Many homeowners who go through the foreclosure process are terrified.  The fear of the unknown and what comes next has many homeowners suffering from sleepless nights and nightmarish days.  This is one of the top five stresses that any one person can go through in their lives.

Trying to find answers on the Internet can be a daunting task. In these rough economic times, you simply do not know who to trust and what websites to visit to find answers to your debt problems. Please do not fear because is a pioneer on the mortgage front by giving out FREE mortgage help to struggling homeowners for the past three years.  Our forum has well over 30,000 members with thousands of people sharing their hard luck loan stories every week. 

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  •  We are often asked in the forum, “How long can I live in my house after foreclosure?

The facts are, time is not on your side.  However, you may be able to negotiate time to stay in your house for 30, 60 and if you are real lucky, up to 90 days after foreclosure.  You would first have to negotiate this with your mortgage servicer or with the law firm handling the sale of your home.  It is not automatic and you would be have to be very proactive in getting this type of deal. A lot of luck also comes into play when attempting to buy time in your home. 

If you simply do nothing, you may have from three to five days after your home is sold at foreclosure auction to vacate the premises. It really depends on how fast your mortgage servicer acts and how fast the sheriff drives your front door.

I have seen many people over the last three years negotiate to stay in their homes for up to a few months.  Most people are able to get at least two weeks or a month and in some cases, they are successful at negotiating cash for keys.  This is when your mortgage servicer will pay you to get out of your home. Who knows, maybe if you are proactive in the process, you can stay in your home for up to a couple months and get a $1000-$2000 to walk away.

People who do nothing and stick their heads in the sand, always seem get grounded up in the foreclosure wheels.  So, how long you can stay in your house after foreclosure really depends on what you do to buy time and influence people.

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