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Where is this going, please tell me!!!!

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by CHERYLG55, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. CHERYLG55

    CHERYLG55 LoanSafe Member

    I called BOA and was told my packet would arrived in mail, this was in mid-Oct.
    Called again end of November, no real answer. Then took this web site's advice and wrote an e-mail to OOP. Quick response from Felicia Ford and I fax'd her all my 'stuff' she requested. She called me and said she received all the pages. Heard from her again last night and she has assigned me an 'executive negotiator' - Christopher Ross and I should hear from him within 24 hours.

    Is this good news or are they just stringing me along???
  2. Roni06

    Roni06 LoanSafe Member

    I had him...Much better then the rest with communication. He was informed by upper management that he can NO longer respond by email, so if you email him he will call you back. (usually calls me within 10 min.) His supervisors name is Crystal Matthews, so if you need something done that he is telling you can't be done send her an email. Christopher is great with getting back to you, but not sure how long he has been a negotiator. I ended up sending his boss and Barbara, and other supervisors emails so that I could get a mod that would actually help.(He had said he couldn't do anything more) It worked out in the end, so I wish you the best. Just stay ontop of it and it will work out.

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