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NACA website says my servicer wants a NACA budget?

Discussion in 'NACA' started by alisoncg, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. alisoncg

    alisoncg LoanSafe Member

    I just checked my status on their website and it says ASC, our servicer wants 30 days of paystubs, a hardship affidavit and a NACA budget. I hate to sound ignorant here but what do they mean by NACA budget and is a hardship affidavit one and the same as a hardship letter? I just sent them all of the financial info. on 1/13/2010 and I am thinking since it's been more than 30 days.......... well, you know. As far as the NACA budget, on the website it has your budget as well as your bills listed, do they want both? I really hate to call NACA and be on hold for 2 plus hours if someone here can answer this for me. Thanks for any help!
  2. mikedonovan85

    mikedonovan85 LoanSafe Member

    Does your webfile online at NACA have the documents listed. I had to do the same and faxed in 14 pages of all the stuff. the servicer asked for only a latest 'naca budget signed and dated'. then i worked with a naca consultant to revise my budget and resubmit online.

    i also got a lettter in the mail saying i needed to send in a signed and dated naca budget, so today i sent via mail, and faxed a personally signed naca budget. i heard they want them signed recently.... i am checking with wells fargo and probably need to give them till tomorrow to see the fax in their computers. i will check they got my signed fax tomorrow mid morning. then ill send a message to the wells servicer again saying i confirmed it with them as sent. hopefully they will get pinged and continue.

    only 1 doc requested as paystubs, others were all just jan/feb recent. hope that helps.
  3. alisoncg

    alisoncg LoanSafe Member

    Hi Mike, the website says our servicer wants updated paystubs, a hardship affidavit and that NACA budget I mentioned. We are serviced by America's Servicing Co. but when they filed our foreclosure papers back in August, the papers said Wells Fargo along with U.S. Bank. Do you have U.S. Bank also? As far as the budget goes, what would you suggest I do? The form online is not printable so I am still unclear about how to fax them a NACA budget? Should I call NACA?
  4. mikedonovan85

    mikedonovan85 LoanSafe Member

    mine is wells fargo. the form online is printable. go to your webfile, click on budget and put your mouse in the page. then right click and select, 'this frame' 'show only this frame' and the budget will fill your browser (thats on my firefox browser). then select print. i did it. naca will be slow, just print it out. would send them all the info, hardship affidavit is a form from Naca that looks like a HAMP form, it has checkboxes for the type of hardship and then an explaination. different to hardship letter. think on the naca site or naca workbook is where i got the form. send all they asked. im checking with wells fargo tomorrow that they got my fax then emailing the servicer again that they received it. good luck
  5. Mercury213

    Mercury213 LoanSafe Member

    A NACA budget is done on the phone (or in person, but rarely) with a NACA counselor. No way around it. Your file can't be submitted by NACA to the servicer without it. You'll have to make an appointment to get your budget done, but if you've gotten this far, I don't know how you did without doing a budget with your counselor.
  6. alisoncg

    alisoncg LoanSafe Member

    Mercury, I did a budget at my counseling appointment with NACA in person way back in July. The financial info has not changed since they originally submitted it on July 10th. That's what I am confused about. The NACA website says my servicer is requesting additional documents and then goes on to show what they want. It gives me instructions to fax the info to my servicer MYSELF and then fax the same docs to NACA. That in itself is confusing because I thought NACA was supposed to submit all docs for you. Why would they tell me to fax them to the bank? I went back and reread several times and that is exactly what they are telling me to do.
  7. mikedonovan85

    mikedonovan85 LoanSafe Member

    i was told today by a rep that banks are requesting the budgets signed and dated. i sent mine today. ringing wells tomorrow to check they received the fax and then sending an email to the servicer to let them know fax is ready. wells fargo sent a letter to me asking for signed and dated naca budget also. do as the instructions tell you, questioning is not going to help...
  8. NACA Answers3

    NACA Answers3 LoanSafe Member

    There is a Hardship Affidavit form(4 pages) required to fill in for the Servicers. The 3rd and 4th page gives you space to write your hardship in your own words. You will have to set up an appointment with our(NACA) Home Save Counselor to update your budget even if nothing has changed. The Servicers want your financials current within 90 days. Your income within 30 days. It is suggested that you continue to send in paystubs as you receive them. Just one less reason to delay a decision. These are to be faxed into us and if the Servicer is asking for a copy, send it. Therefore, you will have a copy in our file and the file at your Servicer(you could see it as a back up)
  9. chopperpilot

    chopperpilot LoanSafe Member

    How much (in percentages) of your monthly home payment should you make in order to recieve a modification?
    My home payment is $2,200, used to be $1100.00 when I first got the mortgage. I am making $50,000 a year (i know it sucks, its 1/3 of waht I used to make).
  10. mikedonovan85

    mikedonovan85 LoanSafe Member

    not 100% but if your debt is over 38/39% of your gross, its not that attractive for them to modify, ideally they may want you to be less than 38% in debt

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