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Stay away from naca !!!

Discussion in 'NACA' started by dsmoter, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. dsmoter

    dsmoter LoanSafe Member

    I used to work for NACA
    Stay away from them
    They will only take your information , promise you that they will take care of you and than you will never hear from them
    You wont be able to send e mail to them and get a respond
    They are non proft hud approved organization so their goal is to take an application do teh counseling and forget about you
    When you go to their office in Chicago you will see paper on a floor with borrowers ss# ## ANYBODY CAN LOOK AT THOSE PAPERS NOTHING IS SECURE !!
    When I started working for them they gave me a list of 270 files to call and see what is going on with the files?!
    Peple were yelling to me on a phone !! Why I am calling after two years of not hearing from anybody from NACA???!!
    Stay away from this Co
    They do do a thing
    I couldnt watch what they are doing to borrowers out the who seek help
    2. Scam if it comes to buying homes for the first time LOL!!
    I could talk for hours about the way how they treated people -borrowers there
    Stay away!
  2. townie271

    townie271 LoanSafe Member

    I tried to get help from them for years with a big runaround, we finally got a modifacation working with the bsnk on our own. I too could tell stories of how bad we were treated over that peroid of time. I hope everyone that is working with Naca never sit back always be one step ahead of them.
  3. selphie

    selphie LoanSafe Member

    My experience with NACA was positive. Granted it was 2009 when I got help, and even then they were swamped. I can imagine the load of people needing help has only gotten worse, thus it's difficult to get your case moving at a reasonable clip.

    I count NACA as the primary reason my house didn't fall into foreclosure. I got more help going to one of their "Save the Dream" events than just using the phone and email or even a local NACA office.

    You sound like a disgruntled employee, and you have my sympathy because there are A LOT of people scrambling for NACA's help, but its exaggerated to imply they do absolutely nothing for home owners.
  4. dianne

    dianne Senior Member

    That's not true, that you can't e-mail. I do that with NACA, on a regular basis. Also, they have a forum, that their reps. monitor, and do respond to...I know because they have answered me. It seems someone checks the forums, at least every workday morning and evening, and there are almost always replies.
  5. lwillhite

    lwillhite LoanSafe Member

    I am one of the Online Operations NACA staff and periodically come to this forum(a great source for our NACA members) to answer any questions our members have. We are swamped, however, we are trying to improve our ability to respond and assist our members more efficiently. We do have a forum where our members can share their concerns and ask questions. We have our NACA staff monitoring it all day M-F Eastern time. It is our priority, however, we also try to accommodate all of you out there needing our assistance. If you are needing help in your particular situation, please email me at lwillhite@naca.com.
  6. candle1

    candle1 LoanSafe Member

    hi. i tried to work with naca last october 2010. naca sent me an email in december 2010 saying that naca did nto have an agreement with my servicer, cenlar. is that the end for me with naca's help?
  7. dianne

    dianne Senior Member

    I think that NACA will try and work with your lender, on an individual basis, but not sure. Just put an e-mail on their forum. You really have to just about try everything in order to succeed.
  8. lwillhite

    lwillhite LoanSafe Member

    Dear candle1,

    NACA will submit your complete file to all the Servicers even those not under contact with NACA. The difference is that you must be more involved in achieving your affordable solution. Thus once submitted you need to contact your Servicer and advocate for your affordable solution. We will be at our forum to assist and answer any questions or concerns you have throughout the process. Please do not hesitate to email me at lwillhite@naca.com if you have anymore questions.

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