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Discussion in 'Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide ' started by Rumor, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Rumor

    Rumor LoanSafe Member


    Wowwww...I cannot believe all the new members on here. I'm so glad people are getting help and so much useful information from this site. I haven't posted in quite a while so let me update those who don't know on my story. I joined this site in February 09, needing information on how not to lose our home. We went went Naca (great company!!), didn't get approved on our 1st loan (Fannie Mae investor) thru Naca but was offered the MHA at 4.75% for our 1st loan. WAS approved for our 2nd loan (Investor BONY) thru Naca for a 2% loan. As of today, we have made 2 payments already, BofA website is updated with new info and all seems well...for now. You never know what might happen with BofA servicing your loan though.

    I'm back on for another problem.....My parents were also affected more than anyone I know but the downturn in the economy. After what seemed like a hundred years at the same company, my dad was laid off this past January and was out of work for months. To make a long story short, they lost a lot but he was rehired at the same company 2 months ago. In the meantime, they fell behind 3 months on their house payment, was offered the 3 month trial modification. They have received no further correspondence from BofA. They've made their 1st payment for October 1st but yesterday received a letter stuck on their garage from BofA pitbull lawyer saying that their house is up for AUCTION on November 4th. Needless to say, they are crushed and my mom won't stop crying. It's unfortunate that it's Sunday because I would be on the phones like crazy. Can this be stopped???????????? Who can I contact at BofA to stop this??? Any depts, names, numbers, PLEASE! I desperately need to get a hold of someone that can really help. They can now afford the house but can't really afford to come current. We, kids are going to come up with the money for the past due if this is the only solution. Also, is this normal? To receive nothing from them for 3 months past due and all of a sudden get a notice of sale date????

    PLEASE, I'm begging for some type of information that will help. Time is not on our side as the sale date is November 4th. Because I was with Naca, we didn't go thru the whole sale date thing even though we were 8 months behind on our mortgage.

    Thanks for alllll your help!!!!!
  2. ama125

    ama125 LoanSafe Member

    Have they emailed OOP? If not, try that route (see the sticky thread). I know under HAMP guidelines they are supposed to cease foreclosure actions but they are not doing that... no one is holding them accountable for complying with the guidelines. I would also email MHA_Compliance@mhacompliance.com. You may just get a canned reply, but recently others have gotten more than that. Contact the company doing the auction and try to get the date postponed. Call your local HUD office for assistance, your state AG, the HOPE hotline...anyone with some kind of authority to intervene. If you know who the backs the loan, try them as well. I have personally contacted Fannie Mae as they own my loan to complain about the NPV test never getting run and received a call from my negotiator with the results shortly after. Best of luck!

    THANKS2U LoanSafe Member

    NACA should be able to help stop the forclosure date and also work out a mod for your parents .. Apply Online

    Then when Monday comes call the Bank or maybe tuesday since Monday is Columbus day but still try to call the bank or email Barbara and anyone else you can find in the contact list above in the sticky are.

    E mail Barbara desoer and tell her the story and ask her to also stop foreclosure.

    Contact NACA asap

    Other with much more experience than me will soon be waking up and offering help to you

    God Bless
  4. hope67

    hope67 LoanSafe Member

    You're getting great advice! You definitely need to contact the president of BOA "Barbara", you can also call the advocacy group at
    877-327-9225, also from reading the forum, I noticed that a lady by the name Heidi McNaughton had helped some people here, I think she is in the advocacy group, her phone number is 800-669-2443 ext. 3392.

    Good Luck and keep us posted!
  5. so-cal-gal

    so-cal-gal LoanSafe Member

    Yes, follow the advice you are getting here already.

    I can not believe that this is the proper due process for a foreclosure action. The laws on this do vary from state to state.

    Some states have even adopted regulations to delay foreclosure. After you follow the other advice here regarding who to contact, you should also search the internet and this site for any information on the foreclosure laws in your parent's state.
  6. Rumor

    Rumor LoanSafe Member

    Thank you all so much for your help! I have left a msg for Heidi, emailed some contacts that I have from when I was having problems with my loans and I guess we will wait. I didn't realize tomm. was Columbus day, which is a setback but I pray to God that this will get delayed. I didn't think that I would have to get back on here asking for help or information but I'm willing to do whatever necessary to help my parents when they so desperately need the help. Does anyone know if paying the loan to become current this week can stop the auction date???

    I no longer have the email for the OOP. If anyone can post it, I would appreciate it.
  7. kbspots

    kbspots LoanSafe Member

    It sounds illegal to me. They have to be served with court papers stating they are foreclosing first before they can do an auction, at least in Ohio. Also here in Ohio you have to be served with papers and you have to sign for them. Also here in Ohio you have to be given at least 28 days to respond to a foreclosure notice, to retain attorney or seek other options. Anyhow it seems to me they are taking advantage of your parents older age status. You need a lawyer and quick, legal aid or other. Moe probably has some good advice.
  8. pakca

    pakca LoanSafe Member

  9. If you can prove their are forgeries on the documents you may be able to stop the sale. It is rampant in the industry. Check out this paper on scribd that I put together that describes how and where to look. Hope it helps!

    Foreclosure Fraud - A Guide to Looking up Public Records


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