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What Does It Mean When Strangers Take Pictures of Your House

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by HeavySigh, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. HeavySigh

    HeavySigh LoanSafe Member

    I know this has happened to other people here. Yesterday around dinner time a car pulled up our cul-de-sac and a guy was taking pictures of the house.

    My guess is it's someone from the local lawyer whom BoA is using for our FC. This month my atty is motioning to have BoA's FC claim dismissed. It's like step two in the FC defense. BoA has 30 days to respond, then a month later a hearing is set (during which I assume the judge will rule for BoA). But it gets us to January before there's any chance of FC. Iow, they aren't foreclosing behind my back.

    I haven't paid the mortgage in a year.

    Around here they have those companies that just change the locks on your house. My house is almost never empty, full of kids and me and my spouse and the dogs all coming in and out at odd hours.

    For those of you who have had strangers taking pictures of your house, what happened afterwards? It is signal something bad?

    I'm going to write Barbara Desoer again. The negotiator I was working with has flaked out and I haven't heard from him in weeks and weeks. Should I file a police report.

    I have the license tag; I'm going to have my atty write a letter to whomever was taking the pictures and tell them to cease and desist and to conduct any further investigation of my house through them.

    Anything else I should do?
  2. chief115

    chief115 LoanSafe Member

    Are you trying for any kind of mod? I do know that BOA sends field inspectors and appraisers out to your house when you apply for a mod to verify that the house is not vacant and to see what your house is currently appraising at. If you are going to let them foreclose, I would assume they are trying to get appraisal numbers to see how much you house is currently worth.
  3. HeavySigh

    HeavySigh LoanSafe Member

    Yes, I am currently also modifying but have resigned myself to eventual BK and FC. Still it would be nice to keep the house with reasonable terms. There was assignment shenanigans with my title/mortgage too.

    They will not be able to tell what the house is worth from taking pictures outside. Inside it is half remodeled and ugly (altho clean). Bank trying to appraise I'm ok with, I guess; but those subcontractors who take over your house when you are at work, changing locks without a court order, etc... that's scary.

    The guy drove up, leaned out the car window, shot pictures, and when my adult son asked if he could help him, the guy raced off without a reply. That doesn't sound like a legitimate appraiser.
  4. chief115

    chief115 LoanSafe Member

    You are exactly right! The thought of someone lurking around my house is very scary not to mention breaking in or changing the locks.

    I know they can't get accurate appraisals from taking pictures of the house but I think that is what the banks use for their numbers in seeing if modifying is the best route for them. I have heard they use that for NPV but don't quote me on that. They are also seeing if the house is being kept up as they have been known to send out companies to clean properties that are vacant and in need of repair. There is a lawsuit against Countrywide/BOA for hiring these contractors to mow lawns etc..and then charging the homeowner outrageous fees for the services.

    You are right, it doesn't sound like a legitimate appraiser and I would have called the police department just to be on the safe side. We have had field inspectors come to our home every 2 months for the last year to verify occupancy and they always introduce themselves as being inspectors for BOA. Someone who races away without a reply is probably up to no good. When you have children involved, you can never be too careful with people lurking around your house.
  5. Seizeon

    Seizeon LoanSafe Member

    I had a guy taking pics of the house when my kids were outside playing. I ran out yelling demanding what on earth he was doing. He quickly said, "Im sorry, I'm sorry. Here's my paperwork." It was from the 2nd, which at the time was with Wilshire. I told him you better be careful, lurking around people's house with kids outside playing. I told him somebody else might have shot him. He'd better be glad I don't carry. These idiots need to find a better or different way to do this.

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