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Discussion in 'Wells Fargo - American Servicing Company (ASC)' started by northcoastgirl, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. northcoastgirl

    northcoastgirl LoanSafe Member

    I contacted the presidential offices for some assistance and they have sent my file to their investor for approval (fannie mae).

    I was wondering how accurate the wellsfargo.com/assist website is for status? Are you "fast-tracked" thru the steps or are those steps skipped because you already have been trying for a mod for so long? Mine shows close to being complete but we haven't signed or received anything.

    Any input/experiences would be great also regarding fannie as investor. I don't think we qualify for NACA. We don't even want our payment changed, just the back payments added in.

  2. TBrogan

    TBrogan LoanSafe Member

    Wells Fargo's Assist tracking is a joke. It showed my loan "almost completed" and now here I sit after 6 months fighting with them over late fees, lies, deception and defrauding me with regards to my Loan Modification. DON'T sign any agreement with them. Check the web for information on Loan Modification Fraud & Scams. I was told be Wells Fargo that I had to sign an agreement that I printed from their website in order for them to even talk to me about a modification. This was a complete lie according to the Federal Laws. Go to the Federal Trade Commission for more information. Be very careful or you will end up in a mess like I am. You can read my complaint on the BBB website for Des Moines Iowa. Look up the WELLS FARGO address that has "MAC" for the address.

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