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Office of the President - Please post your contacts!

Discussion in 'Bank of America Mortgage Help' started by ama125, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. ama125

    ama125 LoanSafe Member

    I am starting this thread to assist others in providing a single place to look up contact information. I would not advise anyone contact a customer advocate or a negotiator without first emailing the OOP and getting their file assigned to one of those people. The purpose here is to assist anyone who has had their case assigned already and is need of the phone number or email for his/her contact person(s).

    These folks are overwhelmed with requests right now and do not need to be contacted directly unless he/she is working on your case! They will not have your file and won't be able to help you! To get your file assigned, please see http://www.loansafe.org/forum/count...ordable-program-request-office-president.html

    As new contact persons are assigned, please post that information to this thread to help others!

    Thank you for your cooperation! :)

    President of Bank of America Home Loans:


    Customer Advocates:
    Khara Turner...800-601-2522 ext 8560, khara.turner@bankofamerica.com
    Kacie Miller ...800-601-2522 ext 8559, kacie.miller@bankofamerica.com

    David Kozik...800-405-0078, ext 3047, david.kozik@bankofamerica.com

    THANKS2U LoanSafe Member


    Your Intelligence, hard work and dedication is helping the world to become a better palce : )

    THANK YOU AMA125 !

  3. lostinlife

    lostinlife LoanSafe Member

    Pam Preciado 800-669-2443 ext. 5105
    Cesaer Ramos 800-669-2443 ext. 3592
  4. Melanie702

    Melanie702 LoanSafe Member

    Clint Vale (negotiator Andrew Kane's supervisor) (972)498.2561
  5. advocate

    advocate LoanSafe Member

    Heidi McNaughton---1st contact from email to barbara. She is not a negotiator, but requests documents and assigns a negotiator to you. As of this writing, she has not called with this information, but she got back to me immediately after my email---and she called back to verify she received my documents---and she promised that she will have a negotiator for me within a few days. Let's hope so.

    1-800-669-2443, ext. 3392
  6. mojamz

    mojamz LoanSafe Member

    Melissa A. Henderson (Negotiator)
    Senior Operations Analyst
    Office Of The Chairman - Home Retention Division
    Bank Of America

    800-405-0078 x 3057 Office
    866-619-4249 Fax
    Mail Stop: CA6-921-01-09
    Simi Valley, CA 93065

  7. mojamz

    mojamz LoanSafe Member

    Mercy Camaou (Customer Advocate)
    1-800-399-1762 ext.8556
  8. visalia

    visalia LoanSafe Member

    what's email address for Mercy Camaou at BofA?
    i got messsage from and left message for and no reply yet.
    i tried to send her emila at mercy.camaou@bankofamerica.com but failed.
  9. joanne

    joanne LoanSafe Member

    I believe the spelling of her last name is Camou. Try that.
  10. montana59451

    montana59451 LoanSafe Member

    Cynthia Cutarez HEAD OF HOME RETENTIONS (CA) Direct Line
  11. 2much2pay

    2much2pay LoanSafe Member

    Tabitha Mackellar...Senior Collector...(800) 405-0078 X5583

    Annabel Lopez...Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X2710

    Juanice Neal...Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X5034

    Steven Nielson Customer Relations Advocate..(800) 669-2443 X7810

    Customer Relations Advocacy... (800) 669-2443 X2773

    Jessica Gadeng (not sure of spelling)...Senior Collector..(800) 405-0078 X5667

    Here's some FHA Negotiators numbers...I think they are located in Texas..

    Minerva Roman (972) 498-6485

    Jeremy Roberts (972) 498-6701
  12. Dave_R

    Dave_R LoanSafe Member

    Today I sent an email to OOP, Bank of America. I will be waiting for her call and will post contact info , as soon as I receive it.

    Thank you for this thread
  13. joanne

    joanne LoanSafe Member

    Linda Turner 800-405-0078 ext 5104
  14. Dave_R

    Dave_R LoanSafe Member

    Wow. You are right. I sent an email yesterday. Today I got the phone call. The agent is very courteous and asked me to send financials to her, so she can assign a negotiator. -

    Thank you again
  15. Jeff Momo - 805.405.0078 ext. 4572 - negotiator (anyone know his email and/or working with him?) - Caesar Ramos is Jeff's "team leader"
    Pam Preciaco 800.669.2443 x 5105 - customer advocate
    Irene Tapia 626.584.2309 (escalator?) not sure what she does. She called me after I complained to OOP about delay in process
  16. Anyone know Jeff Momo's email address?
  17. evo13

    evo13 LoanSafe Member

    anyone know chase's emails, numbers for Dimon? I have had all I can take of this banking giant. This situation Obama planned was to be a good thing. It has turned into a horrible mess for many of us.
  18. ama125

    ama125 LoanSafe Member

    Have you tried firstname.lastname@bankofamerica.com? That is the norm, however, some may include the middle initial. If it comes back undelivered, at least you'll know that's not it. You could also call his number and just ask for it. That's all I did to get mine :)
  19. ama125

    ama125 LoanSafe Member

  20. tried that for Jeff Momo. Apparently he has a middle initial that I don't know about. Thanks.

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