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Need HELP!! ASAP - Litton Loan Modification - Requesting Letter from Spouse

Discussion in 'Loan Modification' started by wags1022, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. wags1022

    wags1022 LoanSafe Member


    We are attempting to modify our first mortgage with Litton Loans again. 5th time since Nov 2008. The mortgage is in my husband's name only. He just got laid off from his job as a truck driver (seasonal).

    Litton is requesting a letter from me stating what my financial contribution is to the mortgage. They will not grant a modification to him because he is on unemployment. They told me that I have to write a certain percentage of what I contribute. I pay all of the other bills but don't set aside a specific amount to go specifically towards the mortgage.

    Has anyone else had to write a letter like this? I don't want to write something that could potentially come back and bite me even though I am not on the loan I know they can't do that.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. nicolas

    nicolas LoanSafe Member

    hi wags1022, if you are not on the note [loan documents ] tehy should not be asking you for a letter
    requesting your financial contrubution to teh mortgage.
    It should all be based on your husbands income.

    Is this your 5th loan modification ??
  3. nevaeh

    nevaeh LoanSafe Member

    Wags, They can't use your husbands u.e. but they can use yours as a non-borrower. You have to write a letter stating how much you contribute out of your income to make the house payment and help with bills and sign it. They will not consider u.e. at all for the new house payment.
  4. nevaeh

    nevaeh LoanSafe Member

    You will also be required to send in 2 recent paycheck stubs with year to date info. It doesn't affect you or your credit in anyway. You are living in the home and contributing. I applied for Hamp Mod with non-borrower and he is no way obligated on note in any way. I was concerned about that also.You can read up on it on The Hamp Handbook. Google it. Make sure you run the numbers and qualify before submitting paperwork. Many people on here are willing to help you with it. Good Luck! Nev

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