost your home. Even though some of the BofA reps tell me that I have been approved for a loan modification, I have also been told by BofA that I am disqualified. It just depends on what day I call in. In fact, they even sent me a letter in the mail stating that they have “intent to accelerate foreclosing” on me. Then I was told in the same day to ignore the BofA letter and that it was a mistake. So I might not be too far behind you in regards to losing my house Josie. But my situation is much different than yours. For example, in my first contact with ULG they told me the opposite. They stated “We can not tell you not pay your mortgage.” and “We can not guarantee that you will get a loan modification.” It is unfortunate that this Rene or Gilbert told you not to pay your mortgage. I only hope that you could not get a hold of them because they were fired for telling people that.

    I am so sorry that happened to you Josie. I would pay for your way to Disneyland if I had the money. Unfortunately I am a million bucks shy of being a millionaire right now and I might also be losing my house. God Bless you for what you have been through and thank you for sharing your story here.

    God Bless

    John Wright

  • warning

    This site refuses ignores my request to remove the comment under my name that I have reported to them that is not me. Therefore, there integrity of this site is in question.

  • James

    I just found this site after reading about the principal reductions being considered by mortgage holders. I read some links about United Law Group and am commenting because I spoke to them last year and decided not to use their services. If I recall, they were asking for $5000 upfront to file some paperwork that would delay my foreclosure process. I was concerned because they could not guarantee that they would be able to file in time (it was the weekend and the auction was on Monday at noon), also they could not guarantee that the filing would block the foreclosure. I decided not to spend the money and my house was foreclosed.
    Since going through the whole process, I am really glad that the big banks are being sued. I think that people don’t realize how badly the banks have harmed the economy through their actions. I’m an economist and my understanding of what the causes and effects are/were focuses blame on the banks. They should pay, and so far they haven’t.

  • scammedbyULG

    Say, all … I, too, was scammed by United Law Group. They told me to stop making payments (I wasn’t very late yet) and they told me they could modify my loan so it would be more affordable. I paid them upfront, too. They seemed great and really professional for a few weeks. Then, the next thing you know I’m getting letters and calls from the lender. When I called ULG to talk to my attorney, they wouldn’t let me and wouldn’t even tell me who my attorney was! Then they started giving me the run around. They told me a better way would be to do a bankruptcy for thousands more dollars! Soon they wouldn’t answer my calls or emails. Once they get your money, they may or may not do anything at all on your file. That is obvious, because they became difficult to even contact once I paid them and got my package started.

    As for John Wright, I imagine it’s possible that ULG started working on his package. And now that he’s so publicly out there for them, they definitely WILL do all they can on his. In fact, they probably do actually start work on some of them – Or maybe all of them right in the beginning they send something to the lenders and then see if some of them work easily. But if they don’t, you just get abandoned. Look, there is only one attorney listed for ULG with the State Bar (Robert Buscho) and his state bar record is terrible. The other guy, Sean Rutledge, was there and now isn’t even allowed to practice law. Now I think I’ve read that ULG claims to be the biggest attorney group taking on all these banks … and doing bankruptcies, and class action lawsuits, and house modifications and car modifications and ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!! I think Ohio is suing them. People from all over the country that have gotten burned by them have written so many heart wrenching stories from all over the country about them. Do you really think Robert Buscho, all by himself, can deal with all these thousands of modifications and cars and foreclosures and class action lawsuits and bankruptcies? And how can they afford that beautiful expensive office from the pictures and all those kids that work there at smoozing all the angry callers? (I think I’ve read somewhere there are like 100 employees there) By charging hundreds of people $1,500 – $7,000 or more, sending a couple sheets of paper to their lenders and then never doing a think on their file again except to try to get people to pay MORE money to them for a bankruptcy!

    John Wright is one of the very, very few lucky ones. ULG is working on his case because he’s public now and they need the PR, whether they paid him or if he sincerely believes they are good and legitimate. But if you’re not one of the lucky handful, you will just be sending your probably borrowed 3 or 4 thousand dollars to a scam mill. BEWARE of ULG. They cost me everything and chances are really high they will you, too.

  • lionel joe

    I kind of feel like John Wright is …Damian.

  • John Wright

    Thank you for being respectful and fair with your statements on 04/05/10. If all that you said is true, you are right that I was very lucky. However, I feel you were wrong to conclude that ULG was only representing me because of any potential publicity. This is because I received the Countrywide letter stating that they were representing me well before my testimonial offer. In fact, it was during a time that I was angry with ULG when Countrywided lied and said they were not representing me. I would like to agree with you that ULG might have been hiring kids though. I am not sure of this fact, but it would certainly explain the immature comments and actions of those out here who say they used to work for ULG. I have to admit that some of Val’s words (curssing) and actions (using my name in a posting) were more like a gum smacking teenager in high school. Never the less, thank you for being respectful. Thank you for also giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    In regards to Lionel Joe’s statement: Come on Lionel! You think this why? Just because? I am not sure if you really believe that or if you are just trying to get people to think that. As far as this person named Damian, I would think that he would be smart enough to use a fake name and not mine. Why would ULG jeopardize a nice testimonial that I gave them? For record, the only proof here that someone would take out a posting in my name………is by an x-ULG employee named Val. I guess I could say the same thing about you and claim that I feel that you are Val. But I am sorry that you feel that way. It is not true.

  • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

    This law firm has two class actions pendings against United Law Group, Rutledge and the other crooks there. http://www.lakeshorelaw.org

    Under California law, every client who was recruited by ULG’s “cappers” is entitled to a full refund. Contact the law firm for more details. A capper is a telemarketer paid a commission to recruit clients for ULG. It is a crime.

  • sara carson

    how come they are still up and running? anyone know if what they are curently doing is illegal? they say they are putting people in calss action law suits and filing bankrupcy. how are they still operating and when if ever will any arrests be made?

  • Anonymous

    never seen so much obfuscated, cross-posted and misleading information. must be the govt because only they have the money (yours and mine) to protect white-collar criminals.

  • GH21

    Well I am one that has been scammed too. ULG asked for $3200.00 up front to modify my loan. They said they can reduce my intrest down to 4% this was 4/09 and I asked if I should make my mortgage payments. They said if I do it would hurt my chances of negotiations with my lender. So I went 2 more months and asked what was going on now. I asked again about payments and got the same answer as before. Come August I started getting letters saying I am in the process of forclosure if I don’t make my payments. Come November I got my notice. So I called my lender and askedSa if they had anything on file of talking to ULG. They said the only thing they got was in April when they stated for modification, that was the only help I got from ULG. They did not follow through on any negotiations with my lender at all. Ulg said in Dec to file for emergency bankruptcy to hold off sale of my home. So I paniced and sent them another $2000 then I looked up Chapter 7&13 and seen that they did nothing but keep me in my house just a couple months more, that was it. So I called them the next day and told them I didn’t want the bankruptcy and would like my $2000 back since I didn’t file yet. They still have my money to this day and won’t return my phone calls. I keep getting sent to someone different every time to resolve the issue. They say it can take 90 days to resolve it. Its been 5 months, now I have to find an attourney to file a law suit. The sad thing I looked them up on the BBB before I hired them and they had a C+, I figured that wasn’t to bad for a national company. Now you look them up it is a “F”. Save your money and don’t hire the ulg contact your lender yourself, you have a much better chance to save your home, I lost mine because of the ulg. I never missed a mortgage payment until hiring them. Now me and my family lost a wonderful home. The only reason they tell you not to contact your lender when you hire them is because they don’t want you to find out they are really not negotiating at all. And then its to late.

  • It’s a FISH

    It looks like they have claimed another victim. This one is in Colorado and the United Law Group took these homeowners for over $10,000.


    COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A couple said they spent more than $10,000 to save their house from foreclosure, but ended up losing their home and their money. Gene Steele helped build his 33,000 square foot house in Fremont County, a dream home for him and his wife. When the economy went south, they were unable to make their mortgage payments. They were contacted by attorneys from “United Law Group,” a California-based company that promised to help them get a better loan with a better interest rate.

    “They needed paperwork, they needed bank statements, tax returns,” said Steele. “We got calls from them stating everything is going fine.”

    But that was far from true, something Steele learned when he came home to find an eviction notice. He called the county assessors office.

    “They said, ‘your house has been sold,'” said Steele. “Our attorneys never got in touch with us, we could never get a hold of them after that.”

    The Steeles aren’t the only ones who got taken in. United Law Group has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau and hundreds of complaints for fraud.


  • The Truth Hurts

    The Story about the Colorado people is truly sad. It’s unfortunate that people don’t understand the nature of the process they are entering into. A loan modification is a negotiation. No law firm can guarantee that a loan modification will be granted. Why? Because a negotiation involves effort from not only the law firm but also THE BANKS!!! Get it yet. From the Colorado persons own statement it appears that their law firm was working on their file, why else would they gather documents? I can tell you why because the banks require them. If this person lost their home why not look at their lender. Ask the law firm for proof they worked on your file. I know it’s not a comforting thought to know that spending all that money and hiring a lawyer doesn’t guarantee an outcome, but it doesn’t. As a former bank employee, I can tell you they intentionally loose files, tell people they don’t qualify for loan modifications, even though they do, and engage in all kinds of sleazy conduct. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely bad lawyers out there, but THE BANKS are the ones stealing your homes. Scapegoating lawyers is an easy and bank-approved way to shift the blame away from the lenders. We were told to tell people calling about their loan mods that they had been scammed by either their lawyer or loan mod firm, even though we had no proof they had. In many cases, we actually had received letters from their lawyers but we were told by our supervisors to shred them. This is Bank Policy and has been since 2008 when I started working for a major bank handling delinquent mortgages. Sorry, but the Truth Hurts.

  • jojo

    This place was a boiler room. It took more money and gave less results. I saw how the leads came in on a computer and the employees would try to get 10% of what the note was for from the homeowner. Ten per cent of that, in turn, became the employees commision for closing the deal. Some of the leads came from an off-shore call center. The whole thing reaked.

  • Get a grip

    Anyone who thinks that the bank are “the problem” is an idiot. I worked for a company contracted by ULG. We were the people that got people to sign up with ULG. I certainly didn’t think anything of it becuz my husband and I paid ULG for their “services”. We, in fact were told to tell people in a round about way to stop paying your mortgage beuz the bank wouldn’t even consider you if u weren’t late. My mom dropped off our paperwork at the ULG office resulting in my being scolded for doing that. I was told we r not supposed to stop by the office. Red flag #1. The only way I could do any follow up was to check my account status on the ULG site. I printed out the page that stated we SHOULD NOT talk to our lender becuz they would not consider us if we did so. Red flag #2. Then we received our notice I called ULG and they said, not to worry, it was normal and part of the process. I emailed Sean Rutledge with a very frantic email. The criminal called me and begin talking to me like he was insulted. Then he assured me he would keep an eye on my file. Not long after, our home was sold at auction while a ULG “negotiator” told us we had nothing to worry about…….SEAN RUTLEDGE IS GOING TO HELL and so are all the horrible people who knowingly allowed people to lose their homes. BofA wasn’t any better. I hope the entire higher tier of B of A executives loses their homes and has horrible karma. Not bitter, just extremely disappointed and disgusted with the human race. John Wright, just shut up and deposit your pay off check.

  • ULG Ruined my life

    The only thing more depressing that what happened to the victums of ULG is what Damian (satanic owner) did to themployees. he is the master of spin and lies. he had all employees convinced they were saving houses and then not only did he steal from the clients but he ROBBED his employees blind and kept 90% of all the money made. over 36 X employees have judgments aginst him. My friend was there from the begining. Damia Kutzner owes him $24,000.00 for two years worth of work. h elost his house and his wife and kid left him. damian is the master of tax evasion. having a $6000,000.00 lean against him from the FTC AND EMBEZZLING OVER 30 MILLON TAX FREE FROM 6 CORPERATIONS!

  • Cassandra Kellams

    I am going on the record to warn people of my experience with ULG and my experinence was HELL…I was told not to pay my mortgage, so I did not. I tried calling in for update/status for my modification, and could not get through as the answering service “stated due to our high call volume, call back in an hour.” I went round and round trying to get a hold of a live body to give me an update.

    I received a “Notice of Intent to Sell” immediately, I phoned the ULG and could not get through, and therefore I called my lender “CitiMortgage” and they worked with me, and I completed my modfication on my own. I did not receive any type of run around with CitiMortgage. In fact the lady who helped me and they were many, she told me the only thing she received from the ULG was a letter that I had retained them for the modification process.

    I later phoned back and finally got through to some gal who would not give me her name, who said I was in breach of contract. I replied “FUCK YOU,AND THIS ULG COMPANY” I am not losing my home…and I did not lost my home..If I would have waited on the ULG I would have wound up homeless.

    I immediately phoned State Bar of California and filed a complaint against Sean Rutledge. I invite all of you to go the State Bar of California, in the search engine type Sean Rutlege, the complaints are readily to be printed of exactly the events that have taken place, where he can no longer practice in the State of California.

    If we all work together and one person makes on phone call or send a letter, to every State Bar within the United States we can make it known for the wrong doing that has taken place, and may be we all can get some sleep at night knowing we worked together for the good of society.

    In sum, Do not take anything for face value, always trust your intuition and it will guide you and not steer you in harms way.

    Please contact me if you like.


  • Tony

    My wife and I took the time off from work to drive down to ULG to find out about our case since they don’t answer any calls. I have alot of numbers for them and they are either not working, or the voicemail box is full. Doesn’t matter what time of the day I call no one ever answers the phone. The day we went we saw a young man there talking on his cell and my wife went up to ask him if he knew anything about the law firm. He said he used to work there and had been trying to get his paycheck that they owed him. He told us that the law firm had file bankruptcy and pretty much everybody quit. My wife almost fainted in the car from all the stress. The kid had told us that there was some other company in there that had nothing to do with law and that they were renting space. If anybody has any ideas of what we can do now please email us


  • Just founf out I’m not te only one

    OMG!!! thought this was only happening to me! Everyhing I have read about the other victims has happened to me!!! I retained their services over 15 months ago and sill just the full voicemail boxes an all xtensions go to the same box. Please, if anyone is interested in putting together a class lawsuit, I’m in!!!!!!!!!!!! I am conacting the Bar in th morning. I encourag all of you to o the same! Letts nail their *#@!!!!!!!


    I’m with you on that one girl !!! I have lost my home on false promises from Mr.Buscho. We were referred to him in April just after the raid apparently.We were messed up in the Countrywide/B of A mess and then apparently our loan was sold off again and we were never given any forclosure notice until the Marshal locked us out in August. I went on line to find out what I could do regarding this situation with the State Bar and found this website. So glad I did. Sending in my complaint this weekend.

  • Private Investigator

    Wouldn’t you guess it.. these guys are all playing the “change the name of this company and move” game.. They closed down and moved their original company and are now calling it Ameripride Tax Group. One of the same owners of Kirkland Green “Kenny Epstein” just so happens to be a registered owner for Ameripride TaxGroup, LLC. They’ve additionally hired United Law Group’s Ex Directors Jarred Bocachica and Torrin Buller as well as all the sales employees approximately 65 commissioned sales staff after ULG got shut down in a FBI raid in March of 2010. There is additionally public record of a Lawsuit United Law Group is in against Kenny Epstein and all the previous Managers and Directors of United Law Group Jarred Bocachica, Torrin Buller, Jaime Esperaza and others. I guess the attorneys are upset that these scammers move from place to place and leave the bag in someone elses hand. See for yourself online at the superior court website at: https://ocapps.occourts.org/civilwebShopping/DisplayCaseInformation.do?caseNbr=30-2010 00376488&caseYear=&source=case_src_dtl#top_page
    Click accept Then type in the case number 30-2010-00376488 (This case shows Kenny Epstein as one of the owners of Kirkland Green and additionally Jarred Boccachica and Torrin Buller ex Manager/Directors of United Law Group) (Google “Kirkland Green Scam” and a lot of complaints comes up about these scammers. Here are just a few) http://getoutofdebt.org/16803/kirkland-green-review http://www.ripoffreport.com/Search/Company/KIRKLAND-GREEN.aspx http://getoutofdebt.org/18190/kirkland-green-scam-complaint-or-praise http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-954-6493
    I hope everyone does their homework before doing business with what seems to be a “New” Tax settlement company on paper but is actually just seems to be another scam, ran by the same scammers as Kirkland Green and United Law Group. I went to the California Secretary Of State California http://kepler.ss.ca.gov/cbs.aspx and pulled up Ameripride Tax Group and Kenny Epstein (Owner of Kirkland Green) is listed as the owner of Ameripride Tax Group. This is a typical scam companies do to wipe the slate clean and gather in a new set of victims with a brand new image! Buyer Beware! Make sure you do your own research before you choose to do business with these guys! It makes no sense how Ripoff Report and BBB has a F rating on Kirkland Green and United Law Group, But now under there new name Ameripride Tax Group, LLC they have a A- rating. That will only last so long until people catch on.. Everyone looking for the “Compliance Maangers” or those involved in United Law Group should call Ameripride Tax Group, LLC. ..

  • Ismael Racet

    Por favor si me pudieran responder, estoy en una insertidumbre, realize contrato con el grupo de ULG de California, me declare en bancarrota y tambien solicite una modifidacion de mortgage, al principio la atencion brindada por ellos fue muy buena, pero los meses han pasado y no veo solucion a mis casos, he tenido que acudir a corte por las tarjetas de credito, y ni siquiera al juez le han enviado toda la documentacion referente a mi caso, he enviado varios email y he realizado varias llamadas telefonicas y sin recibir respuesta y no dan opcion a dejar mensajes, ya estamos a 12 de Octubre y aun no he recibido respuesta, por favor ayudenme, soy un padre de familia y mi salario esta muy bajo.

  • Ismael Racet

    Realize el pago de la Bancarrota y la modificacion del mortgage fueron $ 3 000.00, $ 1500.00 por cada caso y si me han estafado los voy a demandar con el gobierno para que se dejen de estar abusando de los infelices que cobran pocos salarios y se aprovechan de las necesidades de los clientes,

  • j bristol

    My wife & I were also victims of these dirty scum of the earth scam artist’s .
    Before the sale the they were awseome. Great customer service very attentive. Then after we signed up it took hours just to get a live person on the phone.
    WE were told by Torren one of they’re sales people & I quote.

    “Most of the time we take money from a distressed home owner it is the very last money they have to they’re names, & we take that very seriously.” Well that did it for me I was sold . We paid them $3,800.00 back in Sep 2008 to do a loan mod & principal reduction . Torren told us that the legal standard was set by a case that the bank would have to legally reduce our mortage principal by at least 50% or current market value. He even provided us a copy of a case where they did get this done for a homeowner.

    After we paid WE tried contacting them by phone & it usually took over an hour just to get a hold of a live person. We were told that everything was fine & going acording to plan.

    Then after Obama got elected we were told that his new policys stoped the principal reductions from happening.

    finally we got a letter from the bank that stated the home was going to be auctioned.

    Now if you happened to be an owner of UGL or just a salesman worked for these guys & profited from the scam or are just some guy who helped them wreck other peoples lives by standing up for them & making testimonials after the fact you are destined to a life of disapointment & bad luck because Karma is commin after you guys in a very big way.

  • corey

    John Wright speaks the truth about ULG and how the banks %&**^ them. The raid by the feds saved the banks tens of millions in loan mods. When the feds took all their open files it made it impossible to follow through with the modifications. Dont blame ULG for not being able to save your homes, The banks are the ones responsible for forclosure and stand to make tens of billions off the losses of all of you, and possibly millions in ULGs clients alone. The one thing ULG did wrong, was thinking it could take on BofA and country wide in a class action law suit. Just after the suit was granted the feds raided them severly cripling their ability to continue with pending loan modifications. Good news is the banks can now lower their intrest rates with their newly aquired wealth. Bad news is now you dont qualify for the lower rates so if you need a loan your rates will be much higher because you’ve defaulted.The banks are rejoicing in their spoils of defaulted loans. My advice is to take what litte money you have and buy stock in BofA, I hear they are doing very well on the market.

  • John D

    I have been struggling for the last couple of years to keep my home, I catch up and fall behind again on my mortgage and the economy is just not getting better for me. I have tried everything, to no avail. I started trying to work with my lender (WAMU now Chase) back in 2008. I attempted to work with chase and grew frustrated that after one year of sending and resending paperwork and them losing they denied my modification. I was in the exact same position as when I first contacted them. After all the frustration of trying to work with them, I thought I had found the answer when I came across United Law Group. Anthony was very helpful at first and told me that they could help me. He took my information over the phone and “Qualified ” me for a loan modification. He told me that I qualified, but after my experience with Chase on me to work with them I was skeptical at best. Anthony re-assured me and told me that the difference between “ULG” and others was that they were going to file a class action lawsuit against my lender and use that as leverage to modify my loan. HE SOLD ME, I paid my fee and that is when the nightmare started. after months of no return calls or emails I finally got ahold of someone. By this point i was looking for a refund, they told me that the reason I did not get a modification was that I had too much credit card debt and needed to enroll in “Debt Settlement”, since i was mad at their lack of customer service, to “make it up to me” they would give me a discount on that service, that they also provided, told me that they had addressed their issues and “moving forward” they would not happen again. I GOT SOLD AGAIN!!! A few months later I called to get an update, their phones were no longer working, panicking i went on line and found out that they had been raided by the FTC, FBI, the BAR, I found out that the major reason they got shut down is that they promised thousands of people (myself included) that they would sue my bank and NEVER FILED ONE CASE. needless to say I am still in the same situation except I am out thousands of dollars and i am still struggling to make my mortgage payment. I am still trying to save my house, that is when i heard about Brookstone Law and that they were suing the banks. I contacted Brookstone and imagine my surprise when I the phone on the other end was familiar to me, It was Anthony!! the same person from ULG who i had first spoken to a year and a half earlier and never returned my call while he was at ULG. I did a search of Brookstone Law and found out that it is the SAME PEOPLE AS ULG, THE SAME ATTORNEY (The one that did not get disbarred) and the same person orchestrating a new SCAM , mastermind behind ULG. I feel silly enough to have been fooled by them twice. I WILL NOT BE FOOLED AGIAN! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

  • Matt

    I also am from Colorado Springs and was scammed by these vampires! They did not take $10,000.00 from me like the other family but they got me for $2,000.00 All of you who are blaming the banks and BofA are morons! As yes I’m sure they are not helping the situation but the FACTS are in the evidence! Look at the bar reports and everything else! ULG did NOTHING for thier clients except take thier money that they desperately needed but entrusted it in ULG in hopes that they would have a more affordable house payment! Well that’s all you can do is HOPE when you have a lawfirm that collects paperwork and documents from you to make it look like they are doing something when in FACT they are NOT! I contacted my bank to see if they have EVER recieved ANYTHING from a law firm called United Law Group! Thier response “No sir we have not.” So I want to know is there anything that myself as well as that other family can do to get our money back at this point in time? I noticed on a comment someone else left that in the State of California ULG’s “recruiting techniques” were ILLEGAL and anyone in the state of California was entitled to a FULL refund! Well what about people in other States? Where do we start? I would LOVE to have my $2,000 back as I desperately need it? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Chris

    I can not better say about what has happened with all of us that gave our hard earned money to ULG and what we ended up with as of late. I can say it was 3,500 dollars taken from me for the inital contact of ULG to help me. Later… no progress after many calls to them. Then I was told it was best to file bankruptcy and gave them another 1,500. I worked on the paperwork they initally sent me for filing bankruptcy for 6 weeks straight. When I called them later to find out why I never got a reply back after sending them 81 pages of paperwork, I was told my paperwork was sent to the wrong person and that another person was to help me? Then I called and called and only got the answer to resend the paperwork to ULG. I mailed it to the CA office return receipt. Got the return receipt back showing someone signed for it but never got word back from them since. I have depression and let me say…all this was happening to me when I was taking a full load in college and eventually I got very sick. When I finally made contact I was told to help ULG file some kind of Hamp paperwork and I refused to do so. The person whos name I have but do not want to share on here in case I can help further down the line… I recorded about 40 minutes of the conversation, showing how he was being beligerant with me when I did not agree with what he was saying. . I get by now all of us have received the card stating that ULG has a suit file against them. So… I am sorry for all of us. May the man upstairs help us forgive but never forget what they did and why I can only guess.??? TY

  • http://www.lakeshorelaw.org Jeffrey Wilens

    The Orange County (California) Superior Court has approved a class action against United Law Group. A judgment should be entered in September 2011. The lawyer suing is trying to collect on the judgment and then the Court will decide how to allocate any funds that are recovered. See http://www.lakeshorelaw.org and click on United Law Group link.

  • Thomas G Wright

    Fed Hinks,

    I gave them 2000 and at the end of the 6 months they told me I might as well file bankrupt and I never heard from them again. This was a big a.. scam and I need a refund just like many more. I trusted them, and that was a mistake that i learned from.