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We Want to keep our home

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by DONOTHVFLTSCRNNWCAR, Oct 27, 2009.



    Our saga began when husband lost his salaried positon with auto industry. I guess that is not completely true as our loan was an Ameriquest loan. We had/have been remodeling for over fifteen years.Sigh.. Longer story short..we started calling Citimortgage in Jan.09 as we started hearing about different programs for the unemployed, etc. We were told by several different people at Citimortgage that we qualified/that we did not qualify...to not pay our mortgage..too bad you will have to go thru foreclosure,etc. After six months and funds dwindling, we were finally getting into the make homes affordable plan. After submitting paper work, becoming behind on payments..as we were told by Citimortgage we did not qualify for any programs as long as we were current..we have now paid one month on new payment.Second payment due Nov1. Im getting abit ahead of myself as there has been several in between phone calls..unemployment we were told would not be considered in 31% FaCTORS, but then received notices that packet was lacking declaration for unemployment. So then yesterday a suspicious car driving past house..I knew he was looking for our house..paranoia..yes.Anyway,guy finally finds house hands me paper says he works for Mortgage Outreach..I ask for Id he says come to the car..jerk..anyway paper states loan mod cannot be complete without documentation that they say is lacking. Immediately get on phone..Mortgage Outreach third party hired by Citi..fellow very nice reviewed filed found all that was missing. Now our file is complete can be sent to underwriting. Am I ignorant..or what? I thought that since Citi had paid our ins., for a year, previously had not had PMI,and that if we met our obligation of paying new payment on time that this was going forward...and now I find they are still saying as of yesterday our paperwork was incomplete. What is around the next corner?We want to keep our home..are we kidding ourselves? Husband still unemployed, I will be taking a full time job, currently only one part time job. Monthly income was slashed seven k., and yes we have other debt. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome and thank you for joining.

    How long does your husband have unemployment income for? If his unemployment is at least for nine months Citi will use that income in the modification..

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