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Seller Credit Dings Negotiable In Short Sale Contracts ? Prof Shays?

Discussion in 'Short Sale Outpost' started by Irish Gal, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Irish Gal

    Irish Gal LoanSafe Member

    Prof Shays, Moe or Anyone:

    Does anyone know if it's possible to (successfully) negotiate in your short sale contract with a lender (CW) that they delete any/all negative credit reports made (if a lender continues to ding you every mo until a short sale is approved which takes months - find buyer, slow process, etc.) ? This would exclude, of course, the final ding re short sale on one's credit report. I know they stop reporting to the agencies once you are APPROVED for a short sale but CW only initiates that approval process once you have an (acceptable) offer and they are in receipt of all their required docs for a short sale. As we all know, short sales are sitting.
    Just wondering. I will ask the CW rep the next time I speak to them but thought I'd throw it out here too.

    By the way - Happy Holidays folks ! During this holiday season, try to forget about all this short sale, foreclosure and loan mod stuff ! I know it's hard to do but don't give in to this mess. It's only a house. You can and will get another (better, cheaper) one some day. If that is what you truly want. Myself, I think I'll spend my $$$$$ saving, saving, saving or traveling. No more Bad Mortgage PTSD ! Debtor's Prison must have been easier than what we've all been through here ! We didn't do the crimes, but we're doin our (their!) time ! Ha Ha Ha

    Irish Gal :p

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