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Who is my investor

Discussion in 'Option One Mortgage - American Home Mortgage Servi' started by gringa, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. gringa

    gringa LoanSafe Member

    I am desperately trying to find out who the investor of my mortgage is and american home mortgage servicing can only tell me that they have a code number in there system of 569 or 596 they were not sure which of the numbers it was. HOW can that be if it is suppose to be in there system...I am desperate falling behind on my payments and trying to find out who the investor is to find out if it is backed by freddie mac or fannie mae..When I asked them about a loan modification all they seem to say is foreclosure, I put 120,000 down on my home and have faithfully paid 3724.00 a month for almost three years but I work in the construction industry and as we all know it is not good right now.. Also in my payment that does not include taxes or insurance, so i need help...Can anyone shed light on who my investor might be...They are so rude when you call...
  2. nhern

    nhern LoanSafe Member

    Hello, I too would like to know who my investor is; I have Litton as my mortgage servicer. Thank you.
  3. Dan Bailey

    Dan Bailey Senior Member

    gringa, Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining.

    The chances of them telling you who your investor is are very slim..they like to keep that close. You would not be able to deal directly with the investor either. The servicer(American mortgage servicing) is who you need to deal with.
  4. gringa

    gringa LoanSafe Member

    I am hoping cat or moe might know...Amhs tells me that because my husband is now self employed that they cannot help me in the loan modifiaction process that the only thing is foreclosure..I just was stunned they proceeded to tell me that the conversation was being recorded so i politely enformed them that i was recording the converstation also to let my attorney hear there reply and guess what???I was told that they could not keep up the conversation if i was recording it!!!Does this suprise anyone they don't want anyone to know how rude they can be to homeowners worried about maybe losing there life savings???
  5. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage


    Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining...............

    It doesn't sound like you are speaking with the correct dept..................fax your hardship letter to Jeanne and see if she can help you with a modification..........

    Jeanne Drake-VP Home Preservation Dept.
    Direct: 1-949-784-6011
    Fax: 1-866-642-4196
  6. phones772

    phones772 LoanSafe Member

    Moe how can I escalate my matters with BOA, they denied me last week and when I spoke to another Rep I was told that if I can make a payment it would help me getting a modification. Are we actually paying lenders to modify our loans?? My income has decrease by 33% and there is no way that I can make my current payments. I need some advice.
  7. Peter123

    Peter123 LoanSafe Member


    call and ask for investor info, might happen?
  8. nycbrooklyn

    nycbrooklyn LoanSafe Member

    I don't know where i found the info but if you search on the web there is a simple link floting around that would allow you to know if your home was backed by freddy or fanny. I think the issue you may have because you made such a large downpayment you may not be a fha loan. In that case your investor is really the PMI company. They are the ones you need to get a hold assuming you had PMI because of the size of your downpayment again.
  9. phones 772 - here is a link to a thread in this forum about escalating your loan to the Office of the President (OOP). http://www.loansafe.org/forum/count...ordable-program-request-office-president.html

    I disagree with the employee who told you if you made a payment it would help getting a modification. In fact, I have been told just the opposite. I was current a few months ago. Was told that if I were delinquent, Skank of America would be better able to help me.
    You asked if we were actually paying lenders to modify our loans. No, we are not. The government has a ridiculous "incentive" of $1,000 bucks or so to the investor for the modification. I am afraid that $1,000 is not an incentive to the banks. They make their money in servicing loans and foreclosing.

    It might be a good idea to prepare your own refinance/loan package and send it via certified mail to Barbara Desoer in Simi Valley. I did. Shortly after I did that I was assigned what they call a negotiator. A negotiator is a fancy word for employee.

    Welcome. We are glad you are here. We will be happy to help you with your loan modification journey. Be prepared for a long, drawn out process but are starting to see some borrowers who have been successful in getting modifications.
  10. steves

    steves LoanSafe Member

    They do know. They may be choosing not to tell you. That shouldn't change any of your options however. Also, unless they need a 2nd approval by that investor,which they often don't, AHMSI is going to give you all the options they think they can offer.
  11. 3BOYS

    3BOYS LoanSafe Member

    Hi, any one know if you have a private investor do the do mod?? Please help!!!!!!!!
  12. wonthefight

    wonthefight LoanSafe Member

    gringa I would also check the public records on your house at the library...This will often show who your investor really is.
  13. ManicMangaManiac

    ManicMangaManiac LoanSafe Member

    I found out in a manner of speaking who one of my investors is by googling "Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-4" and found a letter or document between two banks, one of which appears to be a foreign bank in Shanghai (wtf, a foreign bank owns part of my mortage??? They sure as hell aren't going to take MY house from me!!!). Look at your foreclosure suit and see what what trust your mortgage loan is part of, and Google that. I bet you will find some pretty interesting stuff, as I did.

    I'm interested in knowing what you find out by doing this. Good luck!
  14. ManicMangaManiac

    ManicMangaManiac LoanSafe Member

    What's more.... no transfers involving either one of the two parties in the letter/document I came across were even recorded with the register of deeds in my county :D sooooo, who knows where the original note actually is. For all I know, it's out somewhere in La-la land!
  15. lennox

    lennox LoanSafe Member

    Did AHMSI deny your loan modification saying the investor won't modify?
  16. irishmom

    irishmom LoanSafe Member

    My loan mod has been denied 3x for this. LOL. AHMSI atty's filed a foreclosure which was dismissed by Judge in IL for Lack or Original Note. I have read all of the posts in this forum now I am trying to track down just who holds my note. Has anyone searched in MERS system?
  17. reactorman

    reactorman LoanSafe Member

    Hey all,

    I don't know who my investor is. I know my servicer is Bank of America and it's an FHA loan. I tried the Fannie and Freddie tools and I didn't show up on either of them. How many FHA investors are there?

    James MacPherson

    P.s. It does state on either the Freddie or Fannie site that you should be able to find out who your investor is by contacting your servicer. Bank of America and I are NOT on speaking terms. The last time I contacted them by phone, they made both my wife and I literally cry! I refuse to speak to them. So, is there any other way that I can find out who my investor is? Thanks, all! :)
  18. roycooper

    roycooper LoanSafe Member

    I would always ask everytime you talk to someone when you call in. They will resist, but remember it only takes one person screwing up and they will accidently tell you this info. I have done it and it works.
  19. littonSFBay

    littonSFBay LoanSafe Member

    Hi there - a note to the OP - or those interested. If you already know your loan is NOT a MAC loan then try this site and search one of the options: https://www.mers-servicerid.org/sis/

    I found out mine was HSBC - wish I would have known that a year ago.

    Good luck.

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