NJ Senator Menendez Expresses How Further Funding For Federal Sandy Relief In NJ Will Help Prevent Future Disasters

(Source: Senator Robert Menendez) -- U.S. Senators Robert Menendez and Frank R. Lautenberg (both D-N.J.) yesturday applauded the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarding of $30.6 million in federal Sandy relief to begin beach replenishment on Long Beach Island.

In December, Senator Menendez led a delegation of U.S Senators from around the country through Long Beach Island to demonstrate the value of federally funded beach replenishment projects.

“One of the points we emphasized during our fight for federal Sandy relief was the need for engineered beaches that would better protect beach community properties during future storms,” said Senator Menendez, who helped lead the New Jersey delegation in the fight for federal Sandy relief. “As we look forward to welcoming beachcombers back to the Jersey Shore this summer, I am heartened that we are taking this significant step forward in rebuilding New Jersey better and stronger than before Superstorm Sandy. And I am committed to continuing the fight for federal resources to keep New Jersey on the road to our real, long term recovery.”

“When Superstorm Sandy hit our shores, we saw firsthand how critical Army Corps projects protected communities in Long Beach Island.  Our efforts to renourish Long Beach Island’s beaches will go a long way toward protecting more residents in the future,” said Senator Lautenberg, a member of the Appropriations Committee and co-author of the Sandy relief bill.  “As New Jersey continues to recover and rebuild from Sandy’s devastation, this project is one of many that will help us come back stronger than ever.  We’ll keep fighting to ensure New Jersey is well-equipped to handle any future disaster.”

The Army Corps' Philadelphia District awarded a $30.6 million contract to Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company on April 24th to restore the previously constructed segments of the project along Long Beach Island. Work involves placing approximately 3 million cubic yards of sand to rebuild engineered beaches within the Boroughs of Harvey Cedars, Surf City and Brant Beach in Long Beach Township. In addition to beachfill, work includes the replacement of dune crossovers, sand fencing, and the replanting of dune grasses.

The project is currently scheduled to begin prior to the end of May, with construction beginning in Harvey Cedars and Brant Beach, and then moving on to Surf City. Construction is expected to last approximately 120 days once begun in Harvey Cedars, 100 days in Brant Beach and then 60 days in Surf City after the completion of work in Harvey Cedars.

The entire project is scheduled to be complete by the end of October 2013.

Because of language the Senators added to the Sandy relief bill, the Corps is rebuilding these projects back to “design” conditions instead of “pre-storm” conditions.  This means that they will be built to be stronger than they were before the storm.

Work on Long Beach Island is part of a larger effort to restore projects damaged by Hurricane Sandy. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' New York and Philadelphia Districts are placing approximately 16 million cubic yards of sand to restore beaches in New Jersey.

The Army Corps of Engineers is carrying out this near-term coastal restoration work through two statutory authorities, one previously existing and one that is new since Hurricane Sandy through the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 (Public Law 113-2), which included more than $5 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers.  These authorities allow USACE to repair and restore previously constructed coastal storm risk reduction projects impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Source: Senator Robert Menendez

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