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residential funding company llc (what is it)

Discussion in 'Wells Fargo Home Mortgage' started by judithoo5, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. judithoo5

    judithoo5 LoanSafe Member

    does a any one know what residential funding company llc is? at the county an assignment was filed (1-7-11) from wachovia to residential funding company llc (3th party residential funding company ll ) ...My loan was originated with wachovia and then transferred to wells Fargo.. then the assignment should be from wachovia to wells Fargo...i have been waiting for the NOD for 18 months... i am in new jersey and i haven't pay to wells Fargo for 18 months..
  2. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    [SIZE=-1]Residential Funding Company, part of GMAC Mortgage Group, is in the business of acquiring residential mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit originated by other mortgage banks and financial institutions. The company (also known as GMAC-RFC) then packages the loans as mortgage-backed securities, which it sells to institutional investors. [/SIZE]
  3. judithoo5

    judithoo5 LoanSafe Member

    thank you for your answer...i called Wells Fargo regarding this matter, they say Residential Funding is my investor...a long time ago they told me It was Gmac, I guess they both are related somehow....
  4. messer

    messer LoanSafe Member

    Who owns my house???

    I am trying to deed in lieu my property back to GMAC who is my servicer and they claim that Residential Funding Corporation is my investor. From what I understand this corporation does not exist. I have to deed the property to the actual owner and not the servicer who is GMAC. When I call GMAC, they say my "investor" is Residential Funding Corporation but when I look them up on the Internet, I find that this organization has either changed their name or is going bankrupt under the name ResCap. I called Rescap and asked them if they owned my property and they gave me GMAC's number. I noticed that Cat said that they are an in house investment arm of GMAC. So my question is, should I deed my property back to GMAC? or Rescap? or Residential funding Corporation? This is crucial because I must deed my property back to the owner and not the servicer, GMAC. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!
  5. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

    Hi messer,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for joining..........

    They are a valid entity, Residential Funding Corporation is the investment arm of GMAC and also known as ResCap. You can reach them here;

    Residential Funding Co.
    1 (818) 260-1400
    2255 N Ontario Street # 400
    Burbank, CA 91504-3190
  6. messer

    messer LoanSafe Member

    Thanks so much for your help Cat! Can I get GMAC to put who owns my property in writing to me? I am afraid that they may have sold my note to a mortgage backed security investor and there is some unknown loan holder out there. Is there a database out there where I can find an answer? thanks again Cat! Have a great weekend. Messer
  7. Cat Damiano

    Cat Damiano Mortgage Wars

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