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Need help do not want to lose my house

Discussion in 'Countrywide Home Loans - Tell Us Your Countrywide ' started by leiny74, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. leiny74

    leiny74 LoanSafe Member

    ihave had my loan with countrywide for a little over a year. In Nov of 2007 my husband lost his job and we became delinquent on our payments,there was not enough income to make the payments i called countrywide and let them know this and they said they were going to send me a repayment plan. I never heard from them now i got a letter from countrywide saying that my loan was reffered to a foreclosure management committee for review. I called the 800 # on the letter and was told that my home was in the beginning stages of foreclosure but it did not have a sales date so the rep asked me if my husband was now working and i told him yes so he said i was prequalified for a loan modification and all i had to do was send my husbands check stubs and a negotiater would get back to me, also he said he was going to order a reinstatement fee just in cases i was not approved (what is this?) i have to call back in 3 days to get it. I faxed the paperwork in that same day and called to verify that they recieved it and they said they had to wait for a phone call within 30 days. Two days later i recieve a certified letter that is a notice of default and election to sell under deed of trust it gives me an amount to pay to become current but when i spoke to the rep he said i could not pay the past due amount not to send anything until a negotiater called me. I need help on what to do and how to ressolve this my husband has sold some equipment and i have (removed) should i use it to get out of foreclosure or wait i'm scared if i wait around it will get to late but meanwhile i am gonna call them everyday. With my husbands new job we can afford to keep up the payments. Please if you have any advice please email me back!
  2. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Welcome and thank you for joining the forum...

    Please a word to the wise, do not post that you have money, I am going to edit that to protect you there are very bad people out there and we want to protect you from them...please.

    Now you need to get real proactive, it appears that this is in NOD stage not yet into the direct foreclosure process, I am going to give you a bunch of numbers to help you. First thing Monday AM get on them immediately, do not wait for them....EVER, they never call back. You have to be the proactive adult at this party...so call, call, call and fax, fax, fax.....you are the one in control they are out of control and do not return calls, again, EVER...

    Get that hardship thing in and get your budget and your information together, make sure that every page you fax to them has the loan #, property address, borrower name and last four of primary borrower SS# on it, they lose things and are rather poor at putting 2 and 2 together, fax everything 3 times....that way it will get where it belongs...one would hope.

    Now you need to get on them and make your payments if you can, but I suspect at this point they are not taking them, so you need to put that money aside and get the process rolling so you know what they will need and have it available.....just remember call, call, call and the squeaky wheel gets the grease....

    There are examples of the hardship letter in the borrower tool box to the left, use everything that you find here in this site to help yourselves, we are here to ask questions to...use us.

    You do have the right to reinstate at any time....they can not refuse that request...so if you want to reinstate, call the attorney office to see what the amount is, however, you may want to go through the Modification process...having said that if you need intervention try HOPE 888.995.HOPE to assist and intervene, some of the counselors are great, some not so great, if you get a dud, call HOPE back and get assigned another counselor...

    Numbers....You need to be the proactive, responsible party with them and keep at them. It would not hurt to send a QWR demand - there are examples of the letter in the Tool Box. In that letter demand your Life of Loan History, copy of Note, Deed of Trust, Riders, all Assignments of the Deed of Trust, TIL, Right of Rescission (if refi), Lender Final HUD-1, copy of initial loan application and final lender loan application, all disclosures and all loan documents in your file, copy of appraisal. Send this three times certified return receipt required and also send it to the Broker, Title Company and all others in the Chain of the Transaction.
  3. leiny74

    leiny74 LoanSafe Member

    thank you for your advice i am going to start first thing monday morning and be on them like crazy. I will let you know the outcome god bless and thank you again.
  4. Mary Salzer

    Mary Salzer Guest

    Please be careful, you are vulnerable and that makes you a target for bad people, so be careful and please let me know Monday where you are in the process, we will help as we can....we are not the be all end all in this situation, but if we can help we will......:D

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