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update: so frustrated!!!

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by crewof5, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. crewof5

    crewof5 LoanSafe Member

    I made my 3rd trial payment on October 1st, on October 2 Citi called and said we needed to send in bank statements because when we sent in our package we didn't send in the full statements.

    I sent the two statements and they received them per my return receipt on Oct. 9th.

    I have called several times to check on things and have been told, they haven't been scanned in yet and to call back. We called today figuring t had been 2 weeks and they have to be scanned in by now. Nope, not only are they not scanned in but the guy we spoke to said call back Tuesday and if they aren't scanned in we will need to resend them!

    To add insult to injury when we asked if we could get the name of our negotiator we were told we haven't been assigned one.

    He said they are swamped and getting further behind due to so many people on trials, losing a lot of papaerwork too!

    When will this nightmare end? All I want are my final papers, I have done everything they ask and we still don't know if the mod is permanent or not.

    Moe- we need to put some heat on Citimortgage too! It is so awesome all you are doing and what you have accomplished with B of A is great!
  2. caldwell02

    caldwell02 LoanSafe Member

    crewof5 - this is a nightmare no matter who your servicer is, that's for sure. Have you looked on the threads for the citi exec team numbers? There must be some there.

    I would also encourage you to write Senators, Congressmen/women and to file a complaint with Citi's regulatory agency. Also, stay tuned because we are working on a petition regarding this whole mess that we are hoping to get tens of thousands of people to sign :). I know that doesn't solve your problem right now, but hang in there. I have been fighting for 10 months and haven't even gotten to the trial stage yet. Maybe it'll all be figured out and I'll just sail thru when it's my time.. Ha!
  3. abcxyz

    abcxyz LoanSafe Member

    CREWOF5, I suggest you call mortgage outreach services, the number should be on your documents that you photocopied and sent back to them. They're the ones that actually scan the documents. Same thing happened to me that you're explaining, and the citi rep kept telling me I was missing two things, i told her i wasn't and i'm 110% sure i sent it in. I hung up with her knowing she was ignorant, and called the mortgage outreach services. sure enough, they DID have it, and she updated my file right then and there. i called loss mitigation the next day, and i was good to go... Make sure you're calling the right people and right departments or you won't get very far and will struggle like this... i don't know what number you're calling, but for GENERAL information on my account, i call the loss mitigation team 866.272.4749, they are genearlly helpful and polite although i get a lameduck once in a while. Anyway, right now, call mortgage outreach services and explain your situation and see if they have the docs or if you can fax it to them directly....
  4. m_nair

    m_nair LoanSafe Member

    abcxyz is right just keep calling them and get the information of the counselor and they are the ones who do all the paperwork for the permanent mod. Also get their email address. I prefer email since we have a track of the conversation.
  5. Needanewjob

    Needanewjob LoanSafe Member

    Yes, you would need to call Mortgage outreach services and make sure that they have everything that they need. Your still a long way from getting a mod. MOS only does the document collections and they will ask for the same documents again and again and again. They are all scanned into the same system, both MOS and loss mitt should be able to see the docs. After MOS reviews all the docs it will go back to a citi mortgage counselor, if you actually get a counselor assigned to your account your very close to getting a mod. Expect to be making trial period payments for at least another 3 months before you get any your final paperwork..

    Honestly you can call 866-272-4749 option 2 and ask how long this is going to take and you'll get a different answer every single time..
    We don't know.. They aren't telling us. All you can do is get your docs in, make those payments and wait. And of course you can call in and scream at me every now and then. :)
  6. crewof5

    crewof5 LoanSafe Member


    Thanks so much for your encouragement. The waiting is soooo hard! It has been all consuming since we first applied for the trial. We were so excited to be approved for the trial and got all of our paperwork together quickly and sent it in.

    We had no idea we were missing anything until after we made the third payment, we were told everytime we called to check in that everything was fine, they had what they needed, including the last time we called they said all they were waiting for was the 3rd payment to send us for review.

    I will resend bank statements again, I don't want anything to mess this up. This mod will allow us to keep a home we love and our kids to grow up in the only house they have lived in.
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  7. mimirayo

    mimirayo LoanSafe Member

    I know what you mean Crew. Some weeks I can't wait til Monday and make calls emails etc.....THIS week I'm going to get the answers.....then Friday comes and either NOTHING....or wait til Monday...start all over again. Thinking of changing my name to hamster!

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