A notorious Orange County, California loan modification law firm was raided by the FBI, Irvine Police and several other government agencies this afternoon in Irvine. 

The law firm and lawyers are no strangers to trouble. The United Law Firm and its two attorneys, Robert Buscho, Bar No. 122556 and Sean Rutledge, Bar No. 255938 were under investigation by the California State Bar this past year. Rutledge later surrendered his law license under increasing pressure from the weight of the investigation.

California Bar Interim Chief Trial Counsel Russell Weiner said this in September, “The number of attorneys using their law licenses to essentially take money from unwary but trusting consumers is astounding,” Weiner added. “There are literally thousands of victims who have lost money they could not afford to lose. Under the circumstances, the need for public information and protection is paramount.” 

Photos were taken at 2525 Campus Drive, Irvine, CA, 60 minutes ago by Randall Marquis.

The United Law Group was located in Irvine, but had advertised loan modification legal services nation wide. On the law firms website (that is still active) only lawyer Robert Buscho is listed as an attorney but the same web-page claims, “With corporate offices in NY, CA and FL, United Law Group has attorneys in all 50 states supporting our bankruptcy and litigation clients nationwide.”

It is unknown at this time if any arrests were made during the police raid.

California consumers having a problem with the attorney handling their loan modification may contact the State Bar at 1-800-843-9053 or visit the State Bar’s Web site at www.calbar.ca.gov to find a complaint form.

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