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What is CINS?

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by mimi2833415, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. mimi2833415

    mimi2833415 LoanSafe Member

    I am currently in foreclosure after my payment modification request was denied.
    I check the clerk of the court records and the last entry is a CINS with a 6/20/08 date. Is this a sale date or a court hearing date? Please I need some guidance.
    We went to see a bankruptcy lawyer but is not an option for us. Our interest rate will adjust 12/08, that means that our payment will go up even more. What other options are out there? :(
  2. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Please can you tell us what state you are in and who the lender/servicer is. Is this a first mortgage and have you received full notification of the foreclosure and sale date?
  3. mimi2833415

    mimi2833415 LoanSafe Member

    Hi Poppy:

    I am in Fl and this is a first mortgage. Our servicer is Saxon mortgage. We have not been notify of a sale date yet. Today, I checked county records and they have two entries today which they show as follows: "Calendar entry added for 6/20/08 10:00 AM" and "Reason: MOT_SUMM_JUDG"

    Both entries have a docket type called CINS. I will like to know what this is.
    A sale date or a hearing date?

    Thank you
  4. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Mimi, you really need to have an attorney to interpret that situation, there is nothing in these legal processes that we can do here to assist, we are not attorneys. Please consult an attorney.

    This problem that you have has been ongoing for some time now and you really need to retain an attorney to advice you in this ongoing matter
  5. mustangsally

    mustangsally LoanSafe Member

    Hi Poppy. I too am in Florida but my case was an eviciton dated August 2006. I check county records and they have two entries for me. The first is a court date of May 2008 and the second line is Reason:CMC. Both of these entries have a docket type of CINS. I have been able to find out that the CMC stands for case management conference but I have not been able to find out what the CINS stands for. Can you tell me what the letters stand for. I appreciate your help.

  6. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    I am sorry, but that is a question that you need to address to an attorney, we are not able to give advice on legal proceedings that are presently effecting/affecting your present position that are this technical in nature. Please as I advise everyone, at least retain an attorney for 2 hours and get the best advice that you can from them regarding this and all the other issues that you are facing.
  7. imadreamer

    imadreamer LoanSafe Member

    I found this on the internet: The CINS numbering system is an extension of the CUSIP numbering system and follows a 9-character format similar to CUSIP. CINS can therefore be used as a bridge to ISIN, as well as other national security identification numbers. It has to do with a syndicated mortgage loan.

    But, I am not an attorney - follow the advice here on this thread from Poppy and others.
  8. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    For just that reason I am telling everyone that they need an attorney in this type of proceeding. It is very, very important......there is a lot more than meets the eye...

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