Green Credit Solutions: California DRE Accusations Detailed

Orange County, California  ( - Green Credit Solutions, the notorious loan modification firm out of Orange County California has had their fair share of bad publicity over the last year. So bad that they had changed their name numerous times in order to shake their poor image or to simply evade legal authorities who have been investigating the company since 2008. They operated under DBA's like Get Green Credit, Go Green Credit, Your New Credit Company, Guardian Credit Services, Green Credit Holding, Pac West Funding, Leads2Green and Green Credit Collections and Servicing. They appear to be operating as "International Work Flow" currently.

It seems like every month these guys pulled a new name out of the loan modification hat to operate under. I assume that they "thought" that this was some type of clever way to hide their mortgage misdeeds. When in reality, it proves that they were apparently trying to attempt to conceal what was already out in the open. It was nothing more than a loan modification ponzi scheme.

I guess you could say they are the Bernie Madoff's of Loan Mods.

The owners and officers of Green Credit, Christopher Fox, Curtis Melone and Brian La Ruffa are still under investigation by several law enforcement agencies for their unscrupulous business activities that wreaked havoc on homeowners across the nation.

Pictured below are Curtis Melone on the left and Christopher Fox on the right. has obtained a copy of the original California Department of Real Estate accusations and complaint against these firms and their officers. This official DRE copy details the activities and accusations against this OC loan modification firm:

California DRE Accusations Against GREEN CREDIT SOLUTIONS INC.

Please Note: I personally do not have a vendetta for these guys or the firms they owned. My opinion is based on observing these activities and receiving over 100 homeowner complaints on my blogs, and You can read these blog post and complaints for yourself. If you have been ripped off or hoodwinked by Green Credit Solutions or have any pertinent information on any one of their various company aliases, please comment below.

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    • Randall

      Pretty detailed! Here’s a paragraph with the ‘F’ word:

      “The conduct, acts and omissions set forth above in Paragraphs 43 through 55 constitute grounds to suspend or revoke the real estate licenses and license rights of Respondents GREEN CREDIT, CHIUMINATTA and MELONE pursuant to Code Sections 10235, 10176(a), 10176(c), 10176(i) and/or 10177(j) for fraud and dishonest dealing, false advertising, and engaging in a continued and flagrant course of misrepresentation.”

      All told, the DRE used the ‘violation(s)’ word 19 times in 25 pages, but the paragraph above is at the end with the FRAUD word.

      Keep in mind, all of that is ONLY about their conduct BEFORE June 19th, 2009. It’s the “flagrant” conduct AFTER the Desist and Refrain (filed same date as this ACCUSATION) is where it gets wild.

      So they surrendered their licenses… not even a fight… didn’t even show up in court in January.

      I don’t think this is the last time you read an article about Curtis Melone and Christopher Fox that uses the word “surrendered.”

      Curt Melone? He’s young… he can do the time. But Chris Fox? WHAT WAS HE THINKING! He’s got kids! And now as he’s being told to LEAVE his multi-million dollar ocean view Condo, where are THEY supposed to go?