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This is the LoanSafe loan modification resource guide. This page is dedicated to help educate you about the loan modification process with free articles, videos, podcasts and links to free help.

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What is a loan modification?

This is also referred to as a loan workout and it is when your current lender agrees to modify (change the terms) of your existing mortgage in order for you to afford the monthly payments and avoid foreclosure. When they modify your loan, this means you still have your original mortgage, but that your servicer either lowered your interest rate so you now can afford your monthly payments and or placed any late payments that you may owe on to the principal balance (the total amount owed on the loan).

In most all cases, your mortgage servicer will generally only lower the interest rate and possibly extend the term of your loan. Principle reductions rarely happen. So, if you’re just looking to knock your $500,000 mortgage down to $300,000 because that is all your home is worth, you need to understand that it’s probably never going to happen!

It is really as simple as that! The most difficult part of obtaining one is dealing with your uncooperative mortgage servicer and going through the long, crazy and drawn out process which may take from 6 months up to 2-3 years. Yes, I have seen some homeowners fight for meaningful mortgage help for 3 years and some are still fighting. You need to get educated and what you need to do most is prepare yourself mentally for one the biggest and longest fights of your life because your mental state as a huge factor on if you will be successful or not.

How do I know if I qualify?

A mortgage modification generally occurs when both parties (borrower and lender) to a problem loan mutually agree to workout the issues by creating new and better loan terms. The hope is that the new improved mortgage will enable to the borrower to meet their obligations and avoid foreclosure.

The determining factors that your lender will look at are:

  1. Nature of Hardship Causing Your Mortgage Problems
  2. Ability to pay
  3. Amount Owed
  4. Equity in the property
  5. Future financial situation
  6. What is better for them? To foreclose or pursue a loan workout with you and or modify your loan. Meaning which approach will best benefit the lender in the long run.

Bottom line, you have to have the ability to pay and some income coming in. If you don’t, then most likely your lender will suggest a short sale.


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