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On MHA trial plan but lost paperwork HELP

Discussion in 'Chase Mortgage - Tell Us Your Chase Story' started by simplym, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. simplym

    simplym LoanSafe Member

    Hi guys,

    I am writing to you on behalf of my mother. She has completed the first trial payments on 9/1/09 under the MHA plan. They told her to continue sending in her payments and even sent in stubs to do so? Mind you I think I am getting this information crossed eh because I am not too involved in this since its such a headache. I have a three kids to take care of at home including the husband LOL and that's enough of a headache in itself for me.

    However, I have been keeping tabs off and on again on my mothers case. Recently, well yesterday she received a letter via fedex from the guy at Chase that she is working, some guy named Jackson??? But well the letter states that they are going to cancel her mod if she doesn't send in a Hardship Affidavit and the IRS form, mind you this is the second time she has sent this. They say they never received it on 6-26-09, what I don't get is why would they approve a TRIAL Payment plan if the had not received the forms?

    Is this normal protocol for Chase or is it safe to say Chase lost the paperwork?

    I am just worried for my mom and know that chase is now denying mods. I hope everything works out for everyone, I really dislike this bank and to think I bank with this people thanks to that wamu merger.

    It's like they take our tax money to buy out banks, cut down our credit lines, which then lowers our credit scores, consumers can't purchase goods due to the lower credit limits, then the stores are performing badly and start laying off people and you are left with people who have mortgages who now can't afford to pay their mortgage and have them run back to their banks and ask them for a helping hand. And I thought that lawyers were considered to be snakes, I tell you.
  2. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    Chase has been known to loose paperwork..some people I have read have sent paperwork 2 and 3 times....At this point in the game don't risk your Mom getting kicked out of the trial mod refax it ASAP these documents are key to trying to get a perm modification and staying on the program.
  3. diana0806

    diana0806 LoanSafe Member

    Hey simpyn, it is second nature at chase to have not recieved paperwork. You must fax asap and call and follow-up till you know they recieved them. Call each day till someone tells you they got them. Get there name. You must keep fighting. They want you to jump through hoops. Hang in there. We will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. simplym

    simplym LoanSafe Member

    Thank you guys for your quick responses! I just called Chase for my mom and they don't see any thing about the lost paperwork. However, the nice gal on the phone said to refax, refedex everything so they know she is complying.

    Also, what I found funny was that she said the case was reviewed two days ago. It doesn't have any forclosure date or anything and that it shows it will be reviewed once more in December. Hopefully, everything goes well for my mom.

    On a different note the gal said a lot of people were getting denied, which I think is awful. I hope that new Bill goes into play by then, for now maybe my mom will still be in her home for Christmas.
  5. litehouse01

    litehouse01 LoanSafe Member

    Your Mom finished her 3 trial payments on 9/01? And they are just now saying there is missing paperwork? Sounds weird if thats the case why didn't chase catch that along time ago????
  6. simplym

    simplym LoanSafe Member

    I agree, but what can one do but comply as to not give them a reason to say DENIED. I just hope everything goes well for all of us.

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