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Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by a82allison, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. a82allison

    a82allison LoanSafe Member

    I am new here. I have been reading many many threads and am still trying to figure out if I have done all I am supposed to at this time. Here is my story :)...
    My loan is with Citimortgage for approx 160000. My payments are currently 1186/mo at 6.4%. My husband and I just divorced and therefore my income has drastically shot down.
    My loan is FHA backed. When we first divorced I called citimortgage because I couldn't pay my mortgage for the month of August. They allowed me to skip August's payment but it increased all of my payments for the next 12 months. Now I am paying 1327/month and I think what I am on is some sort of forbearance program. I am two months behind...1 from August, and another during the forbearance payments. I can't keep up.

    My gross income is 3224/month. I am trying for a mod through FHA HAMP. Here is what I have done so far:
    I have submitted the online questionnaire "Workable Solutions" and then when I submitted it, it told me to fax my paystubs, so I did that yesterday. I called today to make sure they received my fax and they have. I was told my package is with FHA Homeowners Assist team now.

    Now what? I just wait for someone to call me?
    Do you think this is going to be complicated by me being on some type of forbearance agreement right now? My payment of 1327 was due on 11/1 and I am not going to be able to pay it until 11/30. I'm trying to keep from becoming 3 payments behind.
    I've heard of some people being offered trial payments almost immediately, should I call back and ask about that?
  2. langlang

    langlang LoanSafe Member

    Do your currently monthly payments include impound for taxes and insurance?

    If we know that, we might figure out if you are in the right 'situation' for a HAMP.
  3. a82allison

    a82allison LoanSafe Member

    impound? I'm not sure what you mean by that...but my payments of 1186 do include taxes and insurance (have an escrow account). Also my house is definitely upside down a bit, not a lot...but I know I couldn't sell it for what I owe. FHA Hamp allows for 31% front end and 55% back end...if I've run the numbers right then currently I'm at about 37% front end. If I could get payments lowered to 31% then my payments should be $999 and that would give me about a 51% back end also...
  4. yomann

    yomann LoanSafe Member

    Impound and escrow account for T & I are one and the same thing.
    The numbers make you a good candidate for a HAMP mod.

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