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Who has stayed the longest?

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by SwillerAlesbane, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. SwillerAlesbane

    SwillerAlesbane LoanSafe Member

    Seeing we are all in the same boat waiting for a mod...which will more than likely not happen...I have a question to all reading this.

    Who has stayed in their house, without paying any mortgage, the longest?

    I've been 5 months without a payment.....still no NOD.
  2. snapple candy

    snapple candy LoanSafe Member

    Hey swiller, I went 1 year.

    MZWITHHOPE LoanSafe Member

    As of now I am 10 months behind.....made my 3 month trial payments on 10/1/09 will be my fourth. I had a sale date for 5/09 postponed to 6/09 then 7/09 then 8/09 then 9/09.....very stressful!!!!! Now after completing my third payment there is no sale date...Hoping for the best!
  4. diana0806

    diana0806 LoanSafe Member

    No one can top my story on this site. I have been getting jerked around by chase for 23 months. No payments for 23 months.read my war and peace story. I am waiting for new trial papers to arrive. I just sent in updated paperwork for the 55th time in 23 months. Anyone know the timetable these days for chase to get trial papers to you after recieving all papers needed? Everyone fight. We will prevail!!!!!!! No way i am losing this home because of chases stupidity. I will be ******** with a very sick wife and 3 young kids. I am also fully disabled. Credit destroyed. I called originally to inquire about refi and told i am elgible for modification. I wioll keep all updated.
  5. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    September makes 6 months for us.

    We did receive an intent to foreclose back at the first of August. No NOD though.

    Trying to come up with the past 6 months worth of payments so we can tell Chase to FORGET IT. It's not worth the daily stress. Hope to be done with this within a month.
  6. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    Diana...23 months is crazy! I can't believe they've been stringing you that long. Don't they realize if they would just get their act together and get things done that they would be making a lot more $$$$ right now? Seriously, how many people are not paying their mortgage because Chase is telling them not too? Hello??? Sheesh.
    {by the way, we originally called for a single payment deferral or a repayment plan (of the one payment) and were told we qualified for a modification. wish I would have seen this forum sooner}
  7. snapple candy

    snapple candy LoanSafe Member

    sht man, that really is something. 23 mths, that is crazy!
  8. Marie T

    Marie T LoanSafe Member

    I have only been at this since about March and feel that I am going nuts...like this loan mod thing has taken over my life and wondering if it will ever be behind me.
  9. Chased around and around

    Chased around and around LoanSafe Member

    Diana, Wow is all I can say, crazy.

    I am hitting the 8th month of no payments on the first, but I did pay the small second 3 times in the last 8 months. No NOD yet.

    Have a freind in San Diego, SFH went 15 months then up and moved out after the short sales didn't happen, too much stress fot them, GMAC loan. His sister is in Woodland Hills going on her 18th month no payments, condo...
  10. SwillerAlesbane

    SwillerAlesbane LoanSafe Member

    My good Lord in heaven....if I can go 23 months without a payment, I'd be happy to turn the keys over...no problemo.

    In fact, that might just work. No loan mods, and a hard date to move out (6 months or more minimum amount of time to move). That might actually save them money in the long run too.

    Today, Budweiser salutes you, the

  11. Chased around and around

    Chased around and around LoanSafe Member

  12. townie271

    townie271 LoanSafe Member

    I'm sorry to say I can top all we have been with Naca since July 2007 our original servicer went belly under in Dec 2007 which was Ameriquest. Sold to Citibank and have been fighting Citibank with Naca Jan 2008-Feb 2009. Sold again to AHMSI fighting still since Feb 2009-Sept 2009. Still no news!!!
  13. lesliec

    lesliec LoanSafe Member

    I have been 11 months and was just served the notice to foreclose after attempting to get a modification to no avail. I hired an attorney who is aggresively retaliating their motion as they admit they in the notice they have lost the note. His motion back to them was almost 30 pages long including a laundry list of items he requires from them. I think that should keep them busy for a bit!
  14. sniglet WA

    sniglet WA LoanSafe Member

    March of 2008 we started to fall behind, three-four months by the end of 2008. Then caught up again with the tax return check and then fell behind by April 2009 Applied for th Making home affordable plan signed paper Fedexed them back, completed three trial payments and now waiting for new Fedex to show up. Called BOA and they told us it will be another 60-90 days and to keep making the modified temp monthly payment, but wont give us anything in writing...has our NACA attorney really questioning things.
    So a total of Four months, but then have been making the trial payments by the 1st of each month for three months.
  15. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

    leslie...did you receive a notice of default or a notice of intent to foreclose? Just curious.

    According to how things with our account is working, Chase is exactly 3 months behind on things. We were 120 days late in April, received the notice of intent dated the end of July stating that April was the month we entered into foreclosure status (3 months). Today we received a "your forbearance has ended" letter....our forbearance ended on June 15, the letter today was dated Sept. 16 (3 months). So it looks like they are running 3 months behind with us.

    Funny thing...the letter we got today says we should call immediately because they may be able to help us. HA!
  16. SwillerAlesbane

    SwillerAlesbane LoanSafe Member

    Nice post Chased. "I think the market has bottomed" ROFLMFAO!!!!

    People believe that coming from a home builder? The whole thing is a sham. There are going to be MILLIONS of foreclosures, and these ignorant a-holes stick their heads in their posteriors.

    If I can even get 11 months out of it...that's around 22k in my pocket...not too shabby. Seeing 1 bedroom condos are now going for around $100k around here....hell, that's a CONVENTIONAL down payment. I better start learning spanish if I want to move in that 1 bedroom though.......
  17. Moe

    Moe Call 1-800-779-4547 Staff Member Loan Safe Mortgage

  18. rachel_p

    rachel_p LoanSafe Member

  19. BobandArlyn

    BobandArlyn LoanSafe Member

    HOLY CRAP! We've only been waiting one week and have not seen it yet. We have this to look forward to? YIKES!
  20. flyingpuppy99

    flyingpuppy99 LoanSafe Member

    I started in Nov. 08. Made normal payments until March. Was told not to make Aprils payment so I could get a forebarence. Then they took the offer back. June I strted the MHAP trial payments.

    Got a couple calls from Chase now. Have to make 6 trial payments before a mod will be done.

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