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Who owns CNBC?

Discussion in 'NBC News' started by Moe, Oct 14, 2009.

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    [​IMG]CNBC is a division of NBC Universal, Inc. is a media and entertainment company formed in May 2004 by the combination of General Electric's NBC with Vivendi Universal Entertainment, part of the French Media Group. The deal excluded the French Canal+ operations, which were retained by Vivendi. GE owns 80% of NBC Universal with the remaining 20% owned by Vivendi SA.

    NBC Universal owns and operates a United States television network, numerous cable networks, a group of local stations throughout the country, motion picture companies, a number of television production companies, and multiple theme parks. Universal Music Group was not included in the 2004 deal and is not part of NBC Universal

    Bord of Directors:

    [​IMG] James Ireland Cash, Jr. (born 1947) is an American businessman who currently is a member of the board of directors of several corporations, including General Electric, Microsoft, The Chubb Corporation, Phase Forward, Inc and Wal-Mart. Cash is also a member of the Boston Celtics ownership group.

    Moe Commentary:


    Ann Fudge

    Claudio Gonzalez

    [​IMG] Susan Hockfield (b. Chicago, 1951) is the sixteenth and current president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hockfield's appointment was publicly announced on August 26, 2004, and she formally took office December 6, 2004, succeeding Charles M. Vest. Hockfield's official inauguration celebrations took place during the week of May 2, 2005. Her title is "President and Professor of Neuroscience," and she is the first woman and the first life scientist to hold the title of president of MIT.

    Moe's Commentary:

    Jeffrey Robert "Jeff" Immelt (born February 19, 1956, Cincinnati, OH) is the current chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the U.S. based conglomerate General Electric. He was selected by GE's Board of Directors in 2000 to replace John Francis Welch Jr. (Jack Welch) following his retirement. Previously, Immelt had headed up GE's Medical Systems division (now known as GE Healthcare) as its President and CEO.

    Andrea Jung (鍾彬嫻, pinyin: Zhōng Bīnxián) (born 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) is a business leader. In 2001 she was named one of the 30 most powerful women in America by Ladies Home Journal. She is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Avon Products, Inc., promoted to the position in November 1999. Before her election to the position, she served as president and chief operating officer over all business units of Avon worldwide. She has also been on the company's board of directors since 1998.

    Alan George "A.G." Lafley (born June 13, 1947) is an American businessman who served as the CEO, President, and the Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble until June 2009, when Robert A. "Bob" McDonald, the current CEO, was appointed. He succeeded Durk Jager in June 2000, after the Board of Directors reportedly pressured Jager to resign [3]. Previously, Lafley had been President of Global Beauty Care and
    North America for P&G.

    Robert Lane

    Ralph Larsen

    Rochelle Lazarus

    Samuel Augustus Nunn, Jr. (born September 8, 1938) is an American lawyer and politician. Currently the co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), a charitable organization working to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, Nunn served for 24 years as a United States Senator from Georgia (1972 until 1997) as a member of the Democratic Party. His political experience and credentials on national defense reportedly put him into consideration as a potential running mate for Democratic candidate John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential election. There was speculation that he could have been the running mate of Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2008.[1] Nunn is an informal advisor to President Obama.

    [​IMG] Roger Penske (born February 20, 1937 in Shaker Heights, Ohio) is the owner of the automobile racing team Penske Racing, the Penske Corporation, and other automotive related businesses. He was involved in purchasing the Saturn Corporation, makers of Saturn cars. On September 30, 2009, his Penske Automotive Group announced that the deal to purchase Saturn had fallen through.

    He also is one of the corporate directors at General Electric and was chairman of Super Bowl XL in Detroit, Michigan.

    Robert Swieringa

    [​IMG] Douglas 'Sandy' Warner (born June 9, 1946 as Douglas Alexander Warner III but widely known as "Sandy") is an American banker who joined Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York out of college in 1968 as an officer's assistant and rose through the ranks to become chairman of the board of J.P. Morgan & Co. Inc. in 2000. Among his many accomplishments, Warner may be best known for spearheading the 2000 sale of J P Morgan & Co. to Chase Manhattan Bank for $30.9 billion.

    Moe's Commentary:

    Robert "Bob" Charles Wright (born 1943) was a U.S. television businessman, having served as Chairman of NBC Universal. He graduated from Chaminade High School, the College of the Holy Cross and earned an LLB from the University of Virginia Law School.

    He was named president and CEO of NBC in 1986 by new General Electric boss Jack Welch. In 2001, he became chairman and CEO. In May 2004, NBC's parent company, General Electric, acquired Vivendi Universal Entertainment to create NBC Universal; Wright, who helped orchestrate the deal, was named chairman and CEO of the new company. In February 2007, GE boss Jeffrey Immelt replaced Wright with Jeff Zucker, who was named president and CEO of NBC Universal. Wright remained chairman of the media group until May 2007 and will remain vice chairman of GE until 2008.
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    NBC Stations:
    New York
    Los Angeles
    San Jose/San Francisco
    Dallas/Fort Worth
    San Diego

    Telemundo Stations:

    Los Angeles
    New York
    Dallas/Fort Worth
    San Antonio
    San Jose/San Francisco
    Puerto Rico
    NBC Universal Television Studio

    NBC Universal Television Distribution

    Universal Pictures
    Universal Parks & Resorts

    Other General Electric Businesses

    GE Aircraft Engines
    GE Commercial Finance
    GE Consumer Products
    GE Industrial Systems
    GE Insurance
    GE Medical Systems
    GE Plastics
    GE Power Systems
    GE Specialty Materials
    GE Transportation Systems

    Source: http://www.cjr.org/resources/?c=ge
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    General Electric


    Holdings Timeline

    1878 Thomas Edison forms Edison Electric Light Company

    1892 Edison General Electric Company merges with Thomson-Houston Electric Company to create General Electric Company

    1897 Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company formed by Guglielmo Marconi1901Emile Berliner and Eldridge Johnson form the Victor Talking Machine Company

    1906 David Sarnoff begins working at American Marconi

    1917U.S. Government begins using GE produced aircraft engines

    1919 Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is created. RCA is formed after the U.S. Government gives control of the wireless industry back to the public sector following World War I. RCA gains the assets of American Marconi and becomes the controlling body of the patents belonging to General Electric, Westinghouse, United Fruit and AT&T

    1926 National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) formed. Sarnoff sees the potential of a nationwide network of radio stations and gets RCA, GE and Westinghouse to invest in the acquisition of WEAF in New York City and WJZ in Newark NBC's "Red" and "Blue" networks respectively -as the flagship stations for the new NBC Radio network

    1927 NBC Radio broadcasts the Rose Bowl to nationwide audience

    1929 RCA purchases Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, NJ for $154 million and begins manufacturing radios and phonographs 1932Due to concerns of a growing monopoly, GE and Westinghouse sell off stake in RCA

    1939 NBC introduces television broadcasting at the World's Fair in New York City1941Federal Communications Commission releases its Report on Chain Broadcasting. The report is critical of the growth of broadcast networks and proposes that NBC sell off one of its two networks NBC Red & NBC Blue

    1941 NBC receives first license for a commercial television station

    1943 After losing court battles with the FCC over the demand to divest one off its networks, RCA sells of NBC Blue Network to Edward Noble, lifesavers candy creator. Network eventually becomes ABC

    1954 NBC has first color telecast of Rose Bowl parade. Very few people actually see the telecast because there are not that many color sets in use

    1966 RCA purchases Random House

    1973 RCA purchases Ballantine Books becomes part of Random House

    1980 RCA sells of Random House to S. I. Newhouse's Advance Publications1985GE acquires NBC as part of a $6.3 billion for RCA

    1986- GE sells RCA's music division to Bertelsmann

    1989 CNBC is formed

    1996 MSNBC is launched. Cable news network is a joint partnership between GE and Microsoft

    1997 CNBC Asia and Europe are formed.

    1999 GE gains 32% stake in Paxson Communications and its PAX TV network

    2002 Telemundo Communications Group is acquired for $2.7 billion in a deal with an investment group that includes Sony and Liberty Media. In a separate deal, Bravo Network is acquired from a deal with Cablevision and MGM for $1.25 billion

    2003 Deal announced between GE and Vivendi Universal to create NBC Universal. In the deal, GE acquires Vivendi Universal's entertainment holdings which include theme parks and Universal Pictures' movie and television studios, and three cable channels (NYT 10/9/03)
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    MSNBC Controversy:

    (8.20.09) -- FOX News demonstrates media lies by MSNBC.

    I think this is great when the media fights each other like Fox and CNBC because it shows us the hidden truth in how they operate. To not think they are not stretching truth and their not pushing their own agendas would be foolish. Their is no fair and balanced news with these massive media corporations who have a monopoly and agendas to sell.

    As smart people, we need to take what they say with a grain of salt. Not to trust, but to verify and seek out independent media resources that do not have agendas.

    Don't let these Fox, NBC, ABC or a damn TV divide us all because that is exactly what these corporations want.


    Read more about this outrage here:

    "MSNBC: ObamaCare Protesters Racist, Including Black Gun-Owner"


    "Gun Rights Group Calls Out MSNBC for Claiming Gun-Carrying Protesters Racist"


    NBC's shameful, biased selling of Barack Obama merchandise is also discussed.

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