Many people ask me, “How can I determine the value of a mobile home?’ and I tell them, “The best thing to do is to call a local Realtor experienced in manufactured home sales or follow these simple steps below.”

You definitely do not have to pay or buy a book to see how much your home is worth!

There are a few ways to find a mobile home blue book value free and there is no need to purchase a book that you’ll wind up using once, then tossing in the trash. There are several ways to determine how much any manufactured house is worth, not just one.

The blue book value of a mobile home is exactly what it sounds like a numerical value found in a book. Much like Kelly Blue Book is to cars. However, if you own the land and it is permanently attached to its foundation, then the blue book method will not be as accurate since the value of land and its permanent feature add significant value to your home. In this case, it is best to call a local Realtor who specializes in these types of properties or a local appraiser.

In the past, there were multiple books. Today, there is only one book that contains the blue book value of mobile homes. It is called the N.A.D.A. Manufactured Housing Appraisal Guide. This guide is what the professionals use to determine the value of a mobile or manufactured home.

There are several methods used to calculate values. But in general, the criteria may include geographic location, make, model, size and age of the home in question.

Even if you can access this manual, it is advisable to have a professional local appraiser do the job for you. The formula for calculating the value of your property can be quite complicated and several factors some into play when trying to determine the value of your mobile home. The age of your home plays a huge roll and it also depends on trends in your local housing market. Mobile homes do not usually appreciate in value, but this is not a hard and fast rule but rather a more general one.

The majority of mobile home lenders like Green Tree require the book value when it comes to financing for these type of mortgages.

You can also call your local bank to see if they can offer you a free property valuation in hopes of refinancing. Banks generally use the appraisal guide for manufactured house loans because they require certain percentages of money down or equity, called loan to value ratio.

Start talking to a local real estate agents to get a free mobile home comparative market analysis or (CMA). This is really one of the very best and free options. If you are thinking of selling, the Realtor can see with their own eyes all improvements you’ve made to the house, and give you a better idea of the overall value of the home, which will have an impact on sale or refinance you have planned.

One of the best places to look is in your own neighborhood to see what other mobile or manufactured homes similar to yours have sold for recently. This is actually the best way to determine the current value of your mobile home.

The facts are that you will have to get educated and talk to the right people to get free help. But it sure it doesn’t cost you a dime!

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