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US, Germany Leading Economic Recovery, But Europe Still Weak Eds: Amends Countries in Graf 4

(Source Alvise Armellini dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT) –  Paris/Brussels (dpa) – Risks of an economic meltdown have receded, mainly due to improved prospects in the United States and Germany, but most of Europe is still vulnerable, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Thursday.

EU’s Rehn Confident on Eurozone Recovery, Talks Up Eurobonds Plans

Paris/Brussels (Source: Alvise Armellini dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT)) – The European Union’s top economic official on Tuesday talked up the eurozone’s chances of economic recovery and expressed cautious support for eurobonds, which Germany staunchly opposes.

BRIEF: EU Grant to Benefit SPRING Programme

AMMAN ––(Source: Jordan Times (MCT) –  Planning and International Cooperation Minister Jafar Hassan on Saturday said the European Union’s (EU) 70-million-euro grant to Jordan, which is included in the 3-billion-euro assistance package, will go to the Support for Partnership, Reform and Inclusive Growth (SPRING) programme.

FEATURE: European fiscal woes set to dominate G20 meeting in Mexico Eds: G20 meeting begins Saturday

Mexico City (Source: Andre Stahl dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT)) – European Union leaders will likely call for a substantial increase in the funds available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) when finance ministers from the world’s 20 biggest economies meet at the weekend in Mexico City.

BRIEF: Eurozone Economic Sentiment Slides Unexpectedly in February

Berlin (Source Andrew McCathie dpa, Hamburg, Germany (MCT)) – The economic mood in the eurozone posted a surprise fall in February, dampening hopes that the downturn in the 17-member currency bloc would be relatively shortlived, a key survey released Wednesday showed.

Stock Pickers Topping S&P 500

(Source Boston Herald) – At the risk of tempting fate, we think it’s fair to say the stock market has advanced at a steady, gentle pace so far this year. We haven’t seen the wild gyrations of last August or the stomach-churning drops of the Great Recession. The economic recovery has been slow, but it […]

European Debt Crisis, High Unemployment Threaten to Slow Down Global Economy

(Arab News, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) – JEDDAH: Countries throughout the world will experience an economic slowdown this year as the sovereign debt crisis in Europe continues to unfold, according to a UN report that also warns that governments must urgently address high unemployment rates, particularly among youth.