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SunTrust Mortgage Mod in Progress

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by RRva99, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    I am posting to document my experience with SunTrust in hopes that it may help others in need of a loan modification.

    Here̢۪s my situation:
    Home purchased in 11/2006 with 1<sup>st</sup> loan 7/1 ARM of $226,800 @ 6.125 and 2<sup>nd</sup> loan 5/1 ARM of $56,700 @ 8.5% both with Suntrust. 1<sup>st</sup> loan owned by FNM, 2<sup>nd</sup> by Suntrust.
    Current Value is around $280,000 (decent deal to start with + significant improvements).
    Current Loan Balances: 1<sup>st</sup> is $219,545 and 2<sup>nd</sup> is $53,524.
    Current Payments: 1<sup>st</sup> is $1715 and 2<sup>nd</sup> is $436.
    When we bought the house, our monthly income was $8,700 Gross. That meant a DTI of < 25% (was actually a little lower at the time, but due to insurance increases and believe it or not tax assessment increases the payments are a little bit higher than they were).
    I am losing my job, which leaves us with a gross monthly income of only $3,800. Based on $3,800 our DTI is 45% on the 1<sup>st</sup> loan alone, and 54% on both combined.
    This doesn̢۪t consider that I will likely be able to draw unemployment of $1400/mo ( I think).
    Anyway, I initially contacted SunTrust back in mid-June. They promptly sent me a letter requesting that I send them additional financial information (Past 2 tax returns including W-2s, Last 2 statements from all bank accounts and last 2 pay stubs.
    I have assembled the information and will mail it tomorrow. I also wrote a letter explaining our circumstances, etc.
    In the meantime, does anyone have any idea of what I can expect? It seems that Suntrust has a pretty bad reputation around here for dragging their feet on helping people. We have plenty of savings and are in no immediate danger of missing payments, but with the level of DTI and only 1 income, it could become a problem.</o></o></o></o></o></o></o></o>
  2. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    Read around this site you will see that all BANKS have been dragging things on and on and on and on...Good Luck and Welcome to the Forum, you can spend hours and hours finding others in your same situation..
  3. Murray12

    Murray12 LoanSafe Member

    You had my hopes up with your title (that you actually had a mod in progress :)

    Your savings may disqualify you for the HMP program. If you have savings and aren't missing payments, I wouldn't expect help anytime soon from SunTrust, but that is just my personal experience/opinion. Don't give up, and make sure they hear from you.

    As far as Unemployment income goes, I am going through that now as well. When I first applied I had a job and now I don't. They are refusing to take my unemployment income as income. I have talked to Fannie Mae and it seems now that I can use it as income, but waiting to hear back. See my post here in regards to unemployment income.
  4. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    Well, today I received a Fedex package from SunTrust. In it, were the documents needed to establish my trial loan mod in the amount of $727.60 on my first mortgage. That's a decrease of nearly $1000/month!

    Since submitting my documents, I have begun receiving unemployment benefits of approximately $1600/month though--so I will have to disclose that. I'm not sure how it will impact the mod, but something is better than nothing.

    I hope that my experience is encouraging to those who have been frustrated with SunTrust. I never called or anything, just sent everything they requested and waited for their response.
  5. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    Also, I just read through some of the information in the package. It says that income from unemployment benefits are only to be counted toward income IF they are expected to last 9 months or more. My benefit statement from the state says 26 weeks, so I guess that won't count toward my income for the mod? I have seen posts where people were upset about that rule, but it actually would work in my favor to have it not count.
  6. Murray12

    Murray12 LoanSafe Member

    I am happy for you and a little jealous. Sounds like my exact situation, but they keep saying I do not qualify.
  7. Murray12

    Murray12 LoanSafe Member

    According to my calculations, if you add your unemployment benefits your payment won't go down that much.

    (3800+1600)*.31= $1674
  8. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    Yeah Murray, that's why I'm hoping that they won't include UI in income. It says on the checklist they sent me that UI would only count if it lasts > 9 months. My benefits go 26 weeks in VA.

    I can't figure out how they came up with that payment amount. 3800 * .31 = 1178, not the 727.60. I have no idea how they came up with it, but it sounds good to me. Keeping fingers crossed for the trial & hoping it gets final approval.
  9. Murray12

    Murray12 LoanSafe Member

    Perhaps the rest is taxes, insurance etc.
  10. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    727.60 may be without Taxes, INS and MPI add that in and you may come up with the different number:)
  11. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    Nope, the documentation specifically states that the amount includes P&I plus escrow for T&I. I don't really care how they came up with it, I'm just happy to be moving a step forward in a process that has been a huge hassle for many...with a lender that has been an additional hassle.
  12. m4ckten

    m4ckten LoanSafe Member

    Congrats, hopefully we will see similar results soon :)
  13. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    Wow yea thats good deal...Wish I had one like that then I could get dome """REAL FOOD""""
  14. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    I called SunTrust on Friday to ensure that they have all of the paperwork they need from me since my 3rd trial mod payment is due 11/1 (I will likely pay next week to allow time to receive/post to my account). They told me that everything appears to be in good order on my end and they are just awaiting a final decision on the mod. She said that they hope to have a decision prior to the due date of the 3rd mod payment, but that if it takes longer, just keep making the mod payment amount.

    Call me negative, but I'm fairly certain this won't happen in the next 2 weeks...I have no faith in SunTrust or any of the other banks. I really need this to happen--I'm having NO LUCK AT ALL with finding a new job despite putting in a great deal of effort. From everything I've seen, we are perfect candidates for a mod under HAMP, I can't imagine that they can legitimately deny us.
  15. teddy

    teddy LoanSafe Member

    I have been reading you comments. Be careful, sounds like they have given you the same as me its called a ForeBearance. It is not a modification, it is just giving them the time they need to make a decision of whether or not to modify. When they gave me mine they told me it was to give me time to hopefully make a change in my circumstances, which is I was laid off from my job. I am receiving unemployment benefits, they gave me the same story about the 9 months, I am in Oregon and guess what? I received a letter from Unemployment confirming my unemployment for a year. So I called them, the 9 month rule was the only issue I was having regarding receiving a mod, well guess what? Still don't have one. They just keep changing the rules to fit them, not us. I have been trying since November or 2008 to get a mod with no result. My forebearance is up in January 2009, at that point I will still be receiving unemployment for 10 more months, then what will be their excuse. So that payment...mine is for $727.15??? Sounds too familiar....you better check with them asap to see if your's is also a forebearance, if it is you better start calling them again for a mod.
  16. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    They haven't made any type of decision on mine. I sent in my 3rd Trial payment today, so I hope to hear something in the next week or two. If not, I will call again. When I called last, they told me they don't need any additional info from me at this point and that they hope to make a decision before another payment is due.
  17. Murray12

    Murray12 LoanSafe Member

    Wow, this is exactly what happened to me! I did get a mod in addition to the forbearance, but my situation is a little different. They added all the interest to the end. The payment difference is great but not exactly what the HAMP promises.

    I am not in a state that allows taping phone calls (I don't think) or I would start taping the calls.

    I don't understand why SunTrust flies under the radar. Know the facts, and counter everythign they say with the TRUTH and have proof.

    Use different tactics. Make sure they hear you!
  18. juskilentime

    juskilentime LoanSafe Member

    Any update RRva? You and I are on the same schedule (I made my 3rd trial on Oct. 24 and just waiting)
  19. RRva99

    RRva99 LoanSafe Member

    Yeah, basically just waiting as well. Was happy to see your thread--that looks promising and gives the rest of us some hope. I called them today for a status update and was told that they are working overtime to try to get these done now. Not sure that actually means anything, but it's nice to hear. I just want to know something one way or the other so that I can move on with my life. I will fight as long as I can to make it happen, but I just want to know something for sure.
  20. treyy

    treyy LoanSafe Member

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