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Spinning Around--Not Sure When It's Going To Stop

Discussion in 'CitiMortgage' started by aubie37, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    Last Summer started me off to what has been one bumpy ride. In July I went back into braces, at 36, and for the second time. To add insult to this I was also scheduled to have lasik done to finally be rid of glasses. The brace issue came to the forefront though and the need for those took priority number one. Luckily, looking back I am glad I did not get the lasik procedure done.

    Also, in July Bank of America purchased Countrywide Bank (one of my former employers). This seemed to work for a minute in that before the formal acquisition things were running along as normal. After the merger completion I was laid off. Strike number two in just over two months.

    Bank of America did pay 6 weeks of severance--lucky me. While having insurance I went ahead and had surgery #1 on my left knee in order to work on a nerve injury I sustained many years ago. This surgery was done within a week and a half of being laid off. I needed surgery to close a vein on my right leg and the very next week I had the second surgery as well.

    Trying to recover and get myself together while income was still coming in I interviewed and went to work for one of my old bosses from years ago. The mortgage crisis hit full circle in my area about September-November of last year. I closed a couple of loans and I still had money for just over a month. Month two rolls around--end of October and first of November and what I thought would net me a good Thanksgiving and Christmas. I was wrong. Two appraisals took over 3 weeks to get and both were significantly lower than needed. There went my income for the month of November.

    Seeing that the economy was finally bottoming out I pursued part time employment towards the end of October as "hey, my income was ending". I resumed working part-time for an employer I had worked for years prior. With the mortgage world finally engulfing me and causing me "real personal harm" financially I was falling and knew no other way to turn. I had never been late on my mortgage at any time that I have had one in over 8 years prior. However, for the first time I could not pay my mortgage.

    My loans (80/20 from purchase) were refinanced last summer prior to being laid off and I thought initially "what a blessing". When no money came in November, except for my part time work, I contacted my new to me mortgage company --- CitiMortgage. I advised them of the financial catastrophe I found myself in. The representative advised me to go online and fill out the workable solutions package and provide documentation. I promptly printed off forms, filled them out, and faxed in my documentation by the first week of December. I called to follow up and I could not make the December payment either. November and December I basically made just over $600 each month. Looking back not sure how I even survived.

    January rolls around and I call CitiMortgage back and get yet another representative. No matter which number you call you always get someone different. My the end of January, first of February my account was assigned to a negotiator and she actually called me and I was able to get through to her. This negotiator went over what was happening financially and set me up on a special forbearance for half payments starting 3/1/2009 with a total due July 1, 2009 as $5740.68. As I had advised the negotiator in February I have virtually nothing now. I have no liquid assets and am still getting medical bills now for visits nearly 10 plus months prior. The negotiator assured me then I could be considered for a partial claim as I had unusual sets of circumstances in loosing work, subsequent surgeries, and virtually no income for over three months. I promptly got this package back out to the negotiator and each month by the first had my monies sent western union to track that they actually received the money at Citi.

    In December I did manage to start with a new mortgage company processing. This new job pays hourly up to what you don't make in commissions and/or bonus. Otherwise, you get paid what you make off of closed loans. March though was the first month I saw a paycheck in about 5 plus months.

    My special forbearance plan was drawing near and I had remained in contact with CitiMortgage throughout. I started calling in May to see when documents needed to be returned and by what date. I was advised then that I needed to have updated financials in by 6/7/09. June 1st rolls around and my negotiator's voicemail now indicates that she is no longer working FHA files please contact loss mitigation. I called and spoke with a rep who gave me the toll free and regular fax lines to send in my new information. This faxed in and I was assured that the negotiator had worked the file all they needed was the updated financials and then this would be filed for the claim.

    Many, many calls into the month I kept getting different parties. Each has a different story. June 12 I reached a loss mitigation consultant that I do have the name of who was really not nice. She asked me "Have you made your payment for June?" (condescending tone). I advised yes and that she was the first to ask me that. She said she did not say I had not made my payment. This representative sent out a letter that I was to sign as you know--nothing is set yet and I have to have an agreement in place or they start foreclosure. Days pass and this "agreement" arrives. It has the date of June 12, 2009 with about 1930.36 more due than the agreement sent out by the negotiator in February. I call about it and dispute the month's shown as it would be contractually impossible for me to be due for November of 2008. I keep getting advised that I am basically lying and after speaking with about 6 agents on 6/23 I receive a new letter, dated 6/12/2009 that has moved my due date to January 1, 2009. The amount though remained and could not or rather should not be correct.

    My payment history arrives to me after the Fourth of July and apparently CitiMortgage has reversed the payment made to my prior servicer before their ownership of my loan. I call about this and have not signed either agreement to date. July 6, 2009 I sent a full payment (contractual amount per month plus a late charge) via western union. Citimortgage promptly records the payment as being made 7/7/2009.

    Last week I receive yet another collections letter, dated after the payment for July, that I am due now for yet $8000 and change. Each letter basically increases and no one is accountable for this. I have not signed that either. I called last Thursday and spoke with a midline collections rep in first mortgage collections who advised that my account is still not "assigned" and that I am on deferrment. I inquired "Does this mean that when October rolls around that I am then going to be due $10,000 plus?" He could not answer but advised I just ignore the letters. They have not sent any mortgage statements in well over 6 months now.

    In June alone I spent over 23 hours on the phone following up with various agents, answering questions, and checking on "who is working on my loan". Basically, right now they have indicated I am due for nearly $3000 over what I was supposed to be due for in July. The partial claim has not currently been reviewed and I am not sure that they do not want my house back.
  2. jlynsmom

    jlynsmom LoanSafe Member


    I would suggest that you contact the department that works with Loansafe members. They can be reached by phone at 1-866-255-3901<!-- google_ad_section_end --> or email homeownerhelp@citi.com. They will need a hardship letter, financial budget, tax returns and current income proof. Their initial response time is usually within 1 business day and the representative that I am working with makes sure to check in with me at least once a week to update me on the progress they are making on my modification request.
  3. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    Thanks for the number and the email address. I have faxed in updated financials to imaging and the hardship letter. I did this many times last month. I will call the new number and see if it actually gets me anywhere. It is highly frustrating that no one mentioned payment issues from even before this started. I paid the mortgages I had previously and paid my previous servicor. When no income and everything hit I did what I thought of as being responsible and called and said "hey, this is what is happening." I even sent in the workable solutions within a few days of being advised to do so initially. I would do anything to not have had to go through this last year.
  4. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    I called the 866-255-3901 number and spoke with Alan Andrews mere minutes ago. He advised me that Krista Havens is working my loan and I advised him that upon speaking with her on June 18, 2009 @ 3:03 PM CST, that she indicated that she was not assigned and that she was to only review the paper trail. Alan gave me Krista's department number as 866-895-2629. Alad advised me to ask for a supervisor when dialing. With three attempts on that number it is a constant busy.
  5. jlynsmom

    jlynsmom LoanSafe Member

    Did Alan tell you what department Krista worked in? I would try again tomorrow and if you still don't get through, call the Executive Response Team back and let them know that you have been trying to contact Krista but that the number will not dial through. Ask them to send her an email or give you her email address. I know that it is frustrating, but keep trying. Even if you have to hang up and call back to get someone else.
  6. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member

    I did call back within minutes yesterday afternoon as I realized that the number Alan provided was the same I already had for loss mitigation. I called back and reached Sergio who advised me that I needed to call 800 926 9783. Upon dialing that number Christine said she was in loss mitigation but tried Nicole Alvestad's number (old counselor) and realized what I indicated about Nicole's reassignment to be correct. Christine also kept me on the line while she indicated she was transferring me over to a counselor. Instead Christine transferred me over to another front line inbound operator Ms. Williams. Ms. Williams (IW66179) indicated to me to call back on Monday as she was directing the request for review of my account to her supervisor, Jay Davis.

    During this long call, nearly an hour yesterday afternoon, I was advised that after your initial period you are reviewed. I have already been through a "trial period" and met those payments. I am in no position to pay more than my payment monthly.

    I did notice on my caller ID from my cell that at about 4:30 PM CST 636-261-2484 tried me twice yesterday while I was on this last call. That 636 number shows to be executive offices for CitiMortgage when I did a reverse search. No one though left a message for me.

    I did send an in depth email last night to homeownerhelp@citi.com. Even the number for loansafe members did not seem to be much help so far.
  7. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    I finally managed to get all of my 'online' information filled out for NACA and have scheduled a telephone conference for Monday at 8AM. My hardship letter indicated it was 'done' on their website but not viewable. Last night I went to a friend's office and used her high speed fax to send in my documents. Each set confirmed their receipt. After getting home only one set showed and very early this morning I hand fed all of my documents, including bank statements to their toll free line. Now, all documents appears to have scanned in. I copied the Mortgagee Letter 2009-23 and sent that as a part of my papers. Towards the end I also included each letter that indicates even more money due to CitiMortgage that they send me. CitiMortgage sent a letter verifying that their research department did confirm that I had paid my previous servicer before their purchase of my loan on Monday.

    Supposedly another "special forbearance" letter is on its' way to me. Not really sure why I am getting yet another one.
  8. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member

    I did get assigned today and received a call back from the new assigned counselor, Diane Colley with CitiMortgage. Diane indicated as long as I am on a plan that I cannot be considered for a modification until after next month. Diane did give me her extension to call back on in October. However, for now, Diane is unassigning me from her queue. I advised both Diane this afternoon, and Krista Havens earlier today, that I have turned this to NACA based on the conflicting information I have received. My loan will be officially one year old next month and new guidelines about FHA Hamp modification take effect 8/15. My initial counseling session with NACA is Monday. I hope NACA can manuever this treacherous territory better than I have been able to do.

  9. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    Welcome to the World Of Silly Citi Spin around
  10. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    Both Diane and Krista acknowledged that the previous agreements sent for me to sign reflected a lack of payment to my previous servicer. Funny though, is that the special forbearance in February did not indicate this. I have not signed them and I presume from Diane's comments yesterday am "unassigned" as I am on a plan that I have not even "signed" agreeing too. Their system seems to be really messed up at the moment. I can only imagine with my having worked in finance and consumer lending how everyone else is being treated.
  11. SillyWorld

    SillyWorld LoanSafe Member

    Just remember Silly Citi is not the only Bank of Dumbies, all are doing the same game play, I just hate it but seems no GOV cares all they want to do is hand out cash to Higher class Industry, and Too Big to fail banks been several group meetings and protests and most of the Networks (other than FOX) will not broadcast it..???
  12. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    I finally had my telephone counseling session with NACA today. After reviewing my income now the counselor suggested that I be on a payment of $685 and change a month with taxes and insurance included. I finally received my first declination letter from CitiMortgage last week from Ms. Coley stating that because I was on a plan I could not be modified nor could I be considered for a partial claim. Further, the letter indicates my loan is not old enough. It is now old enough.

    The NACA counselor needs another hardship affidavit and a signed borrower's authorization over my electronic signature. This will be truly good news if it works out as my payment now is $1115.00 per month.
  13. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    I just got off of the phone with Diane Colley as she is the negotiator who is still assigned to this account with CitiMortgage. We went over my budget, was within $87 of what NACA had as she wanted exact, expenses, etc. This was the same via NACA in that she used "net income". She proposed that I go on a special forbearance plan for 3 months as I need to increase my income as I am in a deficit. I inquired does this mean that this will be my "payment" after completion and she said "no". I replied back that this is for NACA to help me with, reiterated that my home is worth less than I owe, and that our call was over today and I hung up.

    All of the CitiMortgage associates, except the first negotiator I was assigned too, seem to honestly want to take your home. I am not accepting another forbearance by CitiMortgage for them to still say I am able to pay my normal payment. These parties are arbitrarily deciding who is and who is not able to pay their mortgage.

    Unless I hear otherwise via NACA I guess I will not be making my October payment nor attempting to do the enormous balloon payment.
  14. PRandall

    PRandall LoanSafe Member


    As I was reading through your posts, I was glad to see at the last one, that you didn't sign another forbearance plan with Citimortgage. When I spoke with NACA, they said not to sign or agree to anything with Citimortgage or they won't be able to help you, once they take on your case. So, if Citi sends anymore "plan options", be sure to upload/fax those to NACA and get their approval. They offered me several short term options when I spoke to Citi regarding what to do next, but I didn't want to jump into anything else, until I had time to think about it and am glad I didn't. I had forgotten NACA's warning and am glad, that I came to the forum for more research and was reminded of it. I don't trust Citi for sure, but am hopeful of NACA...but, like everyone else, will just wait and see if they can handle the load and get things approved.

    Good Luck!
  15. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member

  16. grandbabies

    grandbabies LoanSafe Member

    Can you tell me if we will have the same results contacting Citi Mortgage ourselves or do we need to go through a loan modification company? What is killing us is our 2nd mortgage with Citi Financial. When I called Citi Mortgage I was told that they can only consider the first mortgage for elgibilty.

    Thank you
  17. grandbabies

    grandbabies LoanSafe Member

    What does NACA do for homeowners that need a modification?

    Thank you
  18. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member

    I have been dealing with CitiMortgage since the end of November last year. I say engage help. NACA is there to help advocate for you. They have had success and so many people need help to work through this maze unfortunately. Those homeownerhelp@citi.... and mortgagehelp@citi... are not working either as I have had absolutely no response from any email sent. I am still waiting the reply to my BBB complaint filed on 9/17 to see if that does any good.
  19. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member


    My account now shows this finally:

    09/28/2009 Your request is in process. We are actively reviewing your information, please expect the review process to take approximately 30 business days. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to helping you find a mortgage solution to manage your financial needs.
    I also sent in information that was requested of NACA's proposal and budget to Michael at the executive response unit.

    Maybe things will finally get worked out and reviewed.
  20. aubie37

    aubie37 LoanSafe Member

    My online welcome now has the following for CitiMortgage:

    Alert! Your mortgage assistance documents have been sent. Please review and sign the documents as instructed.

    I have not received them as of now but I am waiting to see this and hopefully get this nightmare on past me.

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