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Moe BedardMy name is Moe Bedard and I am the founder of LoanSafe.org and LoanWorkout.org. I am also the author of a new free do it yourself loan modification book and weekly newsletter for homeowners called Saving the Dream.

This FREE loan modification manual is the product of years of real world experience here on LoanSafe.org and LoanWorkout.org.

The manual is written in a basic fashion and it explains in great detail how to process a loan modification from start to finish. I went through great effort to describe the numerous types of home loan resolution services as well.

Saving the Dream and the weekly newsletter will provide you with all of the forms, spreadsheets and documents you will need to process your own loan modification including templates for a qualified written request, loan modification request, financial worksheets and expense worksheets.

I hope this starts your process is saving your American Dream and I wish you the best in your fight!!!

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"Hello Moe, I just wanted to tell you, your website has saved my life (literally), I stumbled on your site in the middle of losing my home, I was able to network with people going through the same thing as I am. I didn't feel alone anymore, I have tried to give back and counsel those that haven't walked in my shoes yet. We hear so much about what is wrong with America, I just wanted you to know, you are whats "right" with America."

Nina Mitchell
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