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Who was involved in the Boston Tea Party?

Discussion in 'Tea Party Forum' started by Moe, Nov 9, 2009.

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    The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773 when several American radicals who were dressed as Mohawk Indians threw overboard the chests of tea that were on board three British ships that were docked at Boston Harbor. The event was the final act in the protests made by the American colonists against the Tea Act.


    They were against this particular law because it did not repeal the tax on tea that had been imposed on them by the British Parliament. They argued that only their elected representatives have the right to pass a law that will impose a tax on the colonies. Naturally, the British Government sought to impose its authority over the colonies and refused to give in to the protests.

    New York and Philadelphia had already been successful in causing the ships containing chests of tea to return with their merchandise back to Britain. In Charleston, the colonists simply refused to touch the tea that had been unloaded on the docks. But in Boston, Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused to give in to the colonists. Thus, the protesters got on board the ships and dumped the tea into Boston Harbor.

    The identity of the people who were involved in the Boston Tea Party had been a well-kept secret. However, historian Benjamin Woods Labaree declares that the tentative plans for the event could have been made at the meeting of the Committee of Correspondence on December 13, 1773.

    Many of the committee members belonged to the Grand Lodge of the Masons, the Long Room Club, and the North End Caucus. William Molineux, Joseph Warren and Samuel Adams who were known to have played key roles in the event belonged to the Long Room. It is not clear who were really involved but it is believed that some belonged to the Sons of Liberty and some were Masons.

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