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Nationstar Mortgage anyone?

Discussion in 'Stop Foreclosure and Tell Us Your Story' started by Littlelost, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am glad I found this forumn, THANK YOU!... but reading the threads made me feel depressed yet a little relief as I am not going through this alone. Not that I am happy you are all in the same boat with me, but it is truely reliefing to know that I am not alone.

    I lost my job in October 2008. Our lender was Flagstar Bank. I contacted them the following day and the answer that I got was typical answer that we're all know "we can not help you until you are delinquent". Nada, zero, nol!.

    We submitted a hardship letter anyway in the same month but we did not actively start to call them until April 09 after President Obama's program came out. We continue to pay our mortgage with our saving because we had a great credit score and we did not want to ruin it. We also want to keep the house as we put 15% down payment on it which was the whole saving we did within 10 years prior purchasing the home in 2007. Even with multiple phone calls, the result was nothing.

    On August 09 we could no longer pay our mortgage. I had relentlessly contacted Flagstar. In September 16, we received a letter from Flagstar Bank notifying that they have sold their loan to Nationstar and the transfer was to be on October 1st, 2009.

    I had relentlessly called Flagstar, the negotiator who was helping me kept telling me another 2 weeks, another 2 weeks because she was helping someone who is in forclosure .. . After receiving the letter, I decided I need to speak with someone else... and I finally got someone who was wonderful enough to help us. We were DENIED for modification because our income is "too low" and my unemployment letter was only 1 month left!!!!! ... I was very frustated... if only they took care of us soon after the unemployment, the letter would have been still GOOD. I fighted so hard that I finally got 6mo forebearance just a day before loan transfer was to happen. This wonderful man, understood very well what we are going through. (God Bless him and his family for helping us - we need more human being like him).

    We have not received the signed document from Flagstar but I have a copy that we signed. After the transfar, Nationstar start calling us and sending us letters that we are 2 months behind etc. We continue to pay the amount specified on forebearance but it has been very depressing to getting the calls and the letters.

    I have done anything that I could do to possibly get a job.. ANY JOB!!. stores, restaurants so we can apply for permanent modificaiton.
    However, reading from other forums, it is very discouraging to find information regarding Nationstar. Has anyone dealt with them?. Please share some info, tips, tricks or advise .. I could not sleep at night. I am focusing to find a job, taking classes to possibly change career .. whatever job that will cross path with me... I will take it.

    If only these lenders are willing to work with us in this tough time, we are not trying to run away from our responsibility or expecting a hand out.. we are just common decent people who have worked hard to get a home. HONEST American people!!.

    All, thank you for listening to my issue .. and thank you in advance for providing feedback. GBU.

  2. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member

    We're with Nationstar also. When we refinanced in 2002, it was Centex, but it went to Nationstar in, I believe, 2004. Job loss here, too, but regained part of it between the two of us. Only behind one month in July of this year (trying to play catch-up in hopes of a job) and a nice guy Brian said he may have a plan for us. I called the next week, the Hamp package was on its way. We'll be on our 5th trial payment on 12/1.

    Who are you speaking to now as far as banks? If you get a call from Nationstar and it's an 850-9344, that is collections most likely. I would call 888-811-5279 and explain your situation and see what they can tell you. In our situation, they seem to want to help!

    Good luck!
  3. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member


    The number they give me for mitigation is 850-9344 and they are rude. I spoke with Huy and John. Not the nicest people to deal with.

    Thank you for your help with the number and advise. We are in forbearance (that was set by Flagstar) payment #4 this month. Our forebearance will end in April next year. Hopefully I will get a job soon so we can apply for permanent modification.

    Good luck to you too.
  4. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    If I may to ask, how long did it take for you to modify your loan?. I will try to get Brian if I can ... hopefully I will get a job soon..
    Thank you,
  5. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member

    We were one month behind the first part of July and made a regular payment. Received the Hamp package a week later and sent the first trial payment with it first of August. They are saying to keep making the trial payments til we get the final packet. Really not been that difficult for us so far...lol

    Yes, either Brian or Amanda (we spoke to her once, too, very helpful!) are good ones to speak with.

    I'm with you on the elusive job hunt!
  6. irissmom

    irissmom LoanSafe Member

    Hello, may I ask how long it was after you sent in the HAMP packet before you received and answer from Nationstar?
  7. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member

    We sent in the Hamp packet the first of August and have been making trial payments since then. They always call after our payment has been received, which is nice, and let us know if they need anything else. Currently waiting on the permanent papers. It took less than three weeks from speaking to Nationstar about Hamp to making our first trial payment.
  8. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    We are in forebearance right now until April 2010... it was done by Flagstar. Do you think it would be a good idea for me to contact them eventhough our income has not changed?. I am not sure if I should wait until I get a job or should I contact them?.
    Thank you for your help!.
  9. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member


    I would really contact them now. They could probably work around your forebearance agreement if your income is right to get to the 31% (sorry I did not see this until tonight).
  10. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member


    I had contacted them yesterday (via number you provided above) and I got a guy, Kyle .. he told me that there is nothing they can do at this point since my financial situation has not changed. Our monthly income (gross):

    - used to be 5.5K
    - current 1.5K (after I lost my job) without employment benefit (the letter expired Nov 1, 2009) and the bank can not use that.

    He said that our income is too low to be able to mod.
  11. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    It took me a year to get to forbearance packet.. not exactly HAMP. Your question probably more appropriate to Wayward.
  12. grandmapat

    grandmapat LoanSafe Member

    my first trial payment was Aug 1,09 are any of you getting default demand letters? I was told that the computer spits them out due to the original contract. And they don't apply, because we are in Mod. trial period. What I'm worried about is if we are denied by fannie mae. They may be able to take our house real fast. I think we would have been denied by now???? We have alot more equity then they have loan. We bought our first house in 1972, all our equity went into this house. This house was free and clear till fall of 2007. I feel really stupid for getting a loan again. All the people at Nationstar have been very nice and as helpful as possible. Ditech/GMAC who originated the loan were horrible.
  13. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member


    I have not received those letters .. I keep receiving the statements where it shows " your due balance is such as such.. you must pay by such and such". I called them and they said that it will continue to be sent:-(.

    I hope things work out for you.. don't worry too much. All we can do is do it our best .. the rest will be taken care off by power other than us. Do not regret anything, you will not be able to sleep at night if you do.

    I wish you the best of luck ... hope everything works out for you ..
  14. bloominga

    bloominga Banned

    My servicer is Green Tree. Nationstar, Green Tree, Flagstar and Forestar are all part of Fortress according to my research so far on Green Tree. They all have a history of sub-prime lending and predatory loans.

    Besides that all of them can be VERY DIFFICULT to work with!! :(

    If there is anything I can help with please let me know. I will post my progress (or lack of) with Green Tree which might help in your approach with Nationstar/Flagstar.
  15. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member


    We are right with you time-wise...1st trial payment 8-7, following ones 9-1, 10-1, 11-1.

    We've gotten the default letters, too, and told not to worry.

    Just last night I had to fax another 4506 to Nationstar along with verification of employment (contractual work), so we shall see how it goes from here. Have they asked you for any additional documents?

    Littlelost, I have my fingers crossed that you can bump that income to get your loan modification!

    Bloom, thanks for that info...

    I pray for everyone in this mess and good luck!
  16. davephx

    davephx LoanSafe Member

    Sadly there are going to be millions more soon like littlelost as the unemployed from the last six months age going to start into the default and than foreclosure process.

    HAMP was not funded enough for the unemployment boom. There have been proposals but they all cost $billions and Republicans will probably block.

    But as the crisis grows more and more pressure for a solution instead of more and more foreclosures.

    If you can get another forbearance you are betting that either will fund that so hard to find job or there will be further programs to address the mortgages of the unemployed or under employed.
  17. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    Blooms, thank you for the info. I will follow up on your situation with Green Tree. Good luck.

    Wayward1, thank you for your support and prayers ..

    Dave .. all of these mess, partially caused by the bad lending practice (all those greedy lenders!!). hopefully the government will be able to enforce regulations where lenders will be more involved in solving this problem.
  18. grandmapat

    grandmapat LoanSafe Member

    wayward1: yes I had to fax my 1040, 2008 all 30 or so pages to hamp trailing. if any one needs that # it is 214- 488-1993 attention hamp trailing, loan # on fax, nationstar. God help us all.
  19. Littlelost

    Littlelost LoanSafe Member

    Hello everyone, I want to share a little good news!! I got a part time job so hopefully I can start reapplying my mod with Nationstar!.
    Wayward, your finger crossed work!!. Thank you!!.
    Grandmapat, God help us all!!.
  20. wayward1

    wayward1 LoanSafe Member

    Great news, Little! Congrats!

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