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wrong legal address/deed/title insurance/foreclosure

Discussion in 'Ask the Attorneys?' started by adlerr, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. adlerr

    adlerr LoanSafe Member

    deed/mortgage/title insurance/foreclosure all w/wrong legal description-since 1998
    just found out answered summons-taxes were paid on both properties out of escrow-house sold in tax sell twice mort. said was fixed-they didn t no either-short escrow causes mortgage to go up unaffordable in bankruptcy--tax assessor don t even have me listed all they have is old property i don t own which previous owner took back some how big mess--own unbelievable amount to irs-fighting with them for yrs just found all this out--probably would not be in bankruptcy is there an answer can i get some advice /help
    also the previous owners changed the legal desscription to the right one in 2004 in public record without our knowledge of this and the tax assessors office said it was void they didn t have the right to do this
    why would they/how did they find out and why wasn t i notified

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