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Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by Illini, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Illini

    Illini LoanSafe Member

    Has anyone ever gotten a mod from them? I have proposal submitted to them with NACA but now NACA rep tells me that they don't have an agreement with US Bank. Not sure what I'm supposed to do now. What a mess!
  2. balto415

    balto415 LoanSafe Member

    US Bank is the INVESTOR for my 1st and Countrywide/BofA is the servicer. I just started the loan mod process so I haven't a clue what I'm up against. It will be interesting to see what US Bank is willing to do.

    I would start by looking into who the loss mitigation execs are and shoot them an email. Do a Google search for loss mitigation us bank or something similar and see what comes up. With BofA, I had the option to start from the bottom up. I chose to start with the top (Office of the President) and found my request got immediate attention. Starting from the bottom up can be a more frustrating experience because most banks spend time screening and many times they deny well qualified individuals.
  3. Fiveaces

    Fiveaces LoanSafe Member

    Is this true? US BANK is the investor on my first (Aurora is the servicer) but no one at NACA has ever indicated whether they have a deal with them or not. I'm curious if anyone has had success with a US BANK modification through NACA.
  4. Emmo1

    Emmo1 LoanSafe Member

    I am in process with them... Just confused about what you are talking about... What is NACA? I've been talking directly with USbank and it seems to be running smoothly (I think)
  5. Evan Bedard

    Evan Bedard Call 1-800-779-4547 Loan Safe Mortgage

    NACA is a non-profit organization that assists thousands of homeowners across with the loan modification process. We have a section here just for NACA and homeowners working with them:

    NACA - Get Help From the Neighorbood Assistance Corporation of America - Loan Modification Forum - LoanSafe.org
  6. Fiveaces

    Fiveaces LoanSafe Member

    Evan, do you know if a list of all the servicers working with NACA exists somewhere? I cannot find anything concrete.
  7. Illini

    Illini LoanSafe Member

    I spoke to a rep at NACA last Friday. He was going to look into it. Yesterday he sends me an email telling me to continue to contact US Bank asking about this proposal NACA sent them. I guess he missed the part when I told him that US Bank claims they never got the NACA proposal. His email said to give him a call if US Bank denies my proposal and then he'll submit it for review to Freddie Mac. How can they deny the proposal if they claim they never received it???

    I have no idea what to do. Home Retention Services sent a package about seeing if I qualify to apply for HAMP. My loan is owned by Freddie Mac and serviced by US Bank. I suppose I could try to find someone at US Bank to help me with this modification but just trying to get through when I have questions about my loan in general takes 40 minutes out of my day.

    I am afraid that I will screw up the HAMP questions because it seems like they want a whole lot of information but when pressed for specifics, they really don't seem to know what they are looking for.

    To the poster who is already working through US Bank on a modification, do you have any contact info for that? I may just try to call them myself and leave NACA out of it since they don't seem to be all that interested in following up with me.
  8. Capegypsy

    Capegypsy LoanSafe Member

    I am too working with US Bank. I confirmed my docs have been received, but I hear they are "backed up" and as I don't have a sale date it can be a while for me to hear anything.

    I got way behind due to damage from a tropical storm and health issues. I can pay my mortgage now but not all the back payments. I am hoping so hard for a solution.
    I have applied for Hamp but make a bit too much for it.
    All I can do is wait. Has anyone gotten a loan mod from US Bank?
  9. Capegypsy

    Capegypsy LoanSafe Member

    Super news...they have my mod in the works for me and the paperwork is on the way (Lowered payment , defaulted amount put on the end of loan)
    I think best way to contact is to call and ask for a foreclosure specialist (not collections) and then ask for his or her direct line and work with them exclusively as a point of contact.

    US Bank came through for us! Don't give up. Just keep dialing.
  10. Illini

    Illini LoanSafe Member

    Cape, what number did you use to contact the foreclosure specialist? Was your mod a HAMP mod or in house mod done directly by US Bank?
  11. Capegypsy

    Capegypsy LoanSafe Member

    It was in house. I had to call the main number and ask for foreclosure and they got someone on the phone for me and then I called and called and called and then when I was through with that...I called.
  12. Emmo1

    Emmo1 LoanSafe Member

    :DGood news here, too!! I called today and they said we were approved for a 3 month trial period and the paperwork is on the way. should be here hopefully today!!!!
    I've been talking directly with the bank. They have a specific line for it
    Here's the number I've been calling... 1-800-932-0462
    Don't give up!
  13. teecbee16

    teecbee16 LoanSafe Member

    I applied to the NACA, Save the Dream program and was told by the NACA rep, that NACA has a contract with US Bank. After waiting 5 months with no response from US Bank, I emailed Bruce Marks, CEO of NACA and got a response from his assistant stating THEY DO NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH US BANK. Don't waste 5 months of your time like I did with NACA, now I'm in the ninth hour and I don't know what to do to save my home. NACA REPS ARE A BUNCH OF LIARS....

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